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Hitesh Ramji Javeri is one of the most highly skilled traders within the elite Indian financial society. However, he’s not that recognized due to his extensive efforts to keep a low profile.

Javeri does not like to mingle a lot with the media, hence, there isn’t much known about him as an individual.

However, things are entirely different with his financial portfolio. And, that’s exactly what we are most interested in. The Hitesh Ramji portfolio has been known discretely to venture his investments across the Finance sector and that too on penny stocks.

And, this is just one of the tactics he uses. In today’s article, we’ll establish all about his portfolio. We’ll elaborate the structure of his portfolio.

Also We’ll elaborate all of his investment tactics. We’ll chart out the investments he made across the years 2020, 2021 and 2022 specifically.

And We’ll even present a walk through to his entire portfolio beginning from the year 2019 and concluding at the latest known quadrant’s performance during 2022.

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About Hitesh Ramji Javeri

The Hitesh Ramji portfolio is said to have enlisted the stocks of somewhat around 60 companies. Most of the companies in his portfolio hail from the finance sector.

You may consider this portfolio’s investment strategy or style pretty similar to that of Subramanian P with investments into several companies, otherwise breaking the trend of having 10-30 company stocks within the portfolio.

However, the presence of more than on stocks from within the finance sector changes the lookout a lot. Moreover, the portfolio gives out a clear hint at the kind of extensive analysis Hitesh carries out before investing.

We can say so from the portfolio’s knack towards investing on the penny stocks. And, you must know that unlike the usual market cap stocks, penny stocks are rarely looked upon.

Thus, there is no predefined data related to the growth or performance of these stocks available to the investors.

In fact, the investors ought to commence their own analysis before investing on these stocks. The portfolio even indicates a lot of diversification. Even the companies hailing from the same sector are classified to have different core businesses.

Another important thing to be noted about this portfolio is the kind of investments made. We’re referring to the fact that investments are made onto companies from important sectors but less players.

Thus, getting an advantage over the usual large cap stocks. In short, the Hitesh Ramji portfolio can be referred to for understanding the concept of investment using multi-bagger penny stocks after commencing a thorough research.

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    Hitesh Ramji Javeri Latest Portfolio & Holdings

    As per the newest updates from Hitesh Ramji Javeri’s Portfolio, the investor is a proud owner of a total of 60 stocks. Jointly, all these assets form a net worth of Rs 261 crores.

    Undoubtedly, the investor has diversified his investments pretty well by putting a total of 60 stocks in his portfolio rather than sticking with a few.

    Although, holdings in most assets are unchanged so far except for some, such as WS Industries (India) Ltd, in which the investor reduces his position by 0.5% leaving only a 2.9% stake of him in the company now that is priced around Rs 1.3 crore.

    Similarly, the investor has almost withdrawn his holdings in Cranex Ltd this year even though it actually was making him 5.2% owner of the company. However, Filing for Valecha Engineering Ltd and Shri Bholanath Carpets Ltd are awaited.

    Holdings in SPEL Semiconductor Ltd

    SPEL Semiconductor Ltd, an India-origin firm that engages in the business of integrated circuits (IC) assembly and test facilities, made its mark in Hitesh Ramji Javeri’s portfolio recently in 2022.

    The investor acquires a 1.8% stake in the company against 850,000 shares valued at around Rs 5.4 crore. Set up in 1984, the company is rising at a staggering growth rate.

    Back in Nov 201, the price per share of the stock was Rs 22.25, which is above Rs 64 and is heading to cross the Rs 100 benchmark soon.

    However, the investor was an existing investor of the company a few years ago, but after watching a rise in the performance of SPEL Semiconductor Ltd, he might have made up his mind to return to the stock.

    Holdings in Gujarat Poly Electronics Ltd

    Gujarat Poly Electronics Ltd engages in the manufacturing business of Capacitors and Varistors and has long been in the spotlight of the investment market.

    Such as, investors like Hitesh Ramji Javeri are building interest in such affordable and promising assets from the outlook of good returns generation.

    Simply put, Gujarat Poly Electronics Ltd’s current price floats above Rs 35 in the public market, which was at Rs 14-19 back in 2021.

    Such a big spike might have led the investor to re-invest in the asset and acquire a 5.5% stake in the company after closing it by the end of the March 2022 quarter.

    Presently, he owns 470,000 shares of the company that are valued at around 1.6 crores.

    Holdings in Tarai Foods Ltd

    Tarai Foods Ltd also builds a great investable horizon for the investor in 2022. The new asset was also among the adjustments made by Hitesh Ramji Javeri in his portfolio in the march 2022 quarter.

