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Business partnership generates shared benefits through shared responsibilities.

This strategic business plan has long been found to cultivate a new ground of opportunities for aspiring entrepreneurs, investors, and of course, well-established firms.

These partnerships expose aspiring partners to the diverse revenue stream and assist the company in distributing its work without affecting its key business operations.

The stock market industry in India and Abroad is at the top of benefiting from business partnerships. The huge return on investment is the key reason driving aspiring partners’ interest in the sector.

If you also wonder what types of business partner or affiliate programs the stock broking industry provides, read on. Here’s a perfect disclosure of the information you want to hear.

A List of some top Business Partner Programs in the Stock Broking Industry

Given below is a list of some common yet popular business partner programs you can often get to see in the stock broking industry.

So, without further ado, let’s get straight into the discussion and figure out the feature with a proper definition of each partner program.

Authorized Person

Authorized Person enters a business partner deal via a legal partner agreement. Simply put, these people are authorized to work for an organization and help the firm in achieving its revenue, sales, or marketing objectives.

For a broking firm, these people are just business partners, but for the general public or investor, they act as a contact point to connect with the stockbroker.

These partners are also referred to as a channel network that extends the investment facilities of the broker to the aspiring investors.

To better describe the function and job role of an authorized person, these people engage in buying, selling, or dealing processes associated with the securities.

At numerous events, they may be responsible for guiding investors and may have to physically process the transactions wherever it is applicable.

Role of an Authorized Person

Well, the role of an authorized person is diverse. These people can play multiple roles when signing up for a partnership with a stockbroker.

Still, to simply explain, the roles can be played by them flexibly in the market, so these include stock exchange job roles, duties assigned by a stock broker, i.e., they may be responsible for business development, maintaining quality leads, and transparency in deals.

They may even assist clients in carrying out the transactions or making an investment decision.

Master Franchise

One of the most prominent partnership types in the broking territory is the master franchise. It is one of the much-loved business programs for a company aspiring to expand itself from a single area to an entire country.

But compared to any other business dealing, this one carries a bit extra responsibility for partners. Still, returns on investment are way more than any other business program you get to see there.

The second thing worth noting is that the franchisor or the company authorizes the master franchise rights to a candidate based on certain eligibility criteria.

But the overall process and eligibility checklist to acquire a Master’s franchise is sometimes beyond the affordability of aspiring joiners. Simply put, to become a certified master franchise, you may be asked to deposit a large initial fee.

Further small to long-term investments may be required to secure the rights to develop a business under a stock broker and access benefit from their brand recognition.

Since the master franchise is outlined in legal terms, the accountability of a business partner is higher than others in this program.

Role of a Master Franchise

As said, a master franchise carries more responsibility on its shoulders.

You can also call them the head of the individual franchise. After all, these business partners will be responsible for the development and expansion of a broking firm in a particular region or area.

They take a right from the main broking company and sell individual franchises within a specific area, region, or territory.

Of course, yes! They don’t engage in direct business dealings with the end consumer because they are primarily responsible for bringing in more individual franchises, conducting screening, and signing the documents.

Business Franchise

The company issues master franchise rights to an investor, organization, or Person specifically. Similarly, a master franchise issues business franchise rights to someone.

The business program type is also referred to as an individual franchise program. It is particularly for the reason that compared to M Franchises, partners shall be entitled to the right to deal with clients directly on an individual level.

However, the business franchise is also divided into two subcategories:

  • Products or Trade Name Franchising
  • Business Format Franchising

Stock brokers normally follow the Product or Trade Name Franchising business model. And as per this model, the broking firm holds the right to a trademark that is shared or licensed to franchisees.

Similarly, franchisees may also receive branding and marketing support from the broking firm (the franchisor) to carry out their business model.

It’s to be noted that a business franchise is sometimes issued the rights directly from a broking firm, whilst other times Master Franchise acts as a contact point.

Also, a small investment amount may need to be paid by a joiner to acquire the franchise.

Role of a Business Franchise

It’s no surprise that business franchisees or individual franchises are a widespread business model. A person purchases business franchise reserve rights to sell products and services of a stock broking company.

However, material related to marketing and advertising support is provided by the company itself.

But the remaining part of the journey – like protecting the franchise image and developing the business – all such responsibilities are obeyed by a franchise partner.

They are even responsible for new hiring and employee training. A franchise can also be shut down if it is no longer profitable for the broking firm.

Referral Associate

If you have a good number of loyal customers, you are eligible to become a referral associate. Not just that, you can even benefit from the referral program in a copious amount.

Stockbroking firms run these referral programs for aspiring people who seek an affordable or a no-cost alternative to build a side-hustle and not the main income source.

