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In this article, readers will get comprehensive knowledge of the Stock Market Live app. It is trendy among traders and investors and has rich features.

This article will highlight those features and help readers in understanding why they should have this app.

The introduction of financial apps has made the lives of traders and investors very easy. They can keep a tab on the rise and fall of the stock market effortlessly using these apps.

Today, everyone owns a smartphone that has an active internet connection that helps them connect to the entire world effortlessly.

Thus, they can track the market updates easily with the help of a financial app on their smartphones or tablets.

About Stock Market Live Application

The Stock Market Live app is one of the highest-rated financial applications available on the app store today.

It offers an all-round guide to traders that helps them in making correct and profitable investment decisions.

This app is considered as a gateway to the stock market of the nation because it provides all real-time details accurately.

Traders should extract every minute detail about the stock market before investing their money in it, and this app will help in this process.

Users can learn about the latest updates on all stocks listed on BSE or Bombay Stock Exchange from this application.

They can also obtain live data on all indices, including Sensex, Small cap, and Midcap.

It has some of the premium features that allow investors in keeping track of their investments along with stocks they want to invest in.

The Stock Market Live app offers a complete view of shares that gives users deep insight into the stock market. They can also learn about Global Indexes from this financial application.

To sum up, this app can be a trader’s best friend and guide him like a light in his stock market investment procedures.

They can make the right decision at the right time by following the updates from this app.

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    Top Features of Stock Market Live App

    The Stock Market Live app is designed with top-class features that will compel every trader and investor to download it.

    Stock Market Live App

    Its features are discussed below in detail:

    Detailed index watch

    The Stock Market Live app allows users to get a detailed overview of all the indices of the Indian stock market.

    The list of indices hosted by this app includes Sensex, Nifty, Small cap, Midcap, and rest others. Thus, investors can choose the right shares to invest in these details.

    A Widget for watching shares

    A stock watch widget helps traders in viewing all the shares listed on the stock market at a glance.

    This app has a stock market widget feature which is very helpful for all users who are planning to invest in financial instruments.

    Auto refreshed data

    The stock market is highly volatile, and the price of each share changes numerous times throughout the day.

    The Stock Market Live app offers refreshed price of every share automatically and prevents users from refreshing the app manually for the latest updates.

    Notifications on the device

    Users get live notifications on the price changes in the share market. This app alerts users whenever the price of a stock increases or decreases.

    Therefore, traders can stay updated with the amount of profit or loss they are making with the price fluctuations.

    Offers intraday and historical charts

    Historical charts help traders in assessing the performance of a share in the past few years. This app provides historical charts for all shares along with intraday prices.

    Therefore, users can consider these details if they are planning to indulge in intraday trading.

    Complete share view

    All share related data is available on the Stock Market Live app.

    It enlightens users on the opening price, closing price, real-time price, 52 weeks high-low ratio, percentage of price hike or fall, share trading volume, etc. of each share

    Global indices data

    The Stock Market Live app offers accurate data from the top global indices. These indices include NASDAQ, DOW JONES, Shanghai, DAX, SGX NIFTY, CAC, and the list continues.

    Therefore, investors can monitor the international stock market effortlessly through this application.

    Currencies and commodities

    Besides shares, the Stock Market Live app offers real-time data of various currencies and commodities. Users can learn about the live prices of global currencies such as USD, Euro, British Pound, etc.

    This app also offers the latest prices of MCX commodities for assisting traders dealing with gold, silver, crude oil, etc.

    Backup facilities

    Users can maintain a backup of their data with the help of this app. They can restore the shares they are interested in and track them later from their smartphones.

    This app also gives a list of all the shares searched by a trader in the past.

    Gainers and Losers of the Bombay Stock Exchange

    Traders can view the gainers and losers of BSE easily with the help of this app. All names are listed in one place helping users in getting a total overview of the exchange in a minute

    Pro or Premium Version Features of the Stock Market Live App

    The Stock Market Live app has one version, which is the regular version. It does not have a pro or a premium version, and thus, users cannot get access to them.

    One can get a large number of details related to the stock market from the regular version of this financial app.

    It makes the trading process very easy by providing real-time data which is 100% accurate.

    How to Subscribe Pro or Premium Feature of the Stock Market Live App?

    Users do not have an option for subscribing to the pro or the premium version of the Stock Market Live app. This is because this financial app has only the regular version.

    Therefore, traders and investors can enjoy top-class features in the existing version of the app without spending money for the same.

    This application is available for free in the app store, and users need to download it on their smartphones or tablets.

    Why use the Stock Market Live App?

    The Stock Market Live app has some of the best features that make it stand out from the crowd of financial applications. It offers the latest market news and helps investors and traders immensely in taking wise decisions.

    They can understand the market trend accurately through this app and choose profitable instruments for investing money.

    The Stock Market Live app has a user-friendly approach that experts consider as its USP.

    This app is designed with simple options and menus that are very easy to access by both professionals and beginners.

    Users can take help of all the features effortlessly and navigate through different pages of the application.

    They can also learn about the real-time news related to global exchanges which is quite an exceptional feature in this category.

    The Stock Market Live app is free to use, and one need not subscribe to it with money for accessing its premium features.

    It is available on the application store of all platforms and is a lightweight app that consumes less resource. Users get a backup option that helps them restore their searches safely.

    Thus, the Stock Market Live app is meant for all traders and investors who want to crack the most profitable deal in the share market.

    Conclusion – Stock Market Live App

    Traders and investors should search for an efficient financial application that can guide them correctly through the share market.

    This market is highly volatile, and a trader should be aware of the updates of every minute for making good investment plans. Here, the features of the Stock Market Live app have been discussed.

    This is a top-rated app downloaded by thousands of traders and investors across the nation. It has premium features that will ensure users get a complete insight into the share market.

    However, one should read this article carefully for judging the worth of all the qualities possessed by this financial application.

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