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Sanjay Singal Portfolio is nothing short of a miracle to be short. The portfolio has really come from rags to riches. And, that has all occurred within a time frame of 5 years. We got to review several years of investment-related data pf this portfolio.

And, we were nothing less than astound. In short, we’d like to say that the mind behind the portfolio is an analytical genius. Anyway, we’re not here to discuss about the genius of the owner. And, we’re definitely not here to praise him for achieving great feats.

We’re here to talk about the portfolio itself. So, we’ll begin by explaining a bit about the major tactic of the portfolio. We’ll reveal the strategies that help the portfolio build up it’s repute. Then we’ll move on to deconstructing the overall formulation of the portfolio.

And, we’ll do so only for the last known quarter. However, we will focus on the top three investments of 2020, 2021 and 2022. This will give you a clear depiction of the ways it invests. We’ll then explain the net worth and the journey of the portfolio in details.

So, just be careful to acquire the most from this article. It’s sure to grant you with sufficient knowledge of growth.

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About Sanjay Singal

We had a look at the Sanjay Singal latest portfolio. And, as we’ve already mentioned, it amazed us. The portfolio is very much unlike that of Sunil Kumar Agarwal or Porinju Veliyath.

What we’re trying to establish here is that the investment tone of the portfolio does not resemble that of a sustainable growth design. On the contrary, it focusses on timely alteration of its holdings. It does carry out a lot of analysis nonetheless.

The portfolio had 5 companies from the Finance Sector. And, that was in the last quarter itself, where the total number of investments were 14. This makes up for almost one third of the portfolio. Moreover, the portfolio even invested in Infrastructure Sector.

It showed investments in 3 such companies. Agro and Biotech were some other sectors of its investments. However, the portfolio is even not a multi-bagger. Although, it has the investments onto a few diversified sectors, it’s still unidirectional. And, the inclination of the portfolio towards Finance is rather clear.

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    Sanjay Singal Latest Portfolio & Holdings

    The Sanjay Singal holdings mentioned investments across 14 companies. Most of them were related to finance or infrastructure. And, they formed the very base of the portfolio. However, we’ve only the top ten out of them.

    So, here’s how the list proceeds –

    Investment in Meenakshi Enterprises Ltd

    Meenakshi Enterprises Ltd was at the 2nd In Jun 2022, the portfolio had 2028300 shares of the company. The single share of this company was priced at 13.40 INR.

    And, the complete lot was worth 2.70 Cr. It even came with an ownership promise of 15.80% of the company.

    Holdings in Mukta Agriculture Ltd

    Mukta Agriculture Ltd was next in the list. This holding was worth 10.46% of the company. And, the portfolio held 3600000 shares of it. The unit share price was 5.10 INR. And, the holding valued worth 1.78 Cr.

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    Sanjay Singal Portfolio in 2019

    A total of 14 investments were accounted for Sanjay Singal Portfolio 2019. The portfolio had investments across Infra, Agro, Finance and Bio-Tech Sectors. However, there was a clear inclination towards the Finance Sector.

    And, even the company that acquired the highest investment in Mar 2019 was from this sector. We’re referring to Matra Kaushal Enterprise Ltd. The portfolio retained 2,00,00,000 shares of it In Mar 2019. The shares were valued worth 2.16 INR each.

    And, thus the entire holding’s value was estimated to be worth 4.3 Cr. Holding these shares even granted the portfolio some other benefits. We’re referring to an ownership over 9.92% of the company.

    We did not observe any changes within this holding in Jun 2019. And, Jun 2019 was the last known quarter with investment reports. Greencrest Financial Services Ltd held the second place within this list. This holding’s overall value was estimated worth 2.0 Cr.

    More on Sanjay Singal Portfolio 2019

    The unit share price of this company was at 0.93 INR then. And, the portfolio held 2,10,00,000 shares of it. The holding was even retained for another purpose. This was to claim an ownership over 5.75% of the company. And, all of this data was acquired in Mar 2019.

    Even this holding retained all the properties. And, all the shares of it were retained without any loss. Mukta Agriculture Ltd was at the third place in Mar 2019. And, we’re very specific about the portfolio of Sanjay Singal in here.

    Anyway, the portfolio had 18,00,000 shares of this company with a unit value of 9.6 INR. In fact, the overall holding was valued worth 1.7 Cr due to this. However, the holding was retained completely from previous quarter. And, its market value was not the only reason behind this.

    In fact, the portfolio enjoyed ownership over 8.30% due to the shares. Even this holding was retained with all values intact. And, this was in Jun 2019.

    Sanjay Singal Portfolio in 2018

    Sanjay Singal portfolio 2018 had an enlisting of 15 investments. And, it was much similar to that of 2019. The inclination was Infra and Finance sector. Even the highest investment acquiring company was from Infra sector itself.

    The company’s name was PS IT Infrastructure & Services Ltd. The portfolio’s holding of this company had 12,70,000 shares. The shares were worth 32.9 INR individually. However, the overall holding was worth 4.2 Cr in total.

    The holding even formed 2.36% of the company’s overall stakes. This holding proved to rather stagnant. And, it held all its values even in Dec 2018. And, that’s why it was retained completely. The second place was occupied by a company from the Finance sector.