    But once again, he makes a comeback to the stock to regain 5.2% of his ownership in the company. Against a quantity of 920,000 shares, the investor spends 59.3 Lakhs on Tarai Foods Ltd.

    The company engages in the business of frozen fruits and vegetables and seems to be making a reputed position in both investment and general market.

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    Hitesh Ramji Javeri Portfolio in 2021

    Hitesh Ramji Javeri Portfolio in 2021 makes us hooked on his 53 holdings that were worth Rs 240.7 crore back then. During the year, the investor can be seen active in buying activities as some of his newest investments show it.

    Such as, by the end of Dec 2021, the investor acquires a 3.6% stake in the company by purchasing 283,200 shares in total. Similarly, the investor acquires 3.2% ownership in the company Roselabs Finance Ltd by buying a share quantity of 324,442.

    SPEL Semiconductor Ltd, Prabhav Industries Ltd, and Shri Bholanath Carpets Ltd each encourage Hitesh Ramji Javeri to make around 1% or above ownership in these companies.

    Some other companies in which the investor adds more to his investments include National Oxygen Ltd, which encourages the investor to increase his holding in the stock by 0.3%, making it 1.6% in total now.

    Similarly, Zenith Steel Pipes & Industries Ltd welcomes Hitesh Ramji Javeri as a 7.0% owner of his company in the year as he adds 0.2% more to the holding. Century Enka Ltd and STEL Holdings Ltd each get a 0.1% addition in the investment from Hitesh Ramji.

    Other assets were unchanged as no re-investment, buy or sell activities occurred in them. However, Kinetic Engineering Ltd, KMF Builders & Developers Ltd, and three other stocks appear to be decreasing in the positional hold.

    Hitesh Ramji Javeri Portfolio in 2020

    Hitesh Ramji Javeri Portfolio in 2020 went through multiple ups and downs. However, most assets were still unchanged, like the confidence of Hitesh Ramji Javeri on most of his holdings, but still, few deserve to be analyzed.

    Such as during this year, the investor brings a big drop in one of his existing holdings, Permanent Magnets Ltd by 1.4%.

    A sudden drop in the share price might have become a reason for this big step, but if the investor hadn’t withdrawn from the stock, he might have enjoyed a 600% hike in this 1.4% shareholding so far.

    In 2020, the share was priced at Rs 71, but today a single share of the company will cost you Rs 365 in Aug 2022. Luckily the investor didn’t sell off his entire holdings.

    Something similar might have happened with the remaining three shares from which the investor withdrew his position in 2020.

    Omega Ag-Seeds (Punjab) Ltd and Hindustan Hardy Spicer Ltd were the two new but big investments of Hitesh Ramji Javeri made in the year to acquire 3.4% above ownership in them.

    The modest increase in investment can be seen in a few other stocks in Hitesh Ramji Javeri’s portfolio in 2020.

    Hitesh Ramji Javeri Portfolio in 2019

    Hitesh Ramji Portfolio 2019 has made investments on more than 50 companies. However, the top place was held by the company called ITD Cementation Indian Ltd during the 1st quarter of the year 2019.

    The Hitesh had 40,00,020 shares of this company back then valued each at 61.55 INR and cumulatively at 24.6 Cr.

    This gave him the ownership to 2.33% of the company’s stakes. The shares witnessed an upsurge in the unit price by the last known quarter of 2019 and are currently valued at 62.25 INR each.

    The portfolio has managed to retain all the shares as accounted for during March 2019 and continues to hold 2.33% of the company’s stakes.

    The second slot was occupied by the company Century Enka Ltd. Hitesh had then acquired 10,91,900 shares of this company.

    More on Hitesh Ramji Javeri Portfolio 2019

    Unit share price back then was 191.5 INR and the whole lot was valued at a staggering 20.9 Cr. The entire lot gave Hitesh a claim to 5.00% of the company’s overall turnover.

    This particular share has witnessed a negative gain in the previous quarter and is now priced at 189.9 INR per share and 20.7 Cr for the whole bunch. However, there has been no change in terms of its holding or ownership in the company.

    The third slot was filled under the name of the company Tamilnadu Petroproducts Ltd. The portfolio was known to have 41,97,700 shares of this company during the 1st quarter of 2019.

    These shares were cumulatively priced at 15.3 Cr and the unit price of the shares were accounted for 36.55 INR.

    The whole lot granted the portfolio an ownership over 4.66% of the company’s overall turnover. Even this stock has not undergone any kind of change in terms of the unit share price, overall holding, market value or ownership in the company.

