KLM Axiva Finvest NCD / Bonds Dates, Size, Allotment, Subscription, DRHP & more

Let’s have a detailed review of the company and analytics of the KLM Axiva Finvest Limited NCD release date, NCD issue size, subscription, KLM Axiva Finvest Limited NCD allotment and other details like the company’s background, its financial positions, its promoters and other related things.

KLM Axiva Finvest Limited NCD – Aug 2019 Detail

Credit Rating CARE BB+/Stable
Issue Open Aug 28, 2019
Issue Close Sep 26, 2019
Base Size Rs 100.00 Crores
Shelf Size Rs 125.00 Crores
Issue Price Rs 1000 per NCD
Face Value Rs 1000 each NCD
Minimum Lot size 5 NCD
Market Lot 1 NCD
Listing At BSE
Tenor 400 days/ 45 months/ 75 months/2 yrs/ 3 yrs/ 5 yrs
Series Series I to X
Payment Frequency Monthly, Annually or Cumulative
Basis of Allotment First Come First Serve Basis

KLM Axiva Finvest Limited NCD – Basis of the Offer Price

Security Name KLM Axiva Finvest Limited
Security Type Secured, Redeemable, Non-Convertible Debentures (Secured NCDs)
Coupon payment frequency Monthly, Annually or Cumulative
Coupon type Fixed
Tenor 3 years/ 5 years/ 7 years/ 10 years
Depository NSDL and CDSL
Disbursement SEBI Debt Regulations
Debenture Trustee Vistra ITCL (India) Limited,

KLM Axiva Finvest Limited NCD Dates

The opening and the closing date of KLM Axiva Finvest Limited NCD is Aug 28, 2019 to Sep 26, 2019.

KLM Axiva Finvest Limited NCD Subscription

Day / Date QIB Category 1 NII Category 2 HNI Category 3 RII Category 4 Total Subscription
1st – 10th Day: till Sep 9, 2019 0.00x 0.45x 0.42x 0.39x
10th – 20th Day: till Sep 20, 2019
0.00x 1.26x 0.81x 0.91x
20th – 30th Day: till Sep 26, 2019
0.00x 1.48x 1.12x 1.15x
Shares Offered or Net Issue 100,000 400,000 500,000 1,000,000

The shares subscribed by the public will be updated here.

KLM Axiva Finvest Limited NCD Allotment Status

Here, you can find the Allotment Status of this NCD.

KLM Axiva Finvest Limited NCD Share Offering

Public issue by our Company of NCDs aggregating up to Rs. 10,000 lakhs,with an option to retain over-subscription upto Rs. 2,500 lakhs, aggregating upto Rs. 12,500 lakhs on the terms and in the manner set forth therein.

KLM Axiva Finvest NCD Allocation Ratio

NCD Allocation Ratio
Category NCD’s Allocated
QIB – Category 1 10%
Corporate – Category 2 40%
HNI – Category 3 50%
RII – Category 4 0%

KLM Axiva Finvest Limited NCD’s Offered

NCD’s Offered
Category NCD’s Reserved
QIB – Category 1 100,000
NII – Category 2 400,000
HNI – Category 3 500,000
RII – Category 4 0
Total NCD’s 1,000,000

KLM Axiva Finvest NCD Coupon Rates

Tenure 400 Days 400 Days 2 Years 2 Years 3 Years 3 Years 5 Years 5 Years 45 Months 75
Nature Secured
Frequency of Interest
Monthly Cumulative Monthly Yearly Monthly Yearly Monthly Yearly Cumulative Cumulative
Minimum Application 5 NCDs ( Rs. 5,000) (across all options of NCDs)
In multiples, of 1 NCD after the minimum application
Face Value of NCDs (Rs.
Rs. 1,000
Issue Price (Rs. /NCD) Rs. 1,000
Mode of Interest
Payment/ Redemption
Through various options available
Coupon (%) per annum* 11.00% NA 11.25% 11.50% 11.50% 11.75% 11.75% 12.00% NA NA
Coupon Type Fixed
Redemption Amount (Rs.
/NCD) for Debenture
1,000 1,123 1,000 1,000 1,000 1,000 1,000 1,000 1,500 2,000
Effective Yield (%)(per
11.57% 11.17% 11.85% 11.50% 12.13% 11.75% 12.40% 12.00% 11.42% 11.73%
Put and Call Option Not applicable

