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Through this article you can study about Inventure Growth Charges, Inventure Growth Brokerage Charges, its demat charges, and all the other Charges.

Inventure Growth is a public limited company established in the year 1995. The company retains membership in derivatives and cash segments of Bombay stock exchanges and National stock exchange. The company is also a member of the OTC and MCX exchange of India.

Inventure offers

Inventure Growth & Securities Brokerage Charges

Inventure Growth Brokerage charges are the expense of the traders which they pay while hiring brokerage services from any of the brokerage company.

Equity Delivery 0.2% – 0.5%
Equity Intraday 0.02% – 0.05%
Equity Futures 0.02% – 0.05%
Equity Options Rs.20 – Rs.50 per Lot
Currency Futures 0.02% – 0.05%
Currency Options Rs.10 – Rs.25 per Lot
Commodity 0.02% – 0.05%
Flat Monthly Fees, if any NA

Inventure Growth & Securities Charges

The Delivery, Intraday, and futures trading brokerage charges are given in percentage but the options trading brokerage charges are given on a lot basis.

The traders calculate these percentages on their total transaction value.

The traders can promptly calculate the brokerage charges through the brokerage calculator provided by us.

They can calculate anytime they trade. Every Brokerage Company set different brokerage charges for individual trading segments. Information of the Inventure Growth brokerage charges are given below:

  • Delivery trading brokerage charges in percentage are 2%-0.5%
  • The first set of similar charges of 02%-0.05% are in context of the segments Equity Intraday trading Equity Futures trading, Currency Futures trading, Commodity trading
  • Next you have the Equity Options trading brokerage charges to be paid in the manner of Rs.20-Rs.50 per Lot. Then you have Currency Options trading brokerage charges i.e. Rs.10-Rs.25 per Lot

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    Inventure Growth & Securities Account Opening Charges

    Inventure Growth Account opening charges are the upfront charges paid by their clients for the sake of opening their trading or Demat account with the company.

    Trading Account Opening Charges [One Time] Free
    Trading AMC [Yearly] Free
    Demat Account Opening Charges [One Time] Rs.499
    Demat AMC [Yearly] Free
    Margin Money Minimum Rs.10,000
    Brokerage Calculator Inventure Growth Brokerage Calculator
    Margin Calculator Inventure Growth Margin Calculator

    Some brokerage companies do not ask any account opening charges and even the clients of Inventure Growth are not required to pay Inventure Growth trading charges for opening.

    Information of the Inventure Growth account opening charges, as well as Inventure Growth AMC, are given in detail below:

    • Inventure Growth single-time trading account opening charges are Free and so are the annual maintenance charges (AMC) free.
    • Inventure Growth single-time Demat account opening charges are 499, whereas the AC is again free.
    • Finally, the Inventure Growth minimum margin money to be maintained by the customers’ is Rs.10000

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    Inventure Growth & Securities Transaction Charges

    Inventure Growth Transaction fees are imposed each time the trader’s exchange buy or sell their shares electronically.

    Transaction Charges 2019 0.00305%
    Equity Delivery 0.00305%
    Equity Intraday 0.00305%
    Equity Futures 0.00305%
    Equity Options 0.00305%
    Currency Futures 0.00305%
    Currency Options 0.00305%
    Commodity 0.00305%

    This fee is imposed by the brokers on their clients for accepting the traders buy or sell order. It is primarily fixed and similar for all the trading segments.

    The Inventure Growth charges for all the segments such as Equity Delivery, Equity Intraday, Equity Futures, Equity option, Currency futures, Currency option, and Commodity is 0.00305%

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    Inventure Growth & Securities Other Charges

    Almost all the brokerage company retains some other charge. Here you can see the Inventure Growth charges imposed on their customers.

    SEBI Turnover Charges 0.0002% of Total Turnover
    STT 0.0126% of Total Turnover
    Stamp Duty 0.002% – 0.004% – Depends on State
    GST 18% of (Brokerage + Transaction Charges)
    Margin Funding Charges 18% + GST
    Reactivation Charges Rs.50 per Segment
    Account Closure Charges Zero
    Dematerialisation Charges Rs.53

    Government plays an important role when it comes to trading. There are some Inventure Growth other charges which are been paid to the government through brokerage charges. It is on the behalf of their customers who opened their trading and Demat account with the company.

    Accounted to government charges are SEBI Turnover of 0.0002% of Total Turnover, STT Charges of 0.0126% of Total Turnover, Stamp Duty Charges that depends on State and it is quite minimum. The final charge levied is GST Charge, which is 18% of (Brokerage + Transaction Charges).

    Other company related charges are Margin Funding Charges of 18% + GST, Reactivation Charges of Rs.50 per Segment and Dematerialization Charges of Rs.15. Good news is, Account Closure Charges of Inventure Growth is Nil.

    Inventure Growth Charges – Conclusion

    Inventure Growth is considered as the largest and renowned stock brokerage company of India. This brokerage company is chosen by almost many traders in India. The Inventure Growth charges along with account opening charges are minimal and this attracts a large number of traders.

    It is the optimum choice of almost all the traders to opt for Inventure Growth for carrying out their trading activities as they aim to deliver first-rate brokerages service with minimum Inventure Growth Demat charges.

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