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Ashok Kumar Jain is a well-known capital market enthusiast and he has been in the market for the past thirty years. He is the founder of Arihant Capital Market Ltd. which is one of its kind of financial service companies.

He has investments across various industries and sectors and that investment we are going to discuss here in this article.

The article below will give you a complete idea of what Ashok Kumar Jain has invested his most money into in the latest years and about all his stocks in the portfolio he has.

We will also discuss the last three years’ portfolio of Ashok Kumar Jain in detail and will compare how he has changed the portfolio with time and the market changes.

Apart from the Ashok Kumar Jain portfolio and the latest stock holdings, we will also discuss in details about his net worth and the changes in that as well.

So, you will get a complete idea of Mr. Ashok Kumar Jain’s investments and net worth in this article and also understand and learn about his investment patterns and investment ideas.

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About Ashok Kumar Jain

Mr. Ashok Kumar Jain is the chairperson and the Director founder of Arihant Capital Market Ltd. He has a close to 30% stakeholder of the company as well apart from his other investments in other companies which will discuss in the later sections of this article.

He graduated and did his Masters in financial (M.Com.) and is a Chartered Accountant as well and then he got into the capital markets and finance industry, and now it has been thirty years in the market.

His rich experience in the market and knowledge of choosing stocks and investments is a benefit for the company and also for the investors and the traders who follow him.

In the year 1992, he established the firm Arihant Capital Market Ltd. and the firm is having more than 1.1 lakhs of customers across the country. It is one of the most reputed financial service companies as well in the country.

He is the main head behind this firm which is involved in broking of different financial assets like commodities, equities, and others. The firm also has a wing for investment planning where Ashok Kumar Jain plays the key role, then it has depository wing, research and analysis and also merchant banking services and others.

Being in the industry, he knows how to invest in every situation and how and when to hold his investment in what capacity and Ashok Kumar Jain’s latest portfolio is the image of his rich experience in the industry for thirty years.

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    Ashok Kumar Jain Latest Portfolio & Holdings

    Ashok Kumar Jain’s latest portfolio is marking some impressive figures. With 26 stocks in total, the investor’s portfolio is currently valued at around Rs 294 crore (as of June 2022).

    If we take a look at the latest assets that have newly entered into his portfolio, so these include Rane Holdings Ltd, which has newly made its position into his portfolio at a value of Rs 13.4 crore for 156,331 shares.

    Apart from that, Freshtrop Fruits Ltd also became a new joiner to its portfolio in March 2022 when the investor acquired a 1.1% stake in the company.

    However, the figures have now been raised up to 1.6% after the investor acquired a 0.4% additional stake in the company.

    Shilp Graveres Ltd had also gained the spotlight by making an appearance with a 0.4% increment in the investor’s portfolio. But, Arihant Capital Markets Ltd is one of the big fat investments of Ashok Kumar to date.

    Investment in Arihant Capital Market Ltd.

    Arihant Capital Market Ltd. at the top and that is obvious as he holds 48.04% of the stakes of the company which is 6706336 shares.

    The current price of the share of the Arihant Capital is Rs. 72.15 per share at present and that makes his investment in this company of his close to Rs. 53.89 crores.

    The shares of this firm are held by him individually and being the director of the financial service company kept this stock at the highest by the percentage of stake in his portfolio. In the June 2022 quarter, there was no change in the shareholding of this stock.

    Holdings in Fluidomat Ltd.

    The next stock that is in the Ashok Kumar Jain’s latest portfolio, is of Fluidomat Ltd. where he has invested along with Ashok Jain HUF.

    Here the investor has close to 1106452 shares of the company in his portfolio and that of the HUF and that makes the company’s 15.34% of the stakes.

    The current price of this share in the market is close to Rs. 89.95 and that makes the investment of the investor in this share worth Rs. 15.71 crore at present. The investor has not increased or decreased his shareholding in this share.

    Holdings in GeeCee Ventures

    With a holding value of 7.6 crores, GeeCee Ventures is the fifth most remarkable stock on the list. The background is that the company operates in the chemical industry.

    The company sells chemical products worldwide and has been operational since 1984. It’s no surprise that a solid background and global existence have ticked the idea in Ashok Kumar’s mind, making him acquire a 1.23% stake in the company in 2018.

