LSE Securities Charges – Find Brokerage Charges, Account Opening Charges & more

LSE Securities Charges are the charges the company levies for providing certain services. So, you’ll get to learn about LSE Securities Brokerage Charges, Trading Charges and other relevant brokerage here. Moreover, you’ll even get to have an insight on the company’s tax imposition attributes.

LSE Securities represents a subsidiary Full Service broker of Ludhiana Stock Exchange. It was incorporated by S.P. Oswal and B.M. Munjal in the year 1981.

The company was an attempt at gaining more trades from the respective investors. The idea worked out pretty well. The company gained enormous investments for the exchange.

LSE Securities offers

LSE Securities Brokerage Charges

We’ve incorporated all of LSE Securities brokerage plans within the table below in an easy to understand manner. However, you may refer to the explanation below in case you require better understanding of the same.

Brokerage Charges
Equity Delivery Trading0.30%
Equity Intraday Trading0.03%
Equity Futures Trading0.03%
Equity Options TradingRs.110 per lot
Currency Futures Trading0.03%
Currency Options TradingRs.30 per lot
Commodity Trading0.03%
Minimum BrokerageRs.15
Demat AMC ChargesFree or Rs.250
Trading AMC ChargesFree
Margin MoneyRs.10,000
Brokerage CalculatorLSE Securities Brokerage Calculator

LSE Securities brokerage charges are formulated in a similar manner as their competitors. Taking a look at the table above will give you complete perspective of how it all works. You may observe the incursion of certain charges equivalently over several services.

You may even notice that certain services require a specific sort of brokerage to be paid. Let’s begin with Equity Delivery Trading services. These services are provided at a brokerage of 0.30% per trade. This is a specific set of brokerage and, this charge is not applicable for any other service.

On the other hand, there are certain services that require similar sort of brokerage. These services include Equity Intraday, Equity Futures, Currency Futures and Commodity Trading. They all require a brokerage payment worth 0.03% per trade.

There are two more services that require totally different brokerage payment. We’re referring to Equity Options and Currency Options trading. They need Rs.110 and Rs.30 per lot worth of brokerage respectively. The company grants free AMC in terms of Trading Account.

However, the clients are required to maintain a Margin Money Balance of Rs.10,000 at minimum. They’re even charged with Demat AMC worth Rs.250 per annum.

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LSE Securities Account Opening Charges

The table below is presented in an attempt to provide proper description to LSE Securities Account Opening Charges.It is pretty simple. Even a single look at the table will grant you all the details. You may still refer to the description provided below the table.

Account Opening Charges
Trading Charges [One Time]Free
Trading AMC [Yearly]Free
Demat Charges [One Time]Free
Demat AMC [Yearly]Free or Rs.250
Margin MoneyRs.10,000

This is a description of LSE Securities Trading charges and LSE Securities AMC charges. As you may see from the table, there are no specific trading charges. In fact, the company provides its Trading and Demat Accounts for free.

Moreover, it even does not charge anything for the sake of AMC in terms of Trading Account. It does, however, levy a charge of Rs.250 per year for Demat AMC. Their clients are even needed to maintain a minimum Margin Money balance at Rs.10,000. This is needed to leverage from the company’s trade exposure schemes.

LSE Securities Transaction Charges

LSE Securities Transaction Charges are imposed upon the transaction across all their services. These charges are a part of the usual brokerage. They’re usually charged alongside the rest of the brokerage. The table below tells everything there is you need to know about these charges.

Transaction Charges
Equity Delivery0.00315% of Total Turnover
Equity Intraday0.00315% of Total Turnover
Equity Futures0.00315% of Total Turnover
Equity Options0.00315% of Total Turnover
Currency Futures0.00315% of Total Turnover
Currency Options0.00315% of Total Turnover
Commodity0.00315% of Total Turnover

LSE Securities charges their clients every time they transact across any of the company’s services. These charges are not varied as per the service provided. On the contrary, they’re charged in a similar manner.

In fact, all the services including that of Equity Delivery, Intraday, Options, Futures, Currency Options, Currency Futures and Commodity Trading levy the exact same transaction charge. The charge is limited at 0.00315% of the total turnover generated by the clients.

Other Charges As Levied By LSE Securities

LSE Securities charges even a few taxes beside their usual brokerage. The wholesome description on the same is provided within the table below.

Other Charges
SEBI Turnover Charges0.0007% of Total Turnover
STT0.0112% of Total Turnover
Stamp DutyDepends on State (very minimal)
GST18% of (Brokerage + Transaction Charges)
Margin Funding Charges18% + GST
Reactivation ChargesRs.45 per Segment
Account Closure ChargesZero
Dematerialisation ChargesRs.45

The table above showcases a detailed layout of LSE Securities Other charges. These charges are levied on behalf of the government. They formulate the base for certain licences enjoyed by the company. As you may see, the table above begins with SEBI Turnover Charges.

These charges are levied on behalf of SEBI. It helps SEBI ensure that the company keeps on performing in a way that is beneficial towards the clients. Anyway, a charge of 0.0007% of total turnover is charged for this matter.

The next set of charges corresponds to STT. This is even known by the name of Securities Transaction Tax. This is applicable on all trades corresponding to securities. It is charged at 0.0112% of total turnover.

There is even a matter of Stamp Duty. This is charged as per the laws of the state and, by state, we mean the state where the transaction takes place.

The clients must even pay GST worth 18% over the sum of total brokerage and transaction charges. They must even pay another 18% + GST for Margin Funding Charges. That concludes the taxes.

However, the clients are incurred with a payment of Rs.45 per segment in terms of Reactivation Charges. They’re even imposed upon with Rs.45 for Dematerialization Charges. The company does not charge the investors upon account closure.

LSE Securities Charges – Conclusion

We have concluded everything we had to say about LSE Securities charges’ incursion procedure. Also, we briefed you about LSE Securities Demat charges and remaining brokerage value.

We even told you how they incur certain taxes on government’s behalf. Now, it’s up to you to decide if the company suits your trading parameters.

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