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Find out the Best Robo Advisors in India & also check the list of Top 10 Robo Advisory Platforms.

Ideally, Robo advisors are a type of financial advisors who offer investment advice online. There is no human intervention at all.

They offer recommendations based on mathematical rules or algorithms. Of late, Robo Advisors have gained a lot of popularity in India.

Almost all average investors tend to choose Robo advisors over other advisors. If you want some great advice from Robo advisors, all you need to do is answer some questions.

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    Best Robo Advisors in India – Top 10 Robo Advisory Platforms

    Mainly, Robo advisors have become increasingly popular currently because they are significantly cheaper and are more accessible as compared to typical financial advisors to avail financial planning advice in India.

    As the number of options is growing rapidly in the industry, it is essential to know what options work for you.

    You don’t need to stress as we have shortlisted Top Robo Advisors in India.

    Ranking Robo Advisors or Robo Advisory Platforms
    1 Angel Broking ARQ
    2 5Paisa Auto Investor
    3 Scripbox
    4 FundsIndia
    5 Sharekhan NEO
    6 ET Money
    7 OroWealth
    8 Goalwise
    9 Robonam
    10 Invezta

    Before investing in any Robo advisor, you must look into 5 parameters based on which we have ranked this list –

    Advisory Performance – Is the platform good in terms of advisory, is it providing accurate tips to the user which are profitable for the user.

    Platforms Usability – Is the platform easy to understand by a Layman user, can a new user perform all the complex tasks easily in the App or Web version.

    User Experience within Platform – Is the App or web version is easy to navigate. Is the user experience good & not complicated.

    Price of Premium Version of Platform – Is the price of platform justifiable, is it easily affordable for any user.

    Accessibility of Platform – Do the Robo Advisors provide Mobile App or Web version which can be easily accessible by any user on their phone or laptop.

    On the basis of these 5 Parameters, the List of Top Robo Advisory Platforms has been created. Lets have a detailed look.

    Angel Broking ARQ – Best Robo Advisors in India

    Best Robo Advisors in India - List of Top 10 Robo Advisory Platforms in IndiaThe platform is a revolutionary automated investment engine that removes the emotional bias.

    The best part here is that it allows you to harness the maximum performance of asset classes under your portfolio.

    The platform uses Nobel-prize winning Modern Portfolio Theory, which offers you stunning allocation advice across a plethora of assets, including equity, gold, and debt mutual funds.

    It is mainly done after understanding the client’s risk-taking appetite. To process billions of combinations to create models that have tremendous predictive power, QAR tends to choose advanced technology.

    5Paisa Auto Investor – Top 10 Robo Advisors in India

    You need to know that this advisor is not free completely. The free feature that is available to everyone determines the risk profile of the client after asking some questions.

    The advisory feature available gives you some unique suggestions after you pay some amount of money.

    Besides offering advisory services, the platform also provides a marketplace for both equity and mutual fund trading. It is backed by India’s largest financial conglomerates.

    Scripbox – Top Robo Advisors in India

    The scripbox Robo advisor service is entirely free. It has questionnaires for you based on your needs, including if you aim to save tax, build wealth, or be emergency ready.

    It makes a sample portfolio based on your answers. Also, it also gives suggestions on what funds you can invest in.

    The best part about this platform is that it provides clients advice for free without needing them to create an account.

    FundsIndia – Best Robo Advisory Platform

    The advisor is also known as Money Mitr. The platform allows the investor to get high quality, customized advice, and in the investment portfolio in a short duration.

    It provides mutual fund portfolios for a lump sum, tax-saving, long-term, and goal-oriented investment requirements and among other conditions.

    However, the platform is free but needs users to create an account. The users can modify the portfolio offered by the Robo advisor.

    It also sends articles penned down by the expert team to make the clients understand about the markets.

    Sharekhan NEO – Top 10 Robo Advisory Platform

    It is an automated Robo Advisor that helps you in deciding the stocks or products to invest in.

    The best part about this platform is that it enjoys an excellent brand recall and equity amid the masses.

    ET Money – Top Robo Advisory Platform

    The platform’s recommendation is quite unique, and it gives you several investment options depending on your expected returns.

    It is mainly based on various combinations of monthly SIP and investment period.

    The advisor doesn’t charge any money as such and also provides a brief classification of funds in different categories.

    But the platform is not customizable, unlike other platforms. It also doesn’t take into account factors, including risk, goals, age, etc.

    Oro Wealth – Best Robo Advisory Platforms in India

    The platform is based in Mumbai and was incorporated in 2016. The Robo advisor tool is termed as OroAssist.

    After you create an account, you can list some goals that you could invest towards, including retirement, education, etc.

    The platform is most likely to provide a financial calculator that tends to determine how much needs to be saved to achieve some objectives.

    The platform is available for anyone as one doesn’t have to pay anything. But you need to create an account if you want to access the forum.

    Goalwise – Top 10 Robo Advisory Platforms in India

    It is a mutual fund investing service that helps you plan and support your financial objectives. It can be anything from retirement planning to buying a house.

    The platform allows investors to invest in different plans without charging anything. It considers various factors, including your age, risk profile, time horizon, and target amount.

    The platform also monitors your investments and continues to make sure you are on track to achieve your objectives.

    Robonam – Top Robo Advisory Platforms in India

    Jainam Shree consultants own the Robonam advisory tool, and it offers an automated investment portfolio to create wealth as per your risk taking profile.

    The firm deals with both equities and commodities. It also uses machine learning models to manage the client’s portfolio.

    Invezta – Best Robo Advisors

    It is a SEBI registered platform, and it allows users to invest in mutual funds directly. But to start investing in this platform, one needs to be KYC compliant.

    Thus Robo advisors offer investment advice based on your current situations and goals.

    About Robo Advisors

    As the name says, Robo advisors are advisors who provide services online automatically based on some specific set of rules and algorithms.

    These advisors tend to take particular inputs and generate outputs.

    You need to answer some questions on this platform, including date of birth, a time period of investment, goal, risk profile, current situations, and a lot more.

    Some of the advices given by Robo advisors are divided into several parts, including health insurance planning, investment advice, tax planning advice, insurance advice, etc.

    The Robo advisors are way different from typical financial advisors. It is because a regular financial advisor offers advice by diving deep.

    Thus, you need to know the cost associated with Robo advisor is relatively cost-effective as compared to usual advisors.

    Pros of hiring a Robo Advisor

    • It eliminates human error.
    • It is a budget-friendly expense.
    • The robot advisors are accessible 24×7 anytime.
    • You can interact and change your inputs as many times you want.
    • The advisors are not biased to some specific products.

    Cons of hiring Robo Advisor

    • You don’t get any personalized touch.
    • The advice is based on algorithms that are inbuilt, and if the mathematics goes wrong, the direction fails.
    • The advisors are not programmed for any unique situation, including crisis.

    Are all Robo advisors in India similar?

    You must be wondering if all advisors are the same or different. But you need to know that not all advisors are the same as they tend to feature different algorithms and complexity.

    The advisor’s output is different from the production, including financial situation, goal, risk profile, etc.

    Why should you use a Robo Advisor?

    Though it is a debatable topic but experts suggest that you can use Robo Advisor if you are planning to invest money.

    But the Robo Advisors are not suitable for you if you are a new entrant in the market or you don’t have any experience in the market.


    Conclusion – Best Robo Advisors in India

    We have tried to bring together as much information as we could, including, a brief list of top robo advisors.

    You can gain all the necessary insights into each of the advisor in concern, weigh them equally and then choose to push through financial investments.

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