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This article will throw light on one of the most popular financial App i.e. Stock Edge App. It is designed with top-class features that can help an individual control his investments wisely and earn good returns from the market.

Today, stock market investment has gained immense popularity, and many people indulge in it.

Financial investments help people in managing their wealth wisely and make a lot of money with limited resources.

However, managing finance can be very stressful if a person does not have good management skills.

This is where financial apps come to the rescue of traders and investors who are enthusiastic about stock market investments.

About Stock Edge App

Stock Edge app is one of the leading financial apps of the nation, offering genuine stock market updates to millions of traders and investors. It is a perfect app for short-term traders who indulge in everyday trading.

Users can obtain real data from this application and use it while making investment deals. It is an ultimately stock market dedicated application that provides unbiased research and assessment reports.

The Stock Edge app maintains a fundamental structure that is easy to understand and access for all traders and investors.

Users can extract the latest data on all financial products from this financial app. The Stock Edge application focuses on stocks, mutual funds, currencies, futures, options, and commodities.

It also provides live updates from popular stock exchanges, including NSE and BSE. Users can follow this app thoroughly for gaining a general awareness of the stock market.

It will help them in investing in profitable shares that have the potentiality of yielding a high profit. Therefore, the Stock Edge app can be called a one-stop solution for traders and investors who want to get a grip on the market.

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    Top Features of Stock Edge App

    Users judge an application by its features, and they prefer the one that contains a wide range of features.

    Stock Edge App

    A financial application should have some basic features that can help users in making wise investment decisions. Below are the features of the Stock Edge app:

    Latest stock updates: 

    Users can get customised stock market news related to Nifty, NSE, and BSE from this app. It also notifies about critical corporate events, announcements, indices, company assessment results, etc.

    Traders can also learn about exclusive deals and the statistics of FII/FPI, DII, cash and derivatives.

    Stock research data: 

    The Stock Edge app offers in-depth stock market data that helps traders conduct thorough research on the market.

    Its data list includes price graphs, delivery, interactive charts, technical performance, level indicators, and many others.

    Users can also obtain a detailed report based on comparisons of the previous nine periods.

    Technical assessment: 

    This app assesses stock market updates with various parameters such as Price Scans, High Volume Shares, High Delivery Shares, Relative Performances, etc.

    The Stock Edge app also provides technical data related to Options Strikes Scans; Candlestick pattern scans, Derivative scans, Open Interest, Aggressive Longs & Shorts, and some others.

    Basic scan reports: 

    The Stock Edge app offers necessary assessment reports after analysing the stock pattern in the market. It helps investors in evaluating whether a particular share is safe for long-term investment.

    Users can also figure out stocks of companies based on their turnovers, market capitalisation, solvency, and other vital parameters.

    Sector-wise research reports: 

    This app offers sector-wise research reports of the entire share market. It also provides industry-centric analytics depending on PE, ROE & ROCE ratios, MCAP, P/BV, and D/E

    Top-class investment solutions: 

    Traders and investors can use this financial app to get the best investment ideas in the market. It offers data related to the stocks that are performing great.

    Besides stock prices, the Stock Edge app also provides the latest news on rising fuel prices, solar energy, electric automobiles, currencies, etc.

    Trading tactics:

    Users can obtain ready-to-implement trading tactics from this app. Top experts from the industry frame these strategies by scanning the market thoroughly.

    Traders can deploy the trading tactics for indulging in intraday and swing trading.


    Traders can go through the portfolios of over three hundred investors and manage their own accordingly.

    Top investors maintain a robust portfolio that can inspire an individual in creating the best for himself.

    Evaluation reports on mutual funds: 

    The Stock Edge helps users get a general idea about mutual funds. It provides information on the performance of mutual funds, ratios, portfolio holdings, fund manager data, etc.

    Users can also compare numerous schemes based on their annual maintenance charges or classes.

    Investment options for mutual funds: 

    Users can analyze their mutual fund investment plans effectively by comparing Beta funds, tax saving schemes, etc.

    It will help them choose the most suitable mutