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This article will give you some necessary information regarding Angel Broking charges, such as their brokerage charges, account opening charges, transactions, account processing charges, and various other charges set by the government.

So, if you are looking for the same information, keep reading.

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Angel Broking Brokerage Charges

Find below the detailed table of Angel Broking brokerage charges:

Brokerage Charge & Fees Angel Broking iTrade Prime
Equity Delivery Trading FREE
Equity Intraday Trading Rs 20 / Executed Order Or 0.25% (Whichever Is Lower)
Equity Futures Trading Rs 20 / Executed Order Or 0.25% (Whichever Is Lower)
Equity Options Trading Rs 20 / Executed Order Or 0.25% (Whichever Is Lower)
Currency Futures Trading Rs 20 Per Executed Order Or 0.25% (Whichever Is Lower)
Currency Options Trading Rs 20 Per Executed Order Or 0.25% (Whichever Is Lower)
Commodity Futures Trading Rs 20 Per Executed Order Or 0.25% (Whichever Is Lower)
Commodity Options Trading Rs 20 Per Executed Order Or 0.25% (Whichever Is Lower)

Angel Broking Brokerage charges can change your decision for trading. But equity delivery traders can expect relief as the broker doesn’t charge brokerage against delivery orders.

However, Equity Intraday, Equity Future, and Equity Options are subjected to charges. In short, the broker charges Rs. 20 or 0.25% per executed order on every equity order except delivery.

It’s worth noting that the brokerage charges excluded 18% GST levied by the government of India. Moreover, a brokerage may also be charged on Exercised, Expires, Assigned Options contracts.

Apart from that, the broker even clearly mentions that the brokerage slabs are subject to the maximum rate mandated by the stock exchange. Thus they can change from time to time.

Want to know more about Angel Broking and its operations, check out the Angel Broking Review section.

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    Angel Broking Account Opening Charges

    Account Opening Charges
    Trading Charges [One Time] Rs 0 (Free)
    Trading AMC [Yearly] Rs 0 (Free)
    Demat Charges [One Time] Rs 0 (Free)
    Demat AMC [Yearly] Rs 450
    Margin Money Not Required
    Dematerialization Available Yes
    Account Maintenance Charges Non-BSDA Clients Rs 20 + Tax / Month
    For BSDA (Basic Services Demat Account) Clients:
    – Holding Value Less Than 50,000: NIL
    – Holding Value Between 50,000 To 2,00,000 : Rs 100 + Tax / Year

    Maybe you were skeptical about the account opening charges at Angel Broking. After all, many brokers charge a small fee for account opening. But luckily, you will not be seeing this annoying thing in Angel Broking.

    You can open an account at Angel Broking by paying ‘Zero’ for it. The broker charges no commission on account opening; they are free.

    Angel Broking is a discount broker known for its affordable and client-friendly services. You can open a trading account at Angel Broking by simply submitting a required list of documents.

    But make sure you do not forget other charges that broker levy across its numerous services and relevant activities.

    Also, you can easily check and compare your brokerage with our Angel Broking Brokerage Calculator.

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    Angel Broking Transaction Charges

    Get detailed table of Angel Broking transaction charges:

    Transaction Charges
    Equity Delivery NSE: 0.00335% On Turnover Value (Buy & Sell)
    NSE: 0.00275% On Turnover Value (Buy & Sell)
    Equity Intraday NSE: 0.00335% On Turnover Value (Buy & Sell)
    NSE: 0.00275% On Turnover Value (Buy & Sell)
    Equity Futures NSE: 0.00195% On Total Turnover Value
    Equity Option NSE: 0.053% On Premium Value
    Currency Futures NSE: 0.0009% On Futures Turnover Value
    BSE: 0.00022% On Futures Turnover Value
    Currency Option NSE: 0.035 % and
    BSE: 0.001% On Options Premium Value
    Commodity Futures Non-Agri:
    0.00210% On Turnover For A Category (Near & Next Month TO )
    0.0013% On Turnover For A Category (FAR Month TO)
    0.00175% On Turnover For B Category
    0.006% On Turnover For A Category
    0.002% On Turnover For B Category
    0.0001% On Turnover For C Category
    Special Charges For Following Scrips:
    0.0005% On Turnover For CASTORSEED
    0.0005% On Turnover For KAPAS
    0.00005% On Turnover For PEPPER
    0.001% On Turnover For RBDPMOLEIN
    Commodity Option 0.05% On Premium Value

    Angel Broking transaction charges are levied across different segments such as equity delivery and equity Intraday  NSE 0.0031% and BSE 0.0028%.

    The transaction charges for equity options and currency options are 0.05% on premium and for equity future it will be 0.00180% and for currency future 0.00120% respectively.