KLM Axiva Finvest Limited NCD Issue Object

The Company proposes to utilise the funds which are being raised through the Issue, after deducting the Issue related expenses to the extent payable by our Company (“Net Proceeds”), estimated to be approximately Rs. 10,000 lakhs with an option to retain over subscription up to Rs. 2,500 lakhs, aggregating to a total of Rs. 12,500 lakhs, towards funding the following objects

  • For the purpose of onward lending, financing, and
  • For repayment of interest and principal of existing borrowings of the Company;
  • General corporate purposes;

KLM Axiva Finvest Limited – Company Overview

KLM Axiva Finvest Limited NCDThey are a non-deposit taking and non – systemically important non-banking finance company (“NBFC”) primarily serving low and middle income individuals and businesses that have limited or no access to formal banking and finance channels.

They operate primarily in four business verticals: (i) gold loan business, lending money against the pledge of household jewellery, (ii) micro, small and medium enterprises loan, (iii) personal loan and (iv) microfinance loan to women customers. As on June 30, 2019, we operate through 125 branches across three states namely Kerala, Karnataka and Tamil Nadu managed by our corporate office located at Kochi.

KLM Axiva Finvest Limited NCD Lead Managers

Lead Managers
607/608 Marathon Icon, Opp. Peninsula Corporate Park, Off.
Ganpatrao Kadam Marg, Veer Santaji Lane,
Lower Parel, Mumbai – 400 013
Telephone: +91 22 6666 8040/41/42;
Fax: +91 22 6666 8047
Email: [email protected]
Investor Grievance Email: [email protected]
Website: www.vivro.net
Contact Person/ Compliance Officer: Mr. Jayesh Vithlani
SEBI Registration No.: INM000010122
CIN: U67120GJ1996PTC029182

KLM Axiva Finvest NCD Debenture Trustee

Debenture Trustee
The IL&FS Financial Center, Plot No. C – 22,
G Block, Bandra Kurla Complex,
Bandra (East), Mumbai – 400 051
Telephone: +91 22 2659 3333;
Fax: +91 22 2653 3297
Email: [email protected]
Website: www.vistraitcl.com
Investor Grievance Email: [email protected]
Contact Person: Mr. Jatin Chonani
SEBI Registration Number: IND000000578
CIN: U66020MH1995PLC095507

KLM Axiva Finvest NCD Registrar to offer

Registrar to the Offer
Karvy Selenium, Tower B, Plot 31-32, Financial District,
Nanakramguda, Serilingampally, Rangareddy
Hyderabad – 500 032, Telangana
Tel: +91 40 6716 2222
Fax: +91 40 2343 1551
Email: [email protected]
Investor Grievance Email: [email protected]
Website: www.karvyfintech.com
Contact Person: M Murali Krishna
SEBI Registration Number: INR000000221
CIN: U72400TG2017PTC117649

KLM Axiva Finvest Limited NCD Ratings

The NCDs proposed to be issued under this Issue have been rated “CARE BB+; Stable”, by CARE Ratings Limited (“CARE Ratings”) for an amount up to ` 12,500 lakhs, vide its letter dated July 22, 2019.

The rating of NCDs by Care Ratings indicates that instruments with this rating are considered to have moderate risk of default regarding timely servicing of financial obligations.

This rating is not a recommendation to buy, sell or hold securities and investors should take their own decisions. The rating provided by rating agency may be suspended, withdrawn or revised at any time by the assigning rating agency on the basis of new information etc., and should be evaluated accordingly.

KLM Axiva Finvest Limited NCD News

News 1 – KLM Axiva Finvest RHP Prospectus [Download]

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