    His trust in the asset showed results, and his portfolio currently owns 2.60% shares of the company as of June 2022.

    In short, Ashok Kumar Jain is an owner of 543,807 shares of GeeCee Ventures that value of around Rs 7.6 crore. However, the tally is increasing gradually in the financial year 2021 for this stock.

    Such as, in Sep 2021, the asset position was increased by 0.1%, and recently the investor has acquired 0.2% more shares of GeeCee Ventures Ltd.

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    Ashok Kumar Jain Portfolio in 2021

    Ashok Kumar Jain Portfolio picks up miraculous progress by the start of the March 2021 quarter. In the year 2021 as well, he holds 26 shares with slightly less net value (Rs 196 crore) compared to Rs 200+ in the recent year.

    But the striking difference has largely been driven by investors’ active position adjustments. Such as, the investor increases his position in Shilp Gravures Ltd by 0.7%, taking it to 2.0% in total.

    Similarly, Prima Plastics Ltd’s share also sees a 0.3% increment as an investor acquires more company stocks. Apart from that, the investor can be seen increasing his position by 0.1% in GeeCee Ventures Ltd, and RichiRich in ventures Ltd.

    Ashok Kumar Jain Portfolio in 2021 underwent some solid changes in this year, but still, no adjustments were made with most assets.

    However, Le Lavoir Ltd seems to drop down from the favorite portfolio picks of Ashok Kumar as he decreased 3.55% holdings in the stock in 2021.

    But CeeJay finance seems to make a sweat spot deep into the investor’s heart. Simply put, the investor had acquired a 1.22% stake in CeeJay finance by purchasing a total of 42,127 shares of it.

    Ashok Kumar Jain Portfolio in 2020

    The year 2020 was no less than the most horrible nightmare for Ashok Kumar Jain, like most other investors. But he smartly overcomes this short challenge.

    After a sharp drop in net worth by the beginning of the March 2022 quarter, the investor’s net worth plunges to Rs 94.7 crore, bringing him back to the original floor price of his portfolio.

    And it seems that the striking difference was driven by some timely positional adjustments by the investor.

    Simply put, Ashok Kumar sells out his holdings in Pee Cee Cosma Sope Ltd by 4% as soon as he sees some negative signs in the stock. Few other assets also faced backlash from the stockbroker.

    But amid so many bad ones, assets that made Ashok Kumar Jain hooked are IVP Ltd which has increased his investments by 2.15%.

    Prima Plastics Ltd is another great asset of Ashok Kumar Jain Portfolio and RSWM Ltd as well, encouraging the investor to include them in his portfolio by the end of the 2020 quarter.

    Prima Plastics Ltd and Tiaan Consumer Ltd also see a small hike in existing shareholdings. But the position in most assets was unchanged.

    Ashok Kumar Jain Portfolio in 2019

    The Ashok Kumar Jain Portfolio 2019 tells a lot about his investment pattern and ideas. If you analyze the portfolio he holds this year, you will see he has investment from almost all the industries.

    He has his very own Arihant Capital Market’s stocks which is a financial service company, then there are stocks of the 7-8 more financial and fintech companies which includes the Oracle Credit, SW Investments and others.

    Then he has stakes in the shares of the Indian Card Clothing Company which is a fashion brand and then he has stocks of RCC Cements which is in the cement producing company.

    Likewise, he has investment in many other shares of different industries like retail sector, then IT sector he has investment as well. One thing that is evident from his investment in these thirty-one stocks that he held in the June 2019 quarter, he is more into the financial service companies.

    He has investments in Paras Petrofils Ltd., Premier Pipes and tubes and Inter-State Oil Carrier Ltd. and many more and this shows how much he believes in the word diversification.

    Though he has good number of stocks in the financial service company, the other stocks as well-diversified amongst the different sectors and companies carrying on different businesses.

    More on Ashok Kumar Jain Portfolio 2019

    The highest investment in the year 2019 he has till now is in these shares of Arihant Capital Market Ltd. only. He has investment worth Rs. 31.2 crores in the June 2019 quarter and in the March quarter also the same figure where there. After Arihant, he has the highest investment in the shares of Fluidomat Ltd.

    This year, he made new investments in the shares of Shiva Mills in the March quarter, where he invested Rs. 38.2 lakhs in 1.16% of the stakes of the company and the current market price of the shares of this company is Rs. 38.

