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Are you in search of a business plan to invest in, and own a business all to yourself? We would like to suggest how good an idea, stock broking franchise is. Precisely, the Cholamandalam Securities Sub Broker is one of all the great options you got in the market.

The Cholamandalam Securities Franchise is a pretty great idea to invest in. It is because; the model contains a lot of perks and few criteria requirement from your side. Follow up on this article, to know everything about this company’s business model.

Cholamandalam franchise offers

Cholamandalam Securities Franchise Ratings & Review by Top10StockBroker

Cholamandalam Securities Franchise Ratings
Revenue Sharing Model 2.5 / 5
Security Deposit 2.2 / 5
Experience 2.4 / 5
Offers 2.4 / 5
Mobile Apps & Trading Platforms 2.2 / 5
Overall Ratings 2.4 / 5
Star Ratings ★★★☆☆

About Cholamandalam Securities Franchise

Cholamandalam Brokerage CalculatorThis establishment is publicly owned, which is located at Chennai, Tamil Nadu. Cholamandalam Securities Sub Broker is your answer to great business investment. Cholamandalam Securities Franchise is the offering from this company, which was founded back in the year 1994, by N Srinivasan.

Their business structure is impressive, and the products and services they offer are splendid. As for the sub broker activation code, the time is fixed at 28 days, lesser than what most companies provide. The payout time is however in between 3 to 4 weeks.

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    Types of Cholamandalam Securities Business Model

    Investing with a reputed firm is the assurance of a successful career, and here are your options to Cholamandalam Securities Franchise. There are two coupled up Cholamandalam Securities Sub Broker models you can choose from, and they are:

    • Sub Broker
    • Master Franchise

    Cholamandalam Securities Sub Broker or Authorized person

    Ordinarily, Cholamandalam Securities Sub Broker is your best catch if you are more in operational arena. Usually, if you choose for this business model, you will have access to the company’s products and services. You will be delegated the job of handling the sales of the company’s product list.

    The company will train you and also provide you with all the means to kick start a business. For the job you do, the sale you make, you will retain a share, greater than half.

    Benefits associated with Cholamandalam Securities Sub Broker

    • Higher share in revenue made. You will assuredly have half the share in revenue you make, the maximum amount goes above.
    • The company provides a significant amount of support, which includes the aspects of training, back office support, and advisory support.
    • You can personally sell the company’s products and services, as the company will share the dealership with you.
    • Security deposit is fewer and flexible as well. You have the decision making criteria upon yourself, and you can choose to deposit the number you want to.

    Cholamandalam Securities Master Franchise

    If you wish to be a Cholamandalam Securities Partner through the franchise model, you wish have a higher sense of responsibility. You will be the controller of the territory’s franchise unit you appeal for. The work carried is of greater scale, so everything will be extended, i.e. responsibility and also the reward.

    Benefits associated with Cholamandalam Securities Master Franchise

    • Investment as compared to other master franchise offerings in the market is quite low. The minimum security deposit bar is quite low, though greater than the sub broker model.
    • Revenue share is very high, as the minimum percentage in itself is 70%.
    • A heightened support is provided, so setting up the firm and excelling in it is proportionate and existent.
    • You will have all the franchise units of your area under your control.

    Cholamandalam Securities Sub Broker Commission or Franchise Revenue Sharing

    Investing with either of the two provided business models attracts Cholamandalam Securities Franchise Revenue Sharing. The master franchise model investment will attract a Cholamandalam Securities Sub Broker Commission of 70% in the minimum. Consequently, the maximum share is 80%, quite high for the operations provided.

    On the contrary, the sub broker model has a designated minimum entitlement of 50%. The maximum entitlement is 70%. You can have with the share or any percentage in between and it varies according to the security deposit you make.

    Revenue Sharing Clients Share Cholamandalam Securities’s Share
    Sub Broker 50% – 70% 30% – 50%
    Master Franchise 70% – 80% 20% – 30%

    Start your Broking Business with Cholamandalam Securities

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      Cholamandalam Securities Franchise Cost or Sub Broker Investment

      In the meantime, the next criterion to consider is the Cholamandalam Securities Franchise Cost. However, it is the sum which is required to be deposited by the company for assurance and partnership basis.

      So, the Cholamandalam Securities Sub Broker Investment criteria is Rs.200,000 for the minimum range and Rs.500,000 for the maximum range, in context with master franchise.

