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Satpal Khattar Portfolio is known as one of the most informed and updated traders even within the elite society of Indian traders and investors forming the best of the Dalal Street.

The owner of this portfolio can often be caught presenting economic scenarios on various prestigious news channels concerning the growth or deterioration of the Indian stock market.

However, we have not written down this blog in order to praise the owner of this portfolio. On the contrary, we have gathered all the relevant information about the ways in which it functions and the recent as well as historical data forming up the structure of this portfolio.

And, so, we’ll elaborate the formulation of this portfolio as was known to us during the declaration of the last known quarter. We’ll explain the ways and tactics that it follows in order to invest its wealth and gain reasonable profits.

We’ll assimilate the information present on the top three investments made by this portfolio during the years 2020, 2021 and 2022 respectively along with the details such as the number of the shares held per investment and the journey of the stocks held throughout the year.

Finally, We’ll even elaborate the net worth of the portfolio and the journey that had to go through in order to be at the position we know.

And, all you have to do is relax and go through the entire article in order to gain sufficient and valid information about this portfolio.

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About Satpal Khattar

Satpal Khattar latest portfolio concluded the last known quarter with a declaration of holding the shares of 12 different companies hailing from different and complementing industries and sectors.

Having said that, we must also establish the fact that we have managed to uncover quite a few important facts about the way in which the portfolio commences the investments.

The portfolio seems duly obsessed with the Construction Sector. In fact, you can easily spot three different stocks of the companies hailing from the construction sector.

This is an interesting choice of investment, as we all know that the construction sector has not been in its zenith in quite some time.

However, it should also be understood that the sector is far from getting dormant. Hence, the decision of the portfolio in investing on this sector can be justified to some extent.

Another interesting fact about this portfolio is its decision to not invest within the Consumption or FMCG Sectors. This is unlike most of the portfolios forming the A-List Traders.

Moreover, the portfolio also has certain investments made on to the Pharma Sector. This was avoided by the portfolio in the last few investments. However, the last quarter’s declaration of the portfolio’s investment confirmed its interest within this particular sector.

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    Satpal Khattar Latest Portfolio & Holdings

    The latest portfolio valuation of Satpal Khattar stands at 315.4 crores as per data received for the June quarter. He has presently 8 stocks in his portfolio which include Gayatri Projects Ltd., Sangam (India) Ltd., Gayatri Highways Ltd., and Nath Bio-Genes (India) Ltd. as the top holdings.

    In these companies, Satpal Khattar has more than 2% of stakes. In Gayatri Projects Ltd. he has the highest stakes which are 3.8% currently.

    Other than these four, there are Strides Pharma Science Ltd., IIFL Finance Ltd., DCM Ltd., and CSB Bank Ltd. in his portfolio where he holds stakes at least 1% presently.

    There are certainly other stocks in his portfolio as well however, in those companies, the investor holds stakes below 1%. Some of these companies are Intense Technologies Ltd., RPP Infra Projects Ltd., and others.

    In the past quarter, he neither invested in any stock nor sold any. He is holding on to his portfolio without any significant changes at present.

    Holdings in IIFL Finance Ltd

    IIFL Finance Ltd is the name of the company that can be found holding the position of the company that acquired the highest investments within the portfolio of Satpal Khattar as per the last known declaration.

    The portfolio ensured that it was in charge of a total of 5073486 shares of this company that were valued worth 332.00 INR per unit and 175.57 Cr cumulatively during June 2022.

    This particular holding of the shares also resulted in the portfolio’s extended ownership claim worth 52.09% within the company’s overall turnover.

    Holdings in Strides Pharma Science Ltd

    The 2nd position within the portfolio of Satpal Khattar during June 2022 was held by a company named Strides Pharma Science Ltd. The portfolio confirmed its possession of a total of 1560032 shares of this company.

    And, the shares have been known to be worth 345.55 INR per unit and 51.71 Cr worth the complete lot. The portfolio was also known to have been in possession of a total of 16.67% worth of ownership within the company’s total turnover.

    Holdings in CSB Bank

    Satpal Khattar’s investment in CSB Bank has been something to watch and observe. At present, he has a 1% stake in the company which is worth Rs. 36 crores.

    He holds a total of 1773906 shares of the company which is just 1% of the stakes. He started investing in CSB Bank Ltd. back in December quarter in 2019.