    Then he increased his investments significantly in the shares of Shiva mills in the June quarter by 0.48% and the stakes got increased to 1.64% from the previous quarter and the investment in these values at present Rs. 54 lakhs.

    He was bearish about the stocks of Jain Irrigation Systems Ltd. and reduced his investment by 0.28% in the March quarter in this stock and at present the investment worth Rs. 9.4 crores.

    Ashok Kumar Jain Portfolio in 2018

    In the Ashok Kumar Jain Portfolio 2018, you will find the dominance of the financial service companies again, He had the highest investment in the shares of Arihant Capital at this point in time as well and that time the investment was valued at Rs. 31.6 crores.

    In this year, Ashok Kumar Jain invested in various new shares and some of them are of Upasana Financial Ltd. again a financial service provider where he invested Rs. 28.1 lakhs and purchased 1.49% stakes of the company.

    The present-day market price of the share is Rs. 44. Then he invested in the shares of Tiaan Ayurvedic & Herbs Ltd. in the June 2018 quarter.

    He invested Rs. 1.2 crores in this shares and in the September 2018 quarter he reduced his stakes in this company to 2.55% from the previous 4.07%, however due to increase in the authorized capital and increase in the number of shares of the company itself, his investment increased by Rs. 0.1 crores.

    More on Ashok Kumar Jain Portfolio 2018

    He reduced his investments in the shares of Richirich Inventures in this year in the March quarter by 1.77%. The other new investments this year were in the shares of BDH Industries, Cybertech Systems & Software Ltd, GeeCee Ventures, IVP Ltd. Jay Shree Tea & Industries and others.

    Ashok Kumar Jain Portfolio in 2017

    In Ashok Kumar Jain Portfolio 2017 you will find new investments in the shares of companies like Rajesh Solvex Ltd., RCL Retail Ltd. Bilpower, NHC Foods, BJ Duplex Boards and many others.

    He has the highest investment this year in the shares of Arihant capital again like the other two years we discussed above.

    This year, he has quite a good number of shares from the power and manufacturing companies, like Advance Powerinfra Tech ltd, Jinprabhu Infrastructure Developments Ltd., Vallabh Steels and others.

    He disinvested in the shares of SIL Investments Ltd. by 1.11% in the 2017 December quarter.

    More on Ashok Kumar Jain Portfolio 2017

    Then he increased his shareholding in the shares of Oracle Credit Ltd. by 0.17% and by 0.21% in the shares of Shri Dinesh Mills Ltd. in the March quarter of 2017, he invested in the shares of Sharma East India Hospitals and Medical Research Ltd as well amongst its other shares.

    What is Ashok Kumar Jain’s Net Worth?

    Ashok Kumar Jain Net Worth
    Quarter Net worth(Cr) Change%
    Jun-22  104.34 -67%
    Mar-22  317.53 61%
    Dec-21  196.62 26%
    Sep-21  155.02 9%
    Jun-21  141.06 49%
    Mar-21  94.06 0%
    Dec-20  94.47 33%
    Sep-20  70.84 24%
    Jun-20  56.71 52%
    Mar-20  37.18 -31%
    Dec-19  54.52 -26%
    Sep-19  73.68 -8%
    Jun-19  80.64 -25%

    In the year June 2019, Ashok Kumar Jain Portfolio’s net worth was Rs. 80.64 crores which dropped to Rs. 37.18 crores in the next quarter of March 2020 by -31%.

    Then it again gained by 33% in the December 2020 quarter to Rs. 94.47 crores. In the year Mar 2021, he gained in all the quarters and his net worth stood at Rs. 94.06 crores at the end of 196.62 December quarter.

    However, 2022 March quarter came with a blow and reduced it Rs. 317.53 crores. The whole of 2022, the investor witnessed profit and loss and his net worth in the June quarter stood at Rs. 104.34 crores only in 2022.

    Ashok Kumar Jain Portfolio – Conclusion

    Ashok Kumar Jain Portfolio is a pool of stocks from different industries and there are hardly any industries he has left from his portfolio.

    He has though many stocks of the financial service companies and then he covers food, retail, infra, real estate, cement, fashion, Power and oil, and many other industries. He believes in diversification and that is quite evident from his stocks.

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