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Know how IIFL’s Advisor Anytime Anywhere or IIFL AAA Benefits you today.

The article presents an assessment of the gains, qualifications, and the aid you get if you become a financial advisor with India Infoline.

If you’ve always been great with numbers, understood the probabilities and known the right time to invest, then a career in financial advice could be just what you need.

India Infoline, a leading stockbroking firm, recently introduced an Advisor Anytime Anywhere Program (AAA) that lets you become an independent financial advisor with the lowest investment ever.

We are sure you are curious to know what it is all about and how it can help you. Well, we’ve done a complete study of the AAA program, and we have put together an overview just for you.

India Infoline Franchise Offers

About India Infoline or IIFL

Before you begin, let us understand the stockbroking firm with a summary.

India Infoline is a full-service stockbroking firm registered with SEBI and a depository member in CDSL and NSDL in India.

Established in 1995 it has been a prominent broking firm ever since. IIFL launched a business partnership program in 2003 that continues to grow every day.

IIFL offers all kinds of investment and trading products that serve investors from SME, MSME, MNCs, individuals and small investors.

Not only advisory products but IIFL has credit line and portfolio management services too.

The extensive products and service bouquet makes the stock broking company the right alternative if you become a sub-broker or financial advisor.

The firm has an extensive network of sub-brokers, over 900 branches, 40 million customers and a growing international presence.

An investor can trade in several financial products listed on the NSE (National Stock Exchange) and BSE (Bombay Stock Exchange) and commodity products listed on the Multi Commodity Exchange (MCX) and NCDEX.

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    About IIFL’s Advisor Anywhere Anytime or IIFL AAA

    Now, that you have a brief idea about the stock broking company, let us understand what the Advisor Anytime Anywhere program is all about.


    The name says it all. You can now be the financial advisor you have always wanted to be without the hassles of working in an office. Work independently, whenever it is convenient.

    IIFL wanted to enable their financial advisors with the right information at the right time.

    The team felt an online platform was the best choice with the smallest investment on infrastructure required.

    This concept of being digitally available is what guided the launch of the AAA program.

    AAA, a tab-based advisory platform, a first of its kind, a single solution an ambitious entrepreneur fascinated with capital markets, in India, can use.

    An online platform where you do not need to have an office, spend in infrastructure, and work the regular 9 to 5 hours.

    IIFL’s new Advisor Anywhere Anytime is a portable office with every office function right from reception, sales, and operations are available in the TAB.

    Benefits of IIFL Advisor Anytime Anywhere

    India Infoline gives its advisors several services and benefits through its latest advisor program. Look at what you get when you join IIFL AAA program.

    • Immediate access to many financial products such as commodities, NFOs, equity, regular saving products, SIPs, IPOs, fixed deposits, and health insurance.
    • Swift paperless customer-signup
    • Minimum filing hassles and simple KYC process.
    • Instant responses to customer requests using IIFL’s chatbot.
    • Track the assets you handle (AUM), the current client investments, list of inactive clients, monthly payout and more quickly at the click of a button.
    • No ceiling on the higher limit of your potential payout.
    • Clear-cut profit sharing
    • Help in improving your stock market know-how with IILF’s excellent learning videos.
    • Highly secure trading platform.
    • No infrastructure required.

    Though these benefits are enticing, they wanted to make the cake a little sweeter. You can take part in conferences IIFL organizes contests and win accolades and appreciation.

    They have reward programs that celebrate your loyalty, successes and incentivize your efforts as an IIFL associate.

    IIFL AAA Charges or Investment Required

    IIFL charges INR 25000 for the AAA TAB as a deposit. If you are a student, the deposit amount is INR 15000 only. IIFL returns this amount once you cease to be an associate.

    IIFL AAA Revenue Sharing or Commission

    India Infoline is known as a broking firm that offers one of the highest commission payouts -as much as 60 % in the industry.

    Not only do you become an advisor with a large well-established stock broking brand like IIFL, but also enjoy a 40:60 revenue share.

    It means 40% is for IIFL and the remaining 60% is for you -the financial advisor.

    The add-ons of this program

    They understand you need help when you place your orders, get your payments, need information on their latest marketing promotions or improve your knowledge of the most recent product schemes.