    The interesting fact about this investment is that Satpal Khattar started with a 1% stake in the company and he has been continuing with that 1% only over the last 2 years. He neither purchased more stakes nor sold the stakes he is holding.

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    Satpal Khattar Portfolio in 2021

    In the first quarter of 2021, Satpal Khattar had 13 stocks in his portfolio and the total worth of the portfolio was Rs. 379.4 crores. Suyog Telematics Ltd., Gayatri Projects Ltd., and Sangam (India) ltd. were some of the main holdings in his portfolio in 2021’s Q1.

    In this quarter, he didn’t buy any other shares or didn’t invest more. However, he sold off 0.1% stakes in RPP Infra Projects Ltd. in which he had 2.2% stakes, and the same for RPSG Ventures Ltd, where he has 1.4% stakes and sold off 0.1% stakes in March 2021 quarter.

    By the end of the year, his portfolio valuation was Rs. 338.6 crores and there were 11 stocks in his portfolio. Some of the top holdings by the end of 2021 were Suyog Telematics Ltd., Gayatri Projects Ltd., Sangam (India) Ltd., and others.

    However, he sold off 0.2% stakes in Sangam (India) Ltd. in December 2021 quarter which brought down his total stakes in the company from 2.6% to 2.4%. Similarly, he also reduced 0.1% stakes in Suyog telematics Ltd.

    Satpal Khattar Portfolio in 2020

    At the beginning of 2020, Satpal Khatar had 17 stocks in his portfolio worth Rs. 212.6 crores in total. This year also, the portfolio’s top holdings were in Suyog Telematics Ltd. where he held 5% stakes for the entire year.

    The same goes for Gayatri Projects Ltd., where he held 3.3% stakes for the first three quarters of the year, and in the final quarter of 2020, he added 0.5% stakes to the existing holdings of this company.

    However, in the December quarter of 2020, he sold off 0.3% stakes of Sangam (India) Ltd too. Apart from these three, there was Gayatri Highways Ltd., Nath Bio-Genes (India) Ltd., and other stocks also.

    Satpal Khattar Portfolio in 2019

    Satpal Khattar Portfolio 2019 as known even according to the last known declaration of June 2019 showed investments across 13 different companies with three stocks hailing from the construction sector itself.

    However, the highest investment it made during March 2019 was in order to acquire 62,16,528 shares of the company named IIFL Finance Ltd.

    The portfolio confirmed to have been in possession of these shares worth 121.85 INR per unit and 75.7 Cr cumulative value during March 2019. It also confirmed to have been granted the privilege to be the owner of 1.95% of the company.

    The shares of this holding witnessed a total of 5.55 INR worth negative gain per unit share. However, the portfolio retained them all with a new value worth 72.3 Cr by June 2019.

    More on Satpal Khattar Portfolio 2019

    The shares of Gayatri Projects Ltd held by the portfolio during March 2019 worth 109.1 INR per unit and 67.4 Cr as cumulative value formulated the second highest investment of the portfolio at that time.

    It was in possession of 61,79,335 shares of this company along with the ownership claim worth 3.30% of the company’s total turnover.

    The shares of this holding even experienced a total positive growth of 0.25 INR per unit during June 2019. And, all the shares of this holding were retained by the portfolio. Thus, the new value of the holding was increased to 67.6 Cr. cumulatively.

    The third highest investment made during this year was to acquire 15,60,032 shares of the company named Strides Pharma Science Ltd.

    The portfolio confirmed to have this holding worth 357.05 INR per unit and 55.7 Cr worth the complete lot during March 2019.

    All the shares from this holding were retained by the portfolio as well with a positive gain worth 3.05 INR per unit. Thus, the new holding was valued for 56.2 Cr.

    Satpal Khattar Portfolio in 2018

    Satpal Khattar portfolio 2018 enlisted a total of 14 investments made across different companies hailing from different sectors. However, we’ve tried to enlist the top 3 investments in here.

    And, we have 61,71,528 shares of the company named IIFL Finance Ltd. The portfolio was known to have been in possession of a total of 61,71,528 shares of this company during that time.

