Globe Capital Market Portfolio, Latest Holdings, Net Worth & more

Globe Capital Market portfolio is known for being a gigantic India centric brokerage house. They’re a financial service provision organization dedicated to help their clients achieve their financial goals. In fact, they provide many services related to financial brokerage and investment consultancy as of today.

And, they’re so adept at their job that they’re highly praised among the clients. However, that is not the topic for discussion as far as our article for the day is considered. On the contrary, we’ll lay focus on their investment ideology and their corporate investment portfolio.

After all, the organization holds one of the best and the biggest investment portfolios in the entire nation.

We’ll specifically discuss about their approach. We’ll elaborate the biggest investments they’ve made in the past few years. And, we’ll even establish the ups and downs of their portfolio throughout the years.

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About Globe Capital Market

Globe Capital Market, as a company was established by Rajeev Kalra in the year 1994. 1994 was also the year they got their way into the National Stock Exchange. And, the company has been developing ever since.

As of today, they’re an esteemed member of the NSE, BSE, NCDEX, MCX, MCX-SX, NSEL, ICEX, ACE, USE, UCX and NMCE. They even act as a depository participant of the CDSL and NSDL. And, they’ve never ceased developing in all these years.

In fact, they’ve grown to establish 3000 offices in over 300 locations across India and some oversea offices through a subsidiary in Dubai.

They offer their expert services across Equity Trading, Commodity Trading, Currency Market Intermediation, Portfolio Management Services, Depository Services, Mutual Funds, IPO Distribution, Securities Lending and Borrowing Services, Corporate Advisory and International Broking. Furthermore, the company is even known for their corporate investments.

And, these investments have positioned the Golbe Capital Latest portfolio amongst the elite class of the Indian investors.

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    Globe Capital Market Latest Portfolio & Holdings

    Portfolio of Globe Capital Market consists of around 62 investments across different sectors and types of companies. However, we’ll rather focus on the top ten investments they’ve made in the latest quarter. And, here’s how it goes: –

    Holdings in Bombay Dyeing and Manufacturing Company Ltd

    The top most investment they’ve made in the last quarter is on Bombay Dyeing and Manufacturing Company Ltd. Presently, they have a total of 31,63,981 valued at 28.9 Cr.

    Globe Capital Market holds around 1.53% of the company’s overall shares. And, the current rate of each share of the company can be summed up at 91.25 INR.

    Investment in Jump networks Ltd

    Next in line is the shares of the company Jump networks Ltd. Globe Capital Market has acquired around 4.41% of the company’s overall share. The stock is currently priced at 58 INR. And, Globe Capital Market holds 44,04,755 shares of this stock amounting for a valuation of 25.5 Cr.

    Holdings in Bliss GVS Pharma Ltd

    The third biggest investment made by Globe Capital Market recently is for the stock of the company called Bliss GVS Pharma Ltd. Globe Capital Market is the owner of 22,79,852 share of this company accounting for almost 2.21% of the overall company shares. This chunk of shares can be currently valued for 24.7 Cr.

    Investment in Ganesha Ecosphere Ltd

    Next biggest investment that Globe Capital Market made is for the company called Ganesha Ecosphere Ltd. Globe Capital Market owns 3,01,438 shares of this company each valued at 254 INR.

    This makes the total valuation of this stock holding account for 7.7 Cr. It even means that 1.38% stakes of Ganesha are now with Globe Capital Market.

    Holdings in Optiemus Infracom Ltd

    Then comes the investment Globe Capital Market has made on Optiemus Infracom Ltd. This investment is currently valued at 6.8 Cr for a total of 11,97,876 shares.

    This even means that Globe Capital Market is the owner of 1.40% stakes of the company. The current price for one share of the company is rated at 56.9 INR.

    Investment in Gati Ltd

    Globe Capital Market have their sixth largest investment allocated to a total of 12,73,679 shares of the company named Gati Ltd. This makes Globe Capital Market the shareholder of 1.17% of the company’s takes. Moreover, this stock holding in currently valued at 6.7 Cr.

    Holdings in DIC India Ltd

    Number seven biggest investment in the bag of Globe Capital Market accounts for 2.11% of DIC India Ltd.’s overall stakes. This holding is valued for 6.5 Cr. at present and 1,93,640 shares of the company are currently held by Globe Capital Market. The individual share price of this company is marked at 338 INR at the present.

    Investment in Shree Rama Investment Ltd

    Next in line is the investment made on Shree Rama Investment Ltd. This holding accounts for 1.96% of the company’s shares. This even accounts for 28,98,545 shares valued at 5.4 Cr. The individual share price for the company’s stocks is rated at 18.6.

    The next two investments are for BCL Industries Ltd. and Star Paper Mills Ltd. These stocks are currently valued at 3.9 Cr and 3.6 Cr.

    Globe Capital Market Portfolio in 2019

    Globe Capital Market’s Portfolio 2019 is valued at a total of 146.6 Cr. on the whole. They have made over 60 investments in this year beginning from the 1st quarter. However, we may rather concentrate our focus on the top three stocks and their journeys this year so far.

    The biggest investment they’ve made so far is that on the company Bombay Dyeing & Manufacturing Company Ltd. The first investment on this company made during the 1st quadrant. The stock holding was then valued at 29.7 Cr for 32,46,568 shares in total.

    The individual share of this company was then priced at 91.6 INR. However, as the shares faced a negative gain of 0.04 INR per share, some of the holding was released during the last quadrant. The holding for this stock currently consists of 31,63,981 shares valued at 28.9 Cr.

    The current price of the company’s individual share can be summed up at 91.25 INR. The second biggest stock holding in Globe Capital Market’s portfolio is for the company Jump Networks Ltd. The investment can be traced down to the 1st quadrant when the stock price for one share was 58 INR.