    Angel Broking Charges – Others

    Apart from the brokerage charges, the following additional statutory charges applied to every client:

    Segments Charges
    Reactivation Charges Rs 20 per instruction
    Account Closure Charges Rs 25 per instruction
    Dematerialisation Charges Rs 50 Per Certificate
    Pledge Creation Rs 20 Per ISIN
    Rs 50 Per ISIN For BSDA Clients
    Pledge Invocation Rs 20 Per ISIN
    Rs 50 Per ISIN For BSDA Clients
    Margin Pledge/Unpledge/ Pledge closure Rs 20 Per ISIN
    Rs 50 Per ISIN For BSDA Clients
    Margin Repledge Rs 20 Per ISIN
    Rs 50 Per ISIN For BSDA Clients
    Call & Trade Rs 20 / Order
    Square Off Charges Rs 20 / Order
    Franking, KRA, CKYC, ESignature Charges Free
    Email Statements / Contract Notes Free
    DP Charges Rs 20 Per Debit Transaction
    Rs 50 Per Debit Transaction For BSDA Clients
    Remat Rs 50 Per Certificate + Actual CDSL Charges
    Physical Statements / DIS Request / Physical Contract Notes Rs 50
    Cheque Bounce Charges Rs 350
    Delay Payment Charges On Outstanding Bill Amount If Not Paid Within Due Date 1.5 % Per Month (Levied Every 15 Days)
    Demat Transaction Charges Equity Delivery: Rs 20 / Scrip Only On Sell
    Equity Intraday: No Charges
    *Equity Futures: No Charges
    Equity Options: No Charges
    CTT Commodity Futures: 0.01% Only On Sell-Side Non-Agri
    Commodity Options: 0.05% Only On Sell Side
    Risk Management Fee Commodity Futures: Agri: 0.005% Of On Fresh Overnight Open Interest Position
    Commodity Options: NA

    Other Charges

    Stocks and trading features are good, but the most indispensible thing you can never miss out on when watching the broker’s review is additional charges.

    It’s worth watching every extra charges that might have been left unnoticed in the receipt or transactions.

    Such as, if you are Angel Broking users, you can see that the broker charges 0.1% SST on both Buy & Sell position in Equity delivery orders.

    Similarly, you see 0.025% SST on Sell orders in Equity Intraday, 0.01% in Equity Futures and 0.05% on Options. Transaction charges are levied only when you sell your Equity Delivery position.

    Angel Broking Regulatory & Government Charges

    Segments Charges
    SEBI Turnover Charges Rs 10 / Crore
    STT Equity Delivery: 0.1% on both Buy and Sell
    Equity Intraday: 0.025% on the Sell Side
    Futures: 0.01% on Sell Side
    Options: 0.05% on Sell Side(on Premium)
    Commodity Futures: 0.01% on sell-side (Non-Agri)
    Commodity Options: 0.05% on sell-side
    Currency F&O: No STT
    On Exercise transaction: 0.125%
    Right to entitlement: 0.05% on sell-side
    Stamp Duty (On buy side only) Delivery: 0.015%, Intraday: 0.003%, Equity Futures: 0.002%, Equity Options: 0.003%, and Currency F&O: 0.0001%.Commodity Futures: 0.002%, Commodity Options: 0.003% (MCX)
    GST 18% on (Brokerage + Transaction Charge + SEBI Fee)

    Beside standard brokerage charges, Regulatory and Government charges also exist in that major cut given in profit value.

    These charges are imposed with the charges of brokers. Such as, you will be charged 18% GST on every brokerage, DP, SEBI charges, and DB Charges.

    The rule stays the same regardless of whichever position you plan to hold. Similarly, SBI charges are also worth mentioning here.

    Stock Exchange Board of India charges Rs. 10/ crore value. But that doesn’t hurt you that much compared to other regular and government charges.

    Stamp Duty is also 0.015% of turnover value in Equity delivery, 0.003% in Equity Intraday, 0.002% in Equity Future and 0.003% in Equity Options.

    Angel Broking Brokerage Charges – Conclusion

    Now that you are planning to break into Angel Broking to kick start a financial journey make sure you know these charges.

    After all, this readily overlooked factor can largely impact profits generated from trade. Each charge has its unique summary, and there’s a way to ignore them.

    Particularly because some charges are mandated by the regulatory bodies and government of the nation.

    Thus it is necessary to respect them and focus on the real purpose for what you have come so far at Angel Broking. Review these charges again to stay clear on your decision hereafter.

    Angel Broking Brokerage charges FAQs

    Here is the list of FAQs related to the Angel Broking brokerage charges:

    Does Angel Broking Charge Brokerage?

    Yes, traders are required to pay a brokerage charge to the stockbroker. However, the perk with Angel Broking is that they provide all the full-service broker products and services, but at the rate of discount brokers. The shift in brokerage urges traders and investors to choose Angel Broking.

    What are Angel Broking Brokerage Charges?

    Brokerage houses provide trading services in a lot of segments. They charge a tiny amount for the services they render, referred to as brokerage. Trading in delivery, you do not have to pay anything. However, trading in any other form of asset class will attract a charge of Rs.20 per order.

    What is Intraday Brokerage of Angel Broking?

    This stock broking house has a flat rate brokerage charge policy, where it charges the same amount of brokerage for all segments. Irrespective of the segment you choose for trading, including the intraday segment, you have to pay the charge of Rs.20 per order.