    The holding was known to have been valued worth 121.85 INR per unit and 75.2 Cr worth the entire holding. The portfolio is also known to have been in charge of 1.93% worth the company’s overall turnover. The entire holding consisting of these shares were retained by the portfolio even by Dec 2018.

    This did not impact the valuation of the holding or the number of shares held or the unit share value by any sort. The company named Sequent Scientific Ltd formed the company to be registered with the second highest investment from the portfolio of Satpal Khattar during March 2018.

    More on Satpal Khattar Portfolio 2018

    The portfolio declared kits possession of a total of 71,22,210 shares of this company valued at 85 INR per unit and 60.5 Cr worth the complete holding. The holding even granted the portfolio with an ownership worth 2.92% of the company’s overall turnover.

    Even this holding was retained during Dec 2018 by the portfolio along with all of its shares and no changes in the individual or cumulative value of the holding.

    51,79,335 shares of the company named Gayatri Projects Ltd formulated the third spot within the portfolio of Satpal Khattar during March 2018.

    The portfolio confirmed to have had the possession of these shares worth 109.1 INR per unit and 56.5 Cr worth the complete lot during that time.

    It also confirmed that the holding was responsible to grant it with an additional 2.77% claim over the company’s net worth.

    The portfolio added another 10,00,000 shares of this company to the holding during Dec 2018, thus making the holding’s value worth 67.4 Cr cumulatively.

    There were no other changes that occurred during this time within the holding or the unit shares of it in terms of market value or possession quantity.

    Satpal Khattar Portfolio in 2017

    Satpal Khattar portfolio 2017 marked the investments across a total of 13 different companies during this year. We have, however only considered the top three investments for this article.

    The highest of which was made to acquire 61,71,528 shares of the company named IIFL Finance Ltd worth 121.85 INR per unit share, 75.2 Cr cumulative value and 1.94% of the company’s ownership during March 2017.

    This holding was retained by the portfolio during Dec 2019 without any sort of alteration to it in terms of the holding valuation, individual share price or the company’s turnover share.

    71,22,210 shares of the company called Sequent Scientific Ltd made up the second place within this portfolio during March 2017.

    The value of this holding was accounted for 60.5 Cr cumulatively, 85 INR per unit share and 2.92% worth the company’s turnover ownership during that time.

    More on Satpal Khattar Portfolio 2017

    Even this holding retained all the shares and its values by Dec 2017. The third place within the portfolio was occupied by 51,79,335 shares of the company named Gayatri Projects Ltd during March 2017.

    This holding was valued worth 109.1 INR per unit share, 56.5 Cr for the overall holding and 2.92% worth the company’s total turnover.

    No changes were observed even for this holding by the end of the year that is Dec 2019, hence, it was retained with all the shares intact.

    What is Satpal Khattar’s Net Worth?

    Satpal Khattar Net Worth
    QuarterNet worth(Cr)Change%
    Jun-22 303.171%
    Mar-22 297.83-12%
    Dec-21 338.63-10%
    Sep-21 377.431%
    Jun-21 372.85-1%
    Mar-21 379.4425%
    Dec-20 301.8125%
    Sep-20 240.9532%
    Jun-20 181.96-14%
    Mar-20 212.55-40%
    Dec-19 355.8625%
    Sep-19 283.63-9%
    Jun-19 313.33-38%

    Satpal Khattar’s net worth across the last 3 years has changed rather frequently. And, we can definitely say that the changes have not always resulted in profit for the portfolio for sure. The latest net worth of this portfolio is Rs. 303.17 cr. as of June 2022.

    Its journey 3 years back can be traced to June 2019 when it was weighed for 313.33 Cr. the value decreased by 9% during Sep 2019 and it was valued at 283.63 Cr.

    The portfolio gained 25% respectively during the last quarter of 2019 and was valued at 355.86 cr.

    The value was again decreased by 40% in March 2020 and by 14% in June 2020 making it worth 212.55 Cr and 181.96 Cr respectively. The year concluded at a value 301.81 cr. with a growth of 25% in the last quarter.

    The value increased to 379.44 with to a positive gain of 25% in Mar 2021 making it valued at 338.63 Cr. By Dec 2021.

    Satpal Khattar Portfolio – Conclusion

    There isn’t much to be said about the portfolio of Satpal Khattar apart from the fact that its is persistent and that’s what helps it to always make a comeback jo matter how hard the fall.

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