We have positioned this article to fetch our readers, the live information of Dodla Dairy IPO Subscription. So, we keep all the records of the IPO from the day it is open for subscription. And how many people are opting to bid or subscribe for Dodla Dairy IPO. Check everyday total number of times this IPO is getting subscribed.

We manifest details of subscriptions received by the company on a per day basis, how you can apply for the IPO and more.

Dodla Dairy IPO Subscription

Day / DateQIBNIIRIITotal Subscription
1st Day – 16 Jun0.02x0.14x2.73x1.40x
2nd Day – 17 Jun0.28x0.60x6.18x3.30x
3rd Day –  18 Jun9.25x41.99x8.65x15.97x
Shares Offered or Net Issue2,430,7341,823,0514,253,7848,507,569

The shares subscribed by the public will be updated herein on a daily basis

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FAQs on Dodla Dairy IPO Subscription

What is the Dodla Dairy IPO Subscription start date?

The day from when Dodla Dairy IPO will be open for subscription is Jun 16, 2021. All along the course of releasing its IPO, the Dodla Dairy IPO subscription will stay open for 3 days, which would be from Jun 16, 2021, to Jun 18, 2021.

How many times Dodla Dairy IPO got subscribed?

Precisely, we have the evaluation on the per day basis for all the days this IPO was open. For the first day, the IPO was subscribed 1.40x times. The following stats are – 3.30x times for day 2, 15.97x times for day 3. The table has the category wise subscription details; you can check the stats vividly.

How to subscribe for Dodla Dairy IPO?

There are two feasible ways in which you can subscribe for the IPO – ASBA and UPI. ASBA IPO is the process of application through net banking portal, of your respective bank account. Contrarily, you can adopt UPI to apply for IPO via stock broker. You can use any online platform, i.e. app or website of your bank or broker and apply for the Dodla Dairy IPO via the IPO section. Selecting the IPO and placing bid is just so easy.

Where can I check LIVE Dodla Dairy IPO Subscription Numbers?

This website contains all such live details. This page is itself your destination or stop, which will give you access to all the number. In the table briefly presented to you, categorization is done on the basis of the class of investors, and total subscription received.

What is the Minimum Lot Size of Dodla Dairy IPO?

Statistics relating to the Minimum lot size has been released. In order to subscribe for the Dodla Dairy IPO, retailed investors have to apply for 200 shares. 200 shares is the market lot size for Dodla Dairy IPO.

What is the maximum Lot Size of Dodla Dairy IPO?

If you wish to make a higher bid for the Dodla Dairy IPO, you are permissible to subscribe for up to NA shares. On the same note, the maximum amount you will be paying for the bid shall be around Rs.NA.

How much is the retail portion (%) in Dodla Dairy IPO?

As per the structure of Dodla Dairy IPO, the share QUOTA for retail investors is around 35%. For the stats on per day subscription received from the retails investors, you can refer to the subscription table from the article.

How much is the QIB portion (%) in Dodla Dairy IPO?

Taking a look at the QIB portion, the company has structured the same around 50%. Furthermore, you can check the subscription details of this category investors in the subscription tables provided.

How much is the NII portion (%) in Dodla Dairy IPO?

As for the NII portion or the Non-Institutional Investors category, the company has structured it to be 15%. We also have the subscription details of NIIs, which has been put into the subscription table, on a per day format.

How to apply for the Dodla Dairy IPO?

As in investor, you need to apply for the IPO online, via any of the UPI supported application or ASBA. You must prefix the right UPI ID and make the payment at the time of IPO application. You must then submit the application to the broker, who will send the request to block the said amount. Also, you need to enter the UPI ID again to approve block mandate. Now, the funds shall be blocked from your account, following which debit or credit shall be done on the basis of the share allotment.

How to invest in Dodla Dairy IPO using Zerodha app?

The process to invest via the Zerodha App is as simple as it can get.

  • Login to Zerodha Kite console
  • Go to IPO section in Portfolio
  • Choose the IPO you want to apply for, from the list
  • Enter the UPI ID, bid details like price and quantity
  • Now hit submit
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