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Top 10 Companies with Highest Share Price in India – List of Most Expensive Stocks

Last Updated Date - May 16, 2022

In this Article, we will check Top 10 Indian Companies with Highest Share Price in India. These are the Best large cap companies to invest your money. The Large Cap companies are those companies which has very high stock price.

Lets have a look at India’s Top 10 Companies with Highest Stock Price –

Companies with Highest Stock Price in India

With the growing need of the people, they are always searching for the way to increase their income.

In such a scenario, the stock market always comes on the top of the list, which can make poor a rich and can easily double your income within a year.

There are many things people look into the stock market before making an investment in it. The rise and fall of the stock market are such a volatile that it creases your profit rapidly, but involves risk too, which could make you face loss rather than profit.

It is always a better option to invest in those lists of companies who have a higher stock price value, which could yield a profit to you in your near future.

So, it is a very important task as an investor to opt for the right stock from thousands of stocks available in the stock market and make an investment in it.

Further, it will be also better as a portfolio aspect to choosing the mutual fund wisely so that your portfolio would be enough strong and in coming time it will show you a huge profit and thus provide you a stable source of income.

So, let’s take a look on Best Companies with the highest stock price in India

Top 10 Companies with Highest Share Price in India

Here are the list of Top 10 Large Cap companies in India –

  1. MRF
  2. Eicher Motors
  3. Page Industries
  4. 3M India
  5. Bosch
  6. Shree Cement
  7. Polson
  8. Tide Water Oil
  9. Paul Merchants
  10. Honeywell Automation

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    Best Companies with Highest Share Price in India

    Find below the brief review of Companies with highest Stock price –


    Madras Rubber Factory (MRF) is a leading tire manufacturer in India. This company also deals on other automotive products of rubber other than tire like a conveyor belt, tubes, flaps, etc.

    In the current time, the MRF is counted as the top leading company in India which has the highest stock price. With respect to the present market status, MRF share price is approximately 72,000 which is higher than any other company in India.

    Eicher Motors

    Eicher Motors is involved in manufacturing the products related to the automobile. Investing in such company could really yield a huge amount of profit for the investor.

    This company keeps on growing with each passing day. Currently, the share price of Eicher Motors is around 29,000 which is expected to grow more in the coming time.

    Page Industries

    Page Industries are related to the Jockey which is a leading company for inner wears and undergarments worldwide.

    In the past few years, this exclusive company is growing at a rapid pace, thus it is now counted as one of the third highest stock price company in India. The stock price of page industries in near to 22,000.

    3M India

    3M India is a diversified company which deals with many types of product including healthcare, cleansing, dental cement, etc.

    This company is formally known as Minnsota Mining and Manufacturing company. Currently, the stock price of 3M India is almost 21,000.


    Bosch is a leading German engineering and electronics based company. In the past few years with the increasing popularity, Bosch stock price is also increasing.

    In the current market, it has a value of stock around 19,000. Further, it is expected to have more stock price in near future.

    Shree Cement

    Shree Cement is the largest cement production house in India. It is a brand of renowned Bangur Cement which has the experience of years.

    In the past few years, the stock price of Shree cement has increased with nice value. Currently, the price of the Shree Cement share is about 17,000.


    Polson is a renowned company by Mr. Pestonji Polson which was established in the year 1900. It deals with a variety of product like pharmaceuticals, agriculture, chemicals, etc.

    Looking around from the overall development it could be said that year by year its stock value is increasing with respect to the market value. Currently, the stock price of Polson is near about 16,500.

    Tide Water Oil

    This company has a premium brand of motor oil which is sold in the market with the name of Veedol.

    According to the present market valuation of the company, it could be concluded that it has a market capitalization of more than 2000 crores.

    It has stock price value approximately to Rs.6, 500. Investing in such a company could be a great deal for investors.

    Paul Merchants

    Paul Merchants is the largest principal agent in Asia Pacific region for Western Union. It is even listed in BSE.

    Further, apart from the money transfer, it also deals in other types of product to keep its hold in the Indian financial market. Paul Merchants have about Rs 5000 as the stock value.

    Honeywell Automation India Private Limited

    This company deals in manufacturing of equipment of electronic systems, components, trading of machinery, supplies, and repair and maintenance of the product.

    It has a good market reputation with great market capitalization which makes it a prominent choice of investment for the investors.

    These are the few more companies with very high Share price –

    Procter & Gamble

    P&G is renowned and well-established hygiene and healthcare limited in India. Its product could be found in every home in India, which concludes it has huge popularity.

    Thus, investing in such a company could be a very profitable deal for investors. In fact, it even has a nice stock price value in India.

    Maruti Suzuki India Private Limited

    Maruti is popular in the Indian market for its manufacture, sale, and purchase of the motor vehicle. In every part of India, you could see a huge number of Maruti vehicle running on the road.

    With each passing day, its stock value is increasing. As a whole, it is worth to make an investment in such companies.

    Nestle India Limited

    Nestle is famous as a food-based company in India. It holds a unique position in the food segment of India.

    The company has a diversified range of products like beverages, chocolates, milk and dairy product, confectionery etc. It even has a good stock price which makes it worthy of investment.

    Unichem Labs

    Unichem labs is a pharmaceutical company which is very popular in India. Even this company has an international presence, making it worldwide famous.

    It has a stable stock price which makes it low-risk investment stock. Thus, investing in Unichem labs could also be a profitable deal for investors.

    Lakshmi Machine Works Limited

    It was founded in the year 1962. Now, it is a leading textile machinery manufacturer in India.

    Further, with each passing day, this company is growing at a steady rate having its own space in the list of top companies with the highest stock price.

    Top 10 Companies with Highest Share Price – Conclusion

    It is always a beneficial deal to invest in a company which has a high stock price value in the market because this company will give a high return.

    Further, this stock price is dynamic which could be changed anytime. So, it is always a better option to analyze the company before investing in it.

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