    To make it effortless and trouble-free, they included these essential services in the AAA Tab.

    Understand what your IIFL AAA TAB can do for you

    Here are few benefits of IIFL AAA Tab –

    Comprehensive Market Study

    Studying the stock market helps when you want to assess the trends, know your competition, decide on the right financial product to invest in or verify the future opportunities of any investment.

    IIFL’s frequent and extensive reports give you

    • Instant access to research on many high-performing equity investments, mutual funds, commodity products, trending currency arrangements and more.
    • Get area-wise details, latest updates, industry information, new declarations, daily market policies, weekly amendments, derivative strategies, everydaystock market view, and other relevant recommendations.
    • Get access to a team of expert market analysts that study over 500 stocks across industry sectors.

    Assess various investment funds in several sectors. Check the AAA TAB that gives a glimpse of what you will find.

    Need fund suggestions based on your client summary or want to buy shares in NFOs and IPOs too? The AAA TAB can help.

    Is your client looking for health insurance? Check various health insurance plans, compare, and recommend using the TAB.

    State-of-art Technology

    Giving your clients the best advice about investments, savings, etc. is a must.

    IIFL’s latest AAA program gives you access to its advanced trading market that will help you become a fantastic financial advisor. You get instant access to –

    • An innovative trading platform that ensures execution of consumer requests, queries etc. are seamless.
    • IIFL AAA has a Markets section, which offers Live Market Prices of investments, custom stock watchlist, and an intuitive dashboard that helps you check more than 500 stocks. Check the screenshot to get an idea.

    What Office Assistance does IIFL offer?

    A much-needed service that can help seamless functioning is back-office support. Not getting enough support can cause unnecessary delays and can hamper your progress.

    To ensure things function smoothly, we have included a few services online just for you.

    • Get any administrative support you need instantaneously.
    • Get back-office help to Manage Risk and Operations.
    • Also, Get access to MIS and other reports whenever you need them.

    What does IIFL do to help you develop your firm?

    Growing your business is essential to better your prospects and fulfil your wishes. IIFL has quite a few programs in place to help you achieve your aims efficiently. You get access to –

    • A business development manager IIFL assigns especially for you
    • Exclusive Investor Awareness Conferences for clients
    • IIFLs unique Mentor Program for Business Development.
    • IIFL’s exclusive Yearly Events
    • Select IIFL Contests and Discussions to enhance your business
    • Loyalty and Incentive Programs that honour and celebrate your successes.

    We have listed the entire process just for you. Know how to register with them, what process IIFL follows and the mandatory requisites to becoming an AAA associate.

    To Register

    • Visit the website for IIFL Securities and look for the Business Partners tab. Click on it.
    • Once you reach the Business Partners page, click on AAA.
    • Fill the required details like your name, mobile number, and city in the – Become a Partner box.

    IIFL’s Customer Service

    • Once IIFL receives your registration request, a team member will call you within 12 working hours to confirm your sign-up
    • On verifying your commitment, he or she will set up a meeting between the IIFL team and you to review your obligations, your investments, payouts, and commission projections.
    • Complete the required documentation. Check the list of required documents below.
    • Once you complete your documentation, the verification process is complete.
    • Sign a contract between the IIFL and the Advisor Candidate, i.e. you.
    • Pay the required security deposit for the AAA TAB and any other charges, if needed.
    • The IIFL team creates a sub-broker code used for all deals and payments.

    Documents required to get IIFL AAA

    • Identity Proof like Driving License, PAN Card, or Voter’s ID.
    • Certificate of SEBI Registration.
    • Address Proof like a copy of your Passport or Aadhar Card.
    • Work experience certificate.
    • Educational certificates like a Graduation certificate. If you are a student, then your SSC or HSC passing certificate.
    • Security deposit cheque

    Conclusion – IIFL AAA

    We hope you now have a better idea of how you can become a Financial Advisor with IIFL.

    The stock broking house has put everything in place for the enthusiasts, which makes them a great choice.

    Apart from the service facilitation inclusion, the flexibility they provide and the handsome returns you ought to earn are extremely encouraging.

    You can pursue this option as per you choice, and easily aim to quick advancement.

    Become a part of IIFL AAA Program – Fill up the Form

      Fill Your Details Here

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