But compared to any other program, Referral Associates are most often carried out electronically.

People also refer to the program as ‘Affiliate Program,’ and Amazon Associates and ClickBank affiliate programs are the most popular examples here.

Since the inception of electronic broking services, the broking industry is also picking up Referral Associates as a new trend.

But it is worth noting that since it is a low-cost business partner program, commission and earning potential are fairly less yet remarkable.

Role of a Referral Associate

As a referral associate, you are primarily engaged in marketing and promoting products and services of a stock broking firm to your existing customers.

But it’s worth noting that each person you have in your connection must be loyal and eager to purchase a product or service. The commission per referral client is the only income source of the Referral Associate partner program.

And the best thing is there’s no need for a big investment, but an online platform with a decent fan following is required.

Business Partner

It is an uppermost level of partnership, more likely to be held between the company owner and organization or a big investor.

The partnership is tied up through a legal agreement, and based on this legal deed, the equity of the company may also be divided between both parties. However, the partnership can be carried out between two or more partners.

But this brings more decision-makers into the company, especially if these partners become the shareholder of the company. Similarly, shared ownership and business operations can be seen.

Such business deeds usually begin with a verbal agreement and are then finalized on a written document.

As a business partner of a stock broking firm, you must be well aware of the pros and cons attached to the deed. Legal processes should be carefully assessed.

Role of a Business Partner

You can become a business partner for a broking firm in two different ways. If you can meet the funding requirement of the company, you are welcome there.

At the same time, if you have an existing organization offering something which is directly linked with the company’s growth and profitability, you can acquire a business partnership with the stock broker company rather than asking the owner to pay you for the services.

But you must be aware that the partnership is carried out at an upper level.


No brokerage firm can stand out from the crown by itself. It is the shared contribution of every single person involved in its broad business network.

Similarly, like other business partner programs, Remisier is also a notable name contributing to the growth of many stockbroking firms today.

To scout new clients and expand a broker’s reach to customers from local to a wider scale broker firm, take the help of these independent agents.

Unlike a business franchise, Remisier is primarily a business agent who sources new clients for the company and makes a commission in return for this contribution.

But it is mandatory for Remisier to register itself within a stock exchange. It is also worth noting that, unlike an agent, you don’t need to wander around on people’s hunts.

Role of a Remisier

If we had to describe the role of a Remisier in simple words, these are mainly individuals or working professionals in the desired niche.

Such as, if you are a trader or financial advisor and have people in contact interested in the stock market, you can become a Remisier.

All you need to do is, refer them to the stock broker’s name and encourage them how they are offering a great broking service.

You don’t need to make a big investment, but at a minimal effort, you just need to send a client to a broking platform. Simultaneously, the commission or profit generated from this client will be sent to the bank account.


Introducer and Remisier may have similar traits, and at multiple times, you may find intersection points between both. Still, the actual definition of an introducer business model can vary during trading.

Simply put, an Introducer could be a shop owner, company, or brand identity which sends new clients to the broking firm in exchange for a fee.

Moreover, an introducer can sometimes be a partnership firm having a shared interest or work culture in a particular industry.

They may have customers with qualities and interests that the broking firm scouts in the market to generate a network of customers for itself.

And it’s no surprise that this partnership program is fairly prevalent in the stock broking industry.

Role of an Introducer

The role of an introducer is unlike an agent, as they neither guide a client nor they promote a broker. They can simply introduce a client to the broking firm by means of a special discount, coupon, or something else.

They only make the initial introduction and leave it to the Person whether they are interested in joining a broking firm or not. Introducing an existing network of clients plays a critical role in the whole process.

Employee to Entrepreneur

It is one of the most unique yet interesting business partnership programs designed and being adopted by many broking firms. Still, the partnership is currently served by limited broking companies.

As per this partnership model, Employees are given an opportunity and are encouraged to start their own businesses. And the best thing, no restriction on employees is imposed.

They can start a business with the broking firm as per their area of expertise, and the only condition is it must benefit the broking firm in some way. Most notably, you can be an employee of any firm.

Role of an Entrepreneur

As an employee to entrepreneur, you cater to the specific requirement of a broking firm.

You will be doing business in the area of your expertise while being supported by the broking firm for the same.

But certain terms and conditions may be attached to the partnership deed, so read them carefully.


So these are some of the prominent business partner programs and affiliate programs in the stock broking industry.

However, a glimpse of all these brokers can be found in other sectors, but the stock broking industry seems to outpace everyone in terms of business partnership.

Particularly because more opportunities and higher returns on investment are visible in the stock broking industry, and hence everyone wants to tap into the sector.

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