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The article, followed by a crisp introduction, the readers will learn about the StockWatch app. It is widely recognized and is a must-have for all curious traders out there.

The article is full of insights, features, and uses. Keep reading further and acquaint yourself with exclusive information.

For those involved in financial trading, being up-to-date is a must. That is what share market apps claim to offer.

The latest updates, quotes, and market trends are now available at one touch. No wonder StockWatch is the investor’s first choice today.

About StockWatch Application

StockWatch is one of the best trade tracker apps of all time. It has everything one can need to trade efficiently in the market.

It caters to the multiple needs of its users, from observing the market trends, tracking varieties of portfolios to creating personalized watch lists.

The app provides high-end tools and access to TSX and TSX-V books. Like Nasdaq Level II and Pink Sheets Level II, some of its amazing features are hard to grasp.

Along with all its features, it is accessible on many devices. It is available for Android as well as iOS, Windows users.

The StockWatch app provides the latest quotes during market hours. It creates customized portfolios for users, shares news and unmatched insights.

The major indices offered are S&P, Dow Jones. The users can enjoy live streaming and regular advertising, stock scanners, much more.

At this moment, it would be right to say that the StockWatch app has created a space for itself in the market. If you are a trader, this application will work wonders for you in all your future trades.

Top Features of StockWatch App

The StockWatch App is rich with features that give it an edge over other share market apps.

StockWatch App

This section will look at some of these features and understand how its users can use them to their advantage.

Up-to-date news and quotations:

The app offers self-issued news pieces. It refers to many sources to provide accurate information. Users can set email alerts for the portfolios of interest to them.

The app notifies them whenever assets from those portfolios are issued.

Variety of charts:

The app makes a variety of charts available to its users. It includes a twelve-month chart, advanced, Intraday chart, Historical, and Portfolio chart.

These charts offer very useful insights. It is often related to the prices, date ranges, Intervals, and many technical indicators.

Live-Ticker and Streaming:

The Live Ticker feature makes live streaming easy to access.

A user can stream quotes, trades, prices, news headlines and have real-time updates at one touch.

If a user has high-level display requirements, the app also serves that. It provides a Day Trader Workstation to access live ticker, multi-window display.

High-end Tools:

The application aims to make trading easier and profitable. It has many tools that are hard to match.

StockWatch App offers TSX and TSX-V books, Pink Sheets, Nasdaq, and a high-functioning charting engine.

It has symbols like Bid, Ask, Vol., Avg. For users to add, Vol., 1Y Target, Mkt Cap, etc. All this is available at very low subscription rates.

Unmatched Analytics

The app displays all kinds of information that may be necessary. It displays the most active issues, live stats of stock exchanges, and halted stocks.

It also shows dividend history and the latest data of short positions for all listed stocks.

Customized Watch-lists and Portfolios

Keeping track of your assets has never been easier. With the StockWatch app, users can create 10 individual portfolios for different assets. It allows keeping track of stocks and values them.

Once the free limit is over, users can always subscribe for more. The number of stocks allowed in each portfolio varies with the subscription level.

Stock Scanner

Ever wonder who gains or loses the most for any particular exchange? This app does that for you. Use the stock scanner and have 10 to 100 matched displayed on your screen.

Refresh after every trade or day and get in touch with other trader’s activities. This feature is there in the Daytrader Workstation and Live-Ticker. Go ahead and do explore all the given options.

Stock market connectivity

StockWatch displays companies listed on stock exchanges. The list includes NYSE, AMEX, NASDAQ, OTCBB, OPRA Options, TSX, TSX-V, CSE.

Pro or Premium Version Features of StockWatch App

The StockWatch app offers higher versions of its app in subscription levels. These levels have extra features and use that provide their users a rich experience.

Starter Level:

This subscription offers all standard features for casual investors. It includes 10 portfolio entries, 5 SEDAR alerts for a month, and single-time quotes.

Intermediate Level:

This level is for investors tracking small portfolios. It also offers 40 portfolio entries and 10 SEDAR alerts per month with the basic features. A single real-time quote is also included in the plan.

Trader Level:

This is appropriate for serious investors who track large portfolios. It has 100 portfolio entries, 100 SEDAR alerts for one month, and access to unlimited quotes.

Daytrader Level:

Aimed at active investors, this level deals with very large portfolios. After the standard features include 300 portfolio entries and SEDAR alerts/ month, this is paired with unlimited quotes.

Maximum Level:

This is the highest level available. It caters to active investors dealing with extremely large portfolios. It offers 600 portfolio entries and SEDAR alerts, with unlimited quotes optional.

How to Subscribe Pro or Premium Feature of StockWatch App?

The StockWatch application’s design is so that it makes the trading process easier.

It is one of the leading apps of all time and is not comparable in its features. Interested users can download it from your device’s Play Store or App Store.

But if a user wants to explore further and try more elaborate features, they have the option to do that too. They can change their subscription levels by paying a little extra fee.

These extra features can enhance the process and help investors strengthen their game.

StockWatch offers five different subscription levels. These plans are- Starter, Intermediate, Trader, Daytrader, and Maximum.

Before subscribing, one can take free trials for Starter levels and see what suits them best. The extra fee payable starts from as low as USD 1.5¢/quote.

There is a large customer base of these subscription levels, and it is a massive hit among its users.

Why use StockWatch App?

Ever since people have realized the benefits of trading and investing, there has been an upward trend in share market apps.

Using StockWatch has made earning trading profits an easy task.

It has a friendly interface that makes it the best choice for investors. The users access a wide variety of stocks and assets and find it simple to navigate through.

All its important features are available together in one place.

The users of this app can add their notes to everything.

This provides a personal touch to trades. Use this feature to speculate and highlight news items essential to your trade.

It allows checking out market trends which helps the investors in avoiding mistakes.

A user can deflect potential losses by keeping a close eye on the ups and downs.

If this is not convincing enough for you, the StockWatch app offers more.

Avail recommendations from top users, experts, and experienced traders. Keep an eye on expert activities and learn while practicing.

This app is a preference of millions of users.

They make use of the live checker and real-time details of industry and economy. Its top users are always watching the market, never to miss an opportunity.

The StockWatch app’s personalized portfolios and watch lists are also very beneficial. It allows the users to track all their past and present activities.

The interface developed is simple and has everything important.

The subscribers of different levels can access the platform with much ease. They can use over-the-top features and grow to see exponential results.

StockWatch App – Conclusion

People who engage in trading activities invest their time, not for profits.

Getting involved in the investor’s world brings in a lot of exposure and learning. Choosing the right platform ensures a good learning experience.

Before choosing an app, one should consider all the factors. A good platform will lead to good investment decisions.

The StockWatch App is one of the most trusted apps recommended by industry experts. It is feature-rich and ensures user satisfaction.

In this article, we have discussed all the features, subscription plans available.

This article is sure to help you decide how this app matches your future investment plans. Experienced users can subscribe to higher-level plans to get an edge over competitors.

If you are looking for great investment opportunities, download the StockWatch app today.

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