    More on Sanjay Singal Portfolio 2018

    It was called Greencrest Financial Services Ltd. This holding had a total of 2,10,00,000 shares from the company. The shares formed a cumulative value worth 2.0 Cr. However, their individual value was estimated worth 0.93 INR.

    They even granted an ownership claim worth 5.75% to the portfolio. This was even worth the company’s total stakes. And, the data here represents that of Mar 2018. All of the shares from this holding were retained by Dec 2018.

    And, it was done so without any positive or negative gains experience. The third place was held by Mukta Agriculture Ltd with a holding value worth 1.7 Cr. The portfolio was in possession of 18,00,000 shares of this company.

    And, the unit share value during Mar 2018 was 9.6 INR. However, there was another reason behind retention of all these shares. They formulated 8.30% worth company’s total turnover. And, they even held a cumulative value worth 1.7 Cr.

    The story with this holding was the same as others. It retained all the values in Dec 2018. And, the portfolio decided to retain the entire holding. However, there were no profit or loss experienced by the portfolio with it.

    Sanjay Singal Portfolio in 2017

    Sanjay Singal portfolio 2017 marked investments across 14 companies. The overall formation of the stocks resembled that of 2018 and 2019. Most of the portfolio’s investments wer directed towards Finance and Infra Sectors. However, a total of 6 new investments were made.

    And, even 4 out these 6 were from the dominating sectors of Finance and Infrastructure. It made the highest investment for Matra Kaushal Enterprise Ltd. And, it managed to acquire a total of 2,00,00,000 shares. The cumulative valuation of this holding was worth 4.3 Cr.

    And, it even ensured an ownership worth 9.92% over the company. The individual share value was however, evaluated to be 2.15 INR. And, this entire data was reported for the Mar 2017 sector. There was no trace of this holing in Dec 2017 whatsoever.

    More on Sanjay Singal Portfolio 2017

    The data even recorded the next big investment in favor of PS IT Infrastructure & Services Ltd. The portfolio was in charge of 12,70,000 shares of the company. The shares were each worth 32.9 INR. Thus, the overall holding value was equivalent to 4.2 Cr.

    The holding was even equivalent to 2.36% of the company’s stakes. This holding held all the values. And, we’re talking in terms of unit share price, holding value and shares held. And, this was Dec 2017. Greencrest Financial Services Ltd formulated the company with the third highest investments.

    And, this was specifically for Sanjay Singal portfolio in Mar 2017. Anyway, the portfolio had shares worth 0.93 INR each. And, the holding was made up of 2,10,00,000 shares. However, the overall holding’s value was accounted worth 2.0 Cr.

    This holding recorded no certain changes in terms of value by Dec 2017. And, of the shares from it got retained.

    What is Sanjay Singal’s Net Worth?

    Sanjay Singal Net Worth
    QuarterNet worth(Cr)Change%
    Jun-22 22.96-3%
    Mar-22 23.83-25%
    Dec-21 31.912%
    Sep-21 31.09-25%
    Jun-21 41.8193%
    Mar-21 21.586%
    Dec-20 20.267%
    Sep-20 18.81-3%
    Jun-20 19.442%
    Mar-20 19.02-9%
    Dec-19 20.93-18%
    Sep-19 25.79-10%
    Jun-19 28.89-4%

    The portfolio of Sanjay Singal has shown some ups and downs in the past years. It has reflected some really high prospective value, as well went down a little.

    The highest net worth value this portfolio has touched was Rs. 41.81 cr. which was for Apr-Jun 2021 quarter. Further, as of the recent quarter Apr-Jun 2022 quarter, the net worth stood at Rs. 22.96 cr. with a 3% loss from the previous quarter.

    More on Sanjay Singal’s Net Worth

    The portfolio lost 4% in June 2019 and the value was Rs. 28.89 cr. It continued to decrease even in the next quarter. The change rate for Sep 2019 was recorded to be worth -10%. This made the portfolio’s net worth go to 25.79 Cr. In the last quarter again, the portfolio reported a negative growth of 18% with the the value Rs. 20.93 cr.

    In Jun 2020 it received a positive gain worth 2%. This increased its value to 19.44 Cr. Sep 2020 quarter recorded another depreciation worth 3%. This resulted in a decreased net worth of 18.81 Cr. The depreciation was broken with a positive streak hit in Dec 2020 of 7%.

    The new year 2021 started with a surplus of 6% and was valued at Rs. 21.58 cr. In June 2021, the portfolio striked another good hit of 93% growth in the net worth and the value went all the way up to Rs. 41.81 cr. But, later in September 2021, the value came down by 25% to Rs. 31.09 cr.

    The year 2022 did not open on a good note for Sanjay Singal’s portfolio. In the first quarter, the value went down by 25% and further by 3% in June 2022. The net worth for the two quarters is Rs. 23.83 cr. for March and Rs. 22.96 cr. for June.

    Sanjay Singal Portfolio – Conclusion

    The portfolio of Sanjay Singal is anything but resilient to losses. And, its historic performance ensures of this. We believe there are many great lessons to be learnt from this portfolio.

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