    Hitesh Ramji Javeri Portfolio in 2018

    The Hitesh Ramji portfolio 2018 registered the maximum investment onto the shares of the company ITD Cementation India Ltd. Hitesh had 40,00,020 shares of it during March 2018. The unit stock share was then valued for 61.55 INR and the entire lot was valued for 24.6 Cr.

    It came with 2.33% ownership in the company. This stock did not experience any change whatsoever in terms of holding value, number unit stock price or stakes in the company. The second highest investment was made to acquire 10,91,962 shares of the company Century Enka Ltd.

    The portfolio was in charge of 20.9 Cr worth of shares back then with the unit price of the shares being 191.5 INR. This even came with 5.00% of the company’s ownership. It had experienced 0.19 INR worth growth from the previous quarter.

    41,91,700 shares of the company named Tamilnadu Petroproducts Ltd held the 3rd place in March 2018 with a value of 15.3 Cr for the lot. The unit share was then priced at 36.55 INR and granted 4.66% in the company’s overall turnover.

    This place was now held by DIC India Ltd with a total holding of 4,98,330 shares in the portfolio. The bunch was valued at 16.8 Cr and 335 INR per unit share during December 2018.

    Hitesh Ramji Javeri Portfolio in 2017

    Hitesh Ramji portfolio 2017 accounted maximum investment made on to the company ITD Cementation India Ltd. The portfolio had retained a total of 41,50,000 shares of this company during March 2017 with the unit share valued at 61.65 INR and the entire lot valued at 25.6 Cr.

    Portfolio was in charge of 2.67% of the company’s net worth back then. By the end of the year, that is Dec 2017, Hitesh decided to sell of 1,49,980 shares of this company leaving him with 40,00,020 shares valued individually at 61.65 INR and the entire lot valued at 24.7 Cr.

    He continued to own 2.58% of the company’s stakes. The second position in Hitesh Ramji Javeri’s portfolio was held by 4,55,250 shares of Shervani Industrial Syndicate Ltd. The stock was entirely valued at 24.9 Cr and the unit stock price was accounted for 547.9 INR.

    This granted the portfolio with an ownership of 13.96% within the company. This was replaced by 10,50,000 shares of Century Enka Ltd valued at 20.2 Cr and 4.81% worth of company’s stakes.

    The third place was held by 10,50,000 shares of the company Century Enka Ltd with the unit share price accounted for being 192.1 INR and the entire lot valuing for 20.2Cr during March 2017.

    This was now replaced by Tamilnadu Petroproducts Ltd with 41,97,700 shares values at 36.5 a unit and 15.3 Cr the entire lot by Dec 2017. Hitesh continued to hold 4.66% of the company’s shares with this holding.

    What is Hitesh Ramji Javeri’s Net Worth?

    Hitesh Ramji Javeri Net Worth
    Quarter Net worth(Cr) Change%
    Jun-22  218.74 -9%
    Mar-22  241.67 0%
    Dec-21  240.67 -4%
    Sep-21  251.99 6%
    Jun-21  236.92 41%
    Mar-21  167.49 13%
    Dec-20  147.95 19%
    Sep-20  123.53 5%
    Jun-20  117.54 43%
    Mar-20  82.07 -28%
    Dec-19  114.78 1%
    Sep-19  113.2 -19%
    Jun-19  140.64 -15%

    Hitesh Ramji’s net worth can be said to have been more or less the same over the past 5 years. He initiated with a net wort of 140.64 Cr during the last quarter of 2019 that is June 2019. In March 2020, he had received a negative gain of -28% on his investments and valued for 82.07 Cr.

    By Dec 2020, his net worth came down to 147.95 Cr with a solid blow of 19% to his overall investments. He regained a strong position with a positive gain of 13% and a net worth of 167.49 Cr during March 2021.

    Also He continued to climb up the stairs with a positive gain of another 41% on his investments and valued for 236.92 Cr during June 2021. And He faced a blow of 6% to his investments and valued merely 251.99 Cr during Sep 2021.

    Although with a positive growth, he still continued to values less that is worth 240.67 Cr with a -4% negative gain in Dec 2021.

    His last known net worth of June 2022 is 218.74 Cr with a negative gain of -9% from the preceding quadrant, which is even less than what he valued for 5 years ago.

    Hitesh Ramji Javeri Portfolio – Conclusion

    Portfolio of Hitesh Ramji can be considered as a lesson for most of the investors who tend to rely a lot on Penny Stocks.

    He has shown some decent analytical skills over the years, however, the market has not typically been fair to him.

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