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If traders are keen to download the TradingView app they are on the right page as here they can learn about various features of the app. The app is a perfect stock screener one looks forward to.

Thanks to its features, the app has plenty of users. Traders and investors indeed love the tool, but if one looks for more features they can apply for the pro version.

If one is wondering, is TradingView worth it? Then they are on the right page as they can understand the various facts here.

Financial trading is one of the most vital parts for different traders as they earn a livelihood out of it.

Therefore, traders and investors must be updated about the market to make correct trading decisions.

About TradingView Application

The TradingView app is one of the most prominent apps today. It allows users to keep track of the stock market and other businesses around.

The app gives traders direct access to various stocks, major indices, futures, and options.

The charts are pretty intuitive for beginners, but they are everything that an experienced trader can ask for.

Furthermore, one needs to know that TradingView is a cloud-based charting or social networking app, especially for investment traders.

These can include booth rookies and experienced traders. If a trader has a free account, then they can easily access the primary graphic, research, and analysis tools.

Furthermore, the app allows traders to get access to various markets, including forex, stocks, agriculture, commodities, metals, bonds, and others.

Top Features of TradingView App

TradingView is ideally an online screener and picker for both professional and beginner traders.

Several cloud-based charting tools allow traders to communicate and interact with other traders online.

TradingView gives one plenty of market information that is on the site directly before even one signs for the free data.

TradingView offers a plethora of features, and one can use it without registration which is the cherry on the cake if traders feel the need for more functionalities, including multiple, custom time, etc.

They can go for the pro version without a doubt.

TradingView App

Tools and charts

If traders use the free version, then they can open only one chart per tab. On the other side when people use the premium version, they can open 8 charts in one tab.

If one uses a premium version, they can easily save their charts in each chart. They also have an option to choose around 12 charts.

In the TradingView, traders can now open the saved charts in no time. Additionally, the pro subscribers can send the chart information besides setting the custom intervals.

They can also create spread-based custom intraday charts.

Drawing tools

There are more than 50 drawing tools available under all plans, and it tends to include lines and trends.

Besides that, traders can also see geometric patterns and shapes. In terms of analytical analysis, drawing tools are important.

Irrespective of the decision one plans to head in, the TradingView helps them better understand the technical elements regarding the market in a better way.

Server-side alerts

If traders want to set specific levels on their favorite stocks, then they can easily do with the TradingView app.

The best of all is that even the accessible version of the app allows traders to do it with a click of a button.

When traders pay for the subscription, they can even set more alerts in no time.

A fantastic feature here is that the signs can be easily set on the specific target price or drawings or indicators.

There are 12 types of trading conditions here. The users can get notifications over SMS or push to phone through other channels.

Paper trading

Whether one is aware or not but they need to know that, the paper trading feature is available for all plans.

This trading is quite exciting as traders can learn about different strategies here and there is no risk here.

In addition, the traders can create different lists and they don’t need to wait for extended hours here.

Pro or Premium Version Features of TradingView App

Based on one’s trading hours, the app offers extra trading hours and customized scanning. The app also allows one to go through the market based on the criteria.

The social media community is one of the best features under the premium version. irrespective of where one is they can use the app.

If they subscribe to the premium version, they can also access the signature option.  They can invite the trading indicators.

Pro+ subscribers can go through the custom community chats. There is no education available under services.

When it comes to day trading, the users can learn about it by signing up for the course.

The technical indicators under this allow traders to plan their investment and trading techniques in no time.

One of the best features available under the pro version is the volume profile indicators. The subscription decides the chart’s quantity. They can expect 3 to 35 indicators in a chart.

How to Subscribe Pro or Premium Feature of TradingView App?

When traders choose the pro version of the app they can access various features.

Thanks to the app functionality one can check the current forex market. The app has the same currencies as the market tab.

Traders can check the minor currency pairs when they choose the premium version. Traders can easily understand the pricing structure.

The basic version is available free of cost, but the pro version is available between $14.95 and $29.95 per month.

If traders want to screen several markets, they can use TradingView for around $59.95 per month.

On the flip side, the traders can avail a 16% discount when they go for a yearly subscription.

The free version is also good if traders are just starting. Once traders are accustomed to the app they can subscribe to the premium version for a month.

Why use TradingView App?

The TradingView apps have gained a lot of prominence across the globe. The app is ideal for not only professional traders but also for new traders.

They can get real-time charts and quotes wherever they want. Furthermore, it is one of the best social networks for both investors and traders.

One can connect with millions of traders globally when they choose the TradingView app.

The excelled charts here surpass the essential quality available in the market. There are plenty of tools available here.

TradingView App – Conclusion

Ideally, traders and investors rely on the financial app for several reasons. Hence they must make the right choice.

They need to consider several factors before choosing anyone. The app is one of the best low-cost charting platforms, and they are indeed worth investing in.

For the same, one needs to define what is vital for them. If trading and technical analysis are essential for the traders, then the TradingView app is their best bet.

The app’s features are top-notch, and users can access them seamlessly while they download the app.

Hence traders looking forward to investing in the market must download the app.

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