    What Other Charges levied by Angel Broking?

    Brokerage is the first charge or fee payable to the stockbroker. This is not all, as there are other charges that the traders are expected to pay. Investors in general, bear account-related expenses and government-related expenses.

    Is Angel Broking a discount broker?

    No, Angel Broking is not a discount broker, though this broker’s charge structure might make it look so. They are a full-service broker and indulge in stockbroking services via a hub of sub-brokers and other partners. Many other services are provided by the stockbroker, including research and analysis services.

    Does Angel Broking have Free Delivery?

    Yes, one of the perks provided by this company is Free brokerage for the Delivery Segment. This is the most opted segment in general, and many investors and traders look for this facility. Cutting out the brokerage will also cut off your list of expenses greatly.

    How much does Angel Broking Charge for Options?

    If you choose to invest in the Options segment, you are required to pay a charge. Now, you can either invest in Equity Option or Currency Options. Since, this company provides all the segments at the same brokerage charges, and you have to pay Rs.20 per order for investment.

    What are Angel Broking Transaction Charges?

    Transaction charges are levied on every trade order that you place. However, it is a tiny amount, and you do not need to worry about it to a great extent. The charge for Delivery and intraday is NSE: 0.0031% and for BSE: 0.0028%, equity futures is 0.00180%, Currency Futures is 0.00120% and Options and Currency Options is 0.05% on Premium.

    What is the Demat AMC in Angel Broking?

    If you wish to open a Demat account, you have to pay an opening charge first, and then AMC is levied yearly. The opening account charge levied by this broker is free. However, the AMC for Demat amount is Rs.450. This charge has to be provided once every year.

    Is Angel Broking Brokerage Free?

    This is partially true, as Angel Broking provides the most trader segment free of brokerage. There is no brokerage charge levied on Equity Delivery, which is the most chosen form of investment. However, the other segments provided by this stockbroker carry a brokerage charge.

    Are there any charges for Angel Broking?

    There are no additional charges for angel broking except for the brokerage, Tax, or fees discussed in the article. Angel Broking is a discount broker, but this doesn’t mean that you will access discounted services all time.

    Account opening is free, and brokerage on Equity Delivery is NIL. Apart from that, every service is subject to charges.

    What are Angel Broking brokerage charges?

    Angel Broking charges Rs 20 per executed order. However, Equity Delivery investment can benefit from Zero brokerage.

    But Equity Intraday, Future, and Options are subject to charges automatically added to the value. The least brokerage is 0.25%.

    What are the annual maintenance charges of Angel Broking?

    The broker follows the ‘zero” AMC policy for the first year. If you have recently opened an account with Angel Broking, you will not be charged Account Maintenance Charges.

    But once you become an older Angel Broking user, you will be charged flat Rs 20+ Tax for account maintenance charges.

    What is the margin amount in Angel Broking?

    For option shortlisting, you can access 2X margin. However, the margin can go up to 40X but only for selected equity scripts.

    Is Angel Broking good for beginners?

    Angel broking is undoubtedly a great platform for beginners. The broker charges no fees on account opening and even offers zero brokerage facility to new brokers for the first month.

    If you are a beginner, you can surely expect a good amount of fun at Angel Broking.

    How to change the brokerage plan in Angel Broking?

    Users can write to support@angelbroking.com to change their brokerage plan.

    What is another brokerage in Angel Broking?

    Additional brokerage in angel broking covers any additional charges that aren’t visible with existing charges. Transaction charges, account maintenance charges, DP charges, and STT are covered in this list.

    Why is Angel Broking good?

    Angel Broking is one of the safest online trading platform regulated by the Stock Exchange Board of India. The broker even garners praise for its seamless trading services with simplified tools and technology.

    How is brokerage calculated in Angel Broking?

    Angel Broking charges fixed brokerage Rs 20 per executed order. Then other values are added in the charges section that cut more value from the ultimate transaction or profit you make.

    How much Angel Broking charges for delivery?

    Angel Broking Charges ZERO for delivery order. However, sell orders are subject to some fees and commissions.

    What is iTrade Prime in Angel Broking?

    The broker introduced the Angel iTrade Prime plan in which you access ZERO cost brokerage services.

    The services are available for trades executed in the delivery segment. If we cover the flat fee, it is only Rs 20 per order for F&O, Intraday, Currencies, and Commodities segments.

    Who is the owner of Angel Broking?

    Dinesh D. Thakkar is the man behind Angel Broking, who founded this stockbroking firm in 1996 and made it famous among traders and investors of this generation.

    How do I find my Angel Broking statement?

    Users can find their Angel Broking Statement by logging into the Angel Broking platform. Later on, they need to select Transaction Reports under Reports. Here, users can select the P&L summary and download the statement for the respective financial year.

    Are there any monthly charges in Angel Broking?

    Angel broking has account maintenance of Rs 20 that is charged per month.

    Is Angel Broking safe?

    Angel broking is a well-regulated and highly trusted trading platform. The brokerage firm has been in existence since 1996 and has been impressing clients with its interactive trading platforms.

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