    More about Globe Capital Market Portfolio 2019

    Globe Capital Market, in the 1st quadrant had 43,74,001 shares worth a valuation of 25.4 Cr and 4.38% of the company’s overall share. However, by the end of the previous quadrant, Globe Capital Market owned 44,04,755 shares worth 25.5 Cr.

    The stock gained positively by 0.03 INR, thus the new holding resulting in 4.41% of the company’s stakes. The third most invested upon stock for the 1st quadrant was for the company Bliss GVS Pharma Ltd.

    Globe Capital Market owned 15,04,751 shares of this stock valued then at 16.2 Cr and 1.46% of the company’s share. However, the stock experience a positive gain of 0.75 INR in the previous quadrant.

    Therefore, the stock holding for the previous quadrant was increased to 22,79,852 share valued at 24.7 Cr. and 2.21% of the company’s stake.

    Globe Capital Market Portfolio in 2018

    The Globe Capital Market portfolio 2018 was not that different in structure from that of 2019. Even during this year, the most invested upon stock was that of Bombay Dyeing and Manufacturing Ltd. Globe Capital Market had the ownership of 20,85,166 shares of the company valued for 19.1 Cr.

    The ownership of these shares even resulted in the 1.01% ownership of the company’s stakes on the whole. By the end of the 4th quadrant, however, this stick witnessed a gain by 0.66 INR.

    So, the stocks were increased making Globe Capital Market the owner of 34,46,149 shares valued at 31.6 Cr and 1.67% ownership of the company’s stakes.

    More about Globe Capital Market Portfolio 2018

    The second most invested upon stock was that for the company named Jump Networks Ltd. This stock was then priced at 58 INR and Globe Capital Market had the ownership of 32,84,001 shares worth 3.29% ownership of the company.

    This stock then was valued at 19.0 Cr. Even this stock experienced a growth by 1.06 INR and hence was increased to become 43,44,001 shares. This stock was then valued at 25.2 Cr worth 4.35% of the company’s ownership.

    Third in line for maximum investment during the 1st quadrant of this year can be granted to the company named DIC India Ltd. Globe Capital Market then owned a total of 1,57,559 shares of this company giving them the ownership of 1.72% of the company’s stake valued at 5.3 Cr.

    Unit stock price for this company was then priced at 338 INR. By the end of the last quarter this stock too was increased in shares accounting to 1,71,279 shares worth 5.8 Cr and 1.87% of the company’s stakes.

    Globe Capital Market Portfolio in 2017

    Globe Capital Market portfolio 2017 was much different in composition from the remaining two years as explained above.

    They invested the most in Indiabulls Ventures Ltd. during their 1st quadrant of the year which gave them the ownership of 49,69,947 shares of the company worth 1.55% of the company’s total stakes valued at 95.9 Cr.

    By the end of the 4th quadrant of the year, most of the shares from this stock were sold out. Globe Capital Market now held a minute share of less than 1% of the company’s stakes valued at 192.9 INR a unit.

    More about Globe Capital Market Portfolio 2017

    The second place for getting the most investment was secured by Bombay Dyeing and Manufacturing Ltd. in the 1st quadrant. Globe Capital Market, back then claimed to having 33,39,761 shares of the company worth 1.62% of it’s stakes and 30.6 Cr value.

    The third place for most investment was held by Jump Networks Ltd. back then. Globe Capital Market used to own 35,29,358 shares of the company granting them 3.53% stakes of the company valued at 20.5 Cr.

    Although, the stock price did not go up, Globe Capital Market yet decided to upgrade their quantity of shares for this company by the end of the 4th quadrant. They possessed 39,79,219 shares valued at 23.1 Cr and 3.98% of the company’s stakes.

    What is Globe Capital Market’s Net Worth?

    Globe Capital Market Net Worth
    QuarterNet worth(Cr)Change%
    Dec-15 49.35
    Mar-16 64.5630%
    Jun-16 62.9-2%
    Sep-16 238.57279%
    Dec-16 182.08-23%
    Mar-17 206.4213%
    Jun-17 77.04-62%
    Sep-17 192.73150%
    Dec-17 372.3493%
    Mar-18 101.42-72%
    Jun-18 432.61326%
    Sep-18 246.14-43%
    Dec-18 170.27-30%
    Mar-19 159.41-6%
    Jun-19 146.65-8%

    Globe Capital Market’s net worth has drastically changed over the past few years. They have witnessed a lot of growth and downfall within these four years. They have simply been on a rollercoaster ride to be short.

    To begin with, they initiated with a net-worth of their portfolio during the 1st quadrant of the year 2016 at 62.56Cr with a growth rate of 30% from the previous quadrant.

    However, the end of the 4th quadrant, they were standing tall with a net worth of 182.08 Cr, although with a negative gain of 23% from the previous quarter. The year 2017 began with their portfolio’s value being 206.42 Cr with a rise of 13% from the previous quarter in March.

    And, by Dec 2017, they were roaring with a net worth of 372.34 Cr with a tremendous growth of 93% from the last quarter. In 2018, they initiated with 101.42 Cr and ended with 170.27 Cr at a downfall of 30% from the previous quarter.

    Although, it should be noted that they weighed their highest at 432.61 Cr during the 2nd quadrant of the year with an unbelievable growth of 326%. At present, their portfolio nets for 146.65 Cr with a negative gain of 8% from the previous quadrant.

    Globe Capital Market Portfolio – Conclusion

    Globe Capital Market has witnessed a lot as accompany as well as a portfolio themselves. However, with their tremendous experience and brilliant team of researchers and analysts, they always seem to overcome even from the toughest of situations.

    In fact, we really recommend referring to the portfolio of Globe Capital Market for detailed understanding of the industry.


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