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5 Best NRI Trading Account in India

Last Updated Date - Mar 23, 2023

This article will cover the relevant details of the 5 Best NRI Trading Accounts in India.

NRI trading in India is a young and growing crowd that is slowly taking the right momentum and spreading across the world.

However, NRI trading is different from traditional trading in terms of the trading accounts needed to perform the activities.

Looking at the demand for these accounts, many stockbrokers have come out with their NRI trading accounts to ease the trading experience for non-residents.

If you are also, as an NRI, looking to trade in investment tools like equity, bonds, IPOs, mutual funds, and derivatives, then your best option is to get associated with NRI trading through stockbrokers.

Currently, IIFL, Kotak Securities, Sharekhan, Prostocks, and Zerodha are offering the best NRI Trading Accounts in India.NRI Trading

Types of NRI Stockbrokers

But before checking the NRI trading accounts, let’s first discuss the two types of NRI stock brokers.

NRI Discount Stock Brokers

NRI discount brokers charge low brokerage and offer online trading and investment services in F&O, IPO, Bonds, MF, and Equity.

The discount brokers will majorly execute the orders as per the instructions provided by their clients but do not provide any additional services such as advisory or research services.

NRI Full-Service Brokers

NRI full-service brokers on the other hand provide a whole lot of services and benefits to their traders. You will get to have a dedicated relationship with them and receive personalized services, wealth management solutions, and research and advisory services.

Moreover, because these stock brokers also have banking licenses, they can provide 3-in-1 or 4-in-1 trading accounts in which various accounts (NRI bank accounts, Demat accounts, NRI bank accounts, trading accounts, and PIS Accounts) are linked together.

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    Documents Required for Opening an NRI Demat Account

    The following documents are required to open an NRI Demat account:

    • Pan Card
    • Valid Indian Passport (In case you have a foreign passport, just ensure that the place of birth in India)
    • Copy of Visa
    • Cancelled cheque of NRE or NRO account
    • Overseas address proof through any utility bill, driving license, and bank statements.
    • Proof of depository and bank accounts
    • Passport sized photograph

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    India Infoline Financial Limited (IIFL) is one of the most established stockbrokers in India and are full-service broker in nature.

    The institution has been in the brokerage industry for over 30 years and is thus aware of all the necessary services they need to provide to its NRI trading customers.

    Best Features

    • IIFL provides a wide range of investment products offering customers plenty of options to choose from according to their financial needs.
    • Easy account opening process. You can get the account validated through a video call.
    • Each customer gets assistance from a dedicated relationship manager.

    Kotak Securities

    The brokerage arm of Kotak Mahindra bank is Kotak Securities.

    The best thing about this stockbroker is their bank-linked Demat account. this allows you to trade seamlessly and get the profits directly transferred to the bank account in real time.

    However, one downside is the high brokerage charges compared to other peers in the market.

    Best Features

    • Easy availability of research reports and investment recommendations, majorly useful for novice traders.
    • The direct transfer of funds from the linked Kotak Bank Net banking Gateway
    • Trading options are available in derivatives, bonds, and IPOs.


    Sharekhan is considered to be the third largest stock broker in India after ICICI Direct and Zerodha.

    There is no denying the fact that when it comes to trading, Sharekhan is the first choice for many traders. Now, their services can also be used by NRI traders. They even have the linked-account option for easy trading.

    Best Features

    • Ready availability to research reports and professional recommendations.
    • Integrated bank account with partner banks like HDFC Bank.
    • Easy to track the transactions made and has a secured pathway for making transactions.

    Pro stocks

    Unlike IIFL, Prostocks is a discount broker and is based out of Mumbai. Looking at the demand for NRI trading, the stock brokers started providing the NRI Demat accounts services.

    The stockbroker provides the best services at the most competitive brokerage fees. For each order executed, the stock =broker charges Rs.100.

     Best Features

    • Easy online KYC is available.
    • Does not charge any annual maintenance cost except for a one-time refundable deposit of Rs.1000.
    • No opening charges for trading and the Demat account


    Zerodha is quite the famous stockbroker in India and they also happen to provide NRI services. The stockbroker has a dedicated team of managers who are always available to assist their NRI customers.

    The brokerage is usually zero with Zerodha however due to multiple formalities for NRI trading, the charges tend to hike up.

    Best Features

    • No restrictions for NRO accounts
    • For linked banks, the company has tie-ups with HDFC bank, Yes Bank and Axis Bank, thus if you are to get yourself a PIS account, then you should have an account with any of the above-mentioned banks.
    • You get to use KITE, one of the best trading platforms in India.


    Hope the above-shared list will be of benefit to you when you start to consider opening an NRI trading account.

    Try to also perform additional research to ensure that your interest is in line with eth services provided by the stockbroker.

    All the best NRI trading accounts in India have all the necessary features to support the trading journey of their customers.

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