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Top 10 Mutual Fund Investment Websites | List of Best Mutual Fund Websites in India

Last Updated Date - Sep 02, 2023

Hi All, Today we will discuss about Top 10 Websites for Mutual Funds Investment in India. In this article, we will have a deep understanding of these list of Best Mutual Fund Investments websites of 2019.

Lets have a detailed review of these sites.

Top Mutual Fund Investment Websites in India

Find the Ranking of these 10 best mutual fund websites in the below table:

Rank Mutul Fund Sites
1 Economic Times
2 Value Research Online
3 Moneycontrol
4 Invest Guru
5 My Investment Ideas
6 Roboadviso
7 Money Excel
8 Investica
9 Free Fincal
10 Wealth Trust

While thinking of investing in a Mutual Fund, it is very important to understand its information before investing.

There are dozens of the websites currently available on the internet, holding information about mutual funds, however, only a few websites are unbiased and genuine which excels in providing the true information.

The investors became clever now and research before investing in a mutual fund. People read blogs, articles, go through various websites, and discuss regarding mutual funds with their fellow mates for building knowledge on mutual funds.

However, several investors who are new to the mutual fund industry need a prior knowledge about it; because of lack of information they are being fooled and thus suffer from huge losses.

So, regardless of being a beginner or a pro in mutual fund investment review the existing funds, compare and screen the different funds so that your investment could be at the right place.

So, let us catch the sight of best 10 websites for mutual fund investments, which could be followed by the investors without any risk of being cheated or misguided, and at the same time provides a valuable advice to them.

Economic Times: Mutual funds section

Economic Times is one of the best websites for the investors of a mutual fund, which could guide them to the true information of different mutual funds available in the market.

This website has noted down the mutual fund data along with the proper analysis of them. Even some of the mutual fund blogs provided here are amazing for knowing the depth of it.

Furthermore, scrolling along this website, investors could get the full information about the mutual fund schemes, including its return value, interest value, fund manager detail and other important data.

One should definitely go through the Economic Times website to gain the latest updated info of mutual fund and right scheme for investment.

Investguru.in : Mutual funds section

Investguru.in is founded by Pawan Agarwal focusing on the different mutual funds available in the Indian investment market.

The articles and blogs available on the website are fully educative which could be easily understandable by the beginners.

This website includes the analysis of various mutual funds based on the need of investors. It has elaborately explained about the different types of mutual funds like a mutual fund for a retirement plan, a mutual fund for a child’s future and many more.

RoboAdviso.com : Mutual funds section

RoboAdviso is developed with the vision of making every Indian a rich Indian.

With information regarding the various mutual funds for investment, it also creates awareness about the investment and recommends the schemes to the investor according to their needs and risk profile.

Myinvestmentideas.com : Mutual funds section

Several investors go through the website of Myinvestmentideas.com and get a pack of relevant knowledge, which could guide them in choosing the right mutual fund for investment.

On this website, investors could get one of the best education on mutual funds. The articles and blogs provided by this website are for a newbie as well as for the advanced investors.

MoneyExcel.com : Mutual funds section

MoneyExcel.com website is developed and owned by the Raviraj Parekh, who is a renowned financial planner. The most fundamental idea behind MoneyExcel is to help the people in achieving excellence for money.

With the purpose of spreading financial awareness, this website fulfills the need of mutual fund investor by updating them with the best advice from the sphere of mutual funds.

Valueresearchonline.com (VRO): Mutual funds section

Value Research Online furnishes the data about various sections of mutual funds like its ranking, scheme, returns and many more.

The mutual fund investors could get the best data analysis from this website, which could help them a lot in making decisions regarding investment.

It has even included the list of best performing mutual fund schemes on which investors could invest and enjoy the benefit of a higher return.


Investica is a mutual fund platform of choice broken. It has an experience of more than 25 years in the field of mutual funds.

It is even considered as a holistic platform for mutual funds investors as it contains all the needed data for investment in mutual fund.

With the suggestions from the articles and blog of Investica, investors could enjoy the hassle-free investment experience in their choice of the mutual fund scheme.

Further, this website customizes the plan for the investors based on their risk appetite, investment budget along with the time horizon of the investment plan.

Freefincal.com : Mutual funds section

Freefincal.com provides an excellent analysis tool for investors who deal in a mutual fund.

For encountering the ease in the management of personal finance, this website proves itself a very efficient one with introducing a new level of simplicity in understanding the various aspects of mutual funds.

Additionally, the Freefincal will make the decisions of the investors more clearer and focused on investing in mutual fund.


Wealth Trust is one of the most efficient platforms for investment in a mutual fund. Investors could easily get the relevant information under a single dashboard.

With the ease of use and, great results using data analytic and human intelligence it delivers the best-unbiased result for the mutual fund investors.


Mymoneysage.in is an investor’s centric platform which is designed to help the need of individual investors as per their requirement in a mutual fund.

It had broadly explained the various terminology of mutual funds with the verge of simplicity in its understanding.

Also, this website has an excellent command over the world of mutual fund making it more apt for investors.

Conclusion of Best Mutual Fund Websites

Investing in a mutual fund is not as easy as depositing money in your Bank’s savings accounts. Before investing in a mutual fund, investors should have the information regarding it from scratch.

There are various factors, which affect the choice of mutual fund for an investor, and each of the factors has its own meaning and importance.

Thus going through the website, which elaborates about mutual fund, could guide the investors on the right path.


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