      On the other end, the sub broker model attracts a minimum deposit of Rs.50,000 and maximum deposit of Rs.100,000. Pick up a sum you are comfortable with and you will be able to start a sub brokership with the company sooner.

      Security deposit
      Sub Broker Rs.50,000 – Rs.100,000
      Master Franchise Rs.200,000 – Rs.500,000

      Cholamandalam Securities Partner Infrastructure Requirement

      You will have to pick up on some Cholamandalam Securities Partner Requirement, in order to keep up with the present market pace. You have to look out for the Cholamandalam Securities Sub Broker Infra Requirement and make sure you have them sorted. They are as following:

      • To begin with, the first criteria is of a minimum 2 employee strength
      • Next requirement is o trading terminals, make sure you have access to it
      • Next, internet connection for all the services is extremely essential.
      • Telephone lines and help line numbers need to be provided too.
      • Research services are the next important criteria.
      • Lastly, to carry out all these activities a minimum 200 Sq Ft of office area is required.

      Cholamandalam Securities Sub Broker Offers

      Next part of the model is the Cholamandalam Securities Sub Broker Offers. The Cholamandalam Securities In brief, franchise Offers are the perks you will be provided for investing and availing for their franchise models.

      • Above all, flexible revenue sharing model will let you set the rate you want to make.
      • Another perk provided is of zero revenue sharing with prepaid.

      Cholamandalam Securities Authorized Person Eligibility Criteria

      In order to know the competency of a candidate and make successful delegations, company has fixed upon some Cholamandalam Securities Sub Broker Eligibility criteria’s.

      So then, it is necessary to possess the mentioned Cholamandalam Securities Franchise Eligibility phenomenon’s to earn the brokership.

      • Graduation or equivalent degree is preferable, though the company would consider candidates with intermediary qualification.
      • Experience of couple years or more, from the related industry would be counted in and also preferred by the company.
      • We urge you to have pretty good idea of the basic products, services and its features of the offers. Basic industry level knowledge would be considered, as the through and in dept knowledge will be granted later on through rigorous training.
      • Certifications, such as that of NISM are the gateway of getting you the sub broker’s code sooner, as SEBI mentions it.

      How to become Cholamandalam Securities Franchise or Sub Broker?

      In the first place, it is quite easy to Become Cholamandalam Securities Franchise partner. Thus, you need to decide if you want to stock with this company’s model. Likewise, if you wish to continue, the brief steps and documents you need to follow up on are mentioned below.

      1. So, the first step to do is, find the “Become Sub Broker” button and click over it. It is easily locatable, as it is green in colour and present towards the end of the page.
      2. A quick pop up will appear, feed in your contact details as asked.
      3. Besides, a new form will appear now, which will contain a brief set of questions. It is for identification process, and to check if you are eligible to apply for the model.
      4. You should now provide scanned images of the documents asked, for proof purpose.
      5. This is where the company takes over, and will send your application through the verification process. If everything is to the point, you will likely receive a cal in the next few days, or maybe hours.

      Documents required to Become Cholamandalam Securities Sub Broker:

      • PAN Card
      • Academic Certificates for verifying educational qualification of the applicant
      • Investment proof for the applicant
      • Proof of complete payment of the security deposit by the applicant
      • SEBI Registration certificate held by the applicant
      • Birth certificate of the applicant
      • Cancelled cheque of applicant’s concerning bank
      • Passport sized images of the applicant
      • GST Registration held by the applicant

      Why Partner with Cholamandalam Securities?

      As a rule, we understand it is a big decision to opt for this company’s sub broker model. Hence, we have hunted down the Cholamandalam Securities Franchise Benefits, to make it easy for you.

      • This company has an extended experience in the industry, and has created a sprawling client base since its inception in the year 1978. You have all the possibilities of finding success here.
      • They provide all kind of help for their sub brokers, and it indeed would be a great idea to be their franchisee.
      • Investments are pretty low, i.e. the security deposit, while the revenue sharing percentage is great. Earning possibilities of a sub brokers are high here.

      Cholamandalam Securities Franchise or Sub Broker – Conclusion

      To summarize, stock market franchise is fair deal of an idea. As a result, choosing the Cholamandalam Securities Franchise precisely attracts its personal set of perks.

      For the most part, enjoy all the possible perks provided and start your business with Cholamandalam Securities Sub Broker today. Subsequently, we assure you, you will have a successfully deal with the company and a great business idea.

      Start your Broking Business with Cholamandalam Securities

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