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This article covers the different Achiievers Equities charges that you are required to pay. These costs include transaction charges, brokerage fees, account opening charges, taxes, as well as other charges associated with trading. We will also cover Achiievers Equities Brokerage Charges.

Achiievers Equities is a stockbroker based out of Kolkata. They are known as one of the best awarded discount brokers if you would like to join Achiievers Equities, then you must be curious about the different costs associated with trading through them.

Achiievers Equities offers

Achiievers Equities Brokerage Charges

Here are the different Achiievers Equities brokerage charges associated with different kinds of trades offered on their platform.

Brokerage Charges
Equity Delivery TradingRs.15 per executed order
Equity Intraday TradingRs.15 per executed order
Equity Futures TradingRs.15 per executed order
Equity Options TradingRs.15 per executed order
Currency Futures TradingRs.15 per executed order
Currency Options TradingRs.15 per executed order
Commodity TradingRs.15 per executed order
Minimum BrokerageRs.15
Demat AMC ChargesFree
Trading AMC ChargesFree
Margin MoneyZero Margin
Brokerage CalculatorAchiievers Equities Brokerage Calculator

For equity delivery trading, the Achiievers Equities brokerage charges are Rs.15 per order that you execute on their platform. The same applies for Intraday trades where they charge Rs.15 per order. For equity futures as well as equity options, the brokerage charged is Rs.15 per order.

The brokerage charged on Currency Futures trades is Rs.15 per order and on Currency Options trades is Rs.15 per order as well. For trades in commodity markets, they again charge Rs.15 as brokerage fees to their clients.

The minimum brokerage fees charged on any kind of trade made through Achiievers Equities is Rs.15. The Demat AMC charges are free of cost for clients of Achiievers Equities. Likewise, the trading AMC charges are also free of cost. Upon that, there is no need for maintenance of margin money in your account.

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    Achiievers Equities Account Opening Charges

    Here are the Achiievers Equities account opening charges that you must pay while opening demat and trading accounts:

    Account Opening Charges
    Trading Account Opening Charges [One Time]Free
    Trading AMC [Yearly]Free
    Demat Account Opening Charges [One Time]Rs.750
    Demat AMC [Yearly]Free
    Margin MoneyZero Margin

    The Achiievers Equities Trading Charges are quite low, considering that they are a discount broker. You are not required to pay a one-time trading charge while opening a trading account with Achiievers Equities. They also don’t charge any yearly trading account maintenance charges like some other brokers.

    Coming to Demat account charges, you are required to pay Rs.750 as Demat charges while opening your account as a one-time fee. The yearly Achiievers Equities AMC charges for Demat account are free of cost.

    The clients of Achiievers Equities are also not required to maintain any margin balance in their account as mentioned earlier.

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    Achiievers Equities Transaction Charges

    Every trader must pay a certain transaction charge to their stock broker for every transaction made through their platform. The Achiievers Equities transaction charges are mentioned below:

    Transaction Charges
    Equity Delivery0.00280% of Total Turnover
    Equity Intraday0.00280% of Total Turnover
    Equity Futures0.00280% of Total Turnover
    Equity Options0.00280% of Total Turnover
    Currency Futures0.00280% of Total Turnover
    Currency Options0.00280% of Total Turnover
    Commodity0.00280% of Total Turnover

    The transaction cost charged on Equity delivery trades made through Achiievers Equities is 0.00280%. Intraday trades carry a transaction charge of 0.00280% of the total trading amount.

    Equity futures transactions have a transaction cost of 0.00280 percent of the total turnover. Similarly, you are charged a transaction fee of 0.00280% on equity options trades.

    For Forex trades like Currency options as well as currency futures, the transaction fee charged per trade is 0.00280% of the amount traded. Achiievers Equities charges a transaction cost of 0.00280% for trades made in commodity markets.

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    Achiievers Equities Other Charges

    Apart from the charges mentioned previously, there are various other Achiievers Equities Charges that a trader must pay. Here are some of these charges:

    Other Charges 
    SEBI Turnover Charges0.0002% of Total Turnover
    STT0.0115% of Total Turnover
    Stamp DutyDepends on State (very minimal)
    GST18% of ((Brokerage + Transaction Charges)
    Margin Funding Charges18% + GST
    Reactivation ChargesRs.55 per Segment
    Account Closure ChargesRs.50 per Segment
    Dematerialisation ChargesRs.60

    The SEBI Turnover charge on every transaction made through Achiievers Equities is 0.0002% of the total turnover. One of the Achiievers Equities Other Charges is STT which is 0.0115% of the total turnover.

    The stamp duty charged on transactions depends on the state you are based in. The GST charged on transactions is 18 percent of the brokerage and the transaction charges.

    The margin funding charges are 18% + GST. To reactivate services, you are required to pay Rs.55 per segment you would like to reactivate. For account closure, you are also required to pay Rs.50 per segment. Achiievers Equities charge Rs.60 as dematerialization charges.

    Achiievers Equities Charges – Conclusion

    The different Achiievers Equities charges were mentioned in the article. The brokerage charges charged by them are Rs.15 per executed order on all kinds of trades. You are required to pay Rs.750 as one-time Demat account charges.

    There is no minimum margin money requirement. The transaction charges are 0.00280% of the trading amount. Overall, Achiievers Equities has some of the cheapest brokerage charges. This makes them a good choice for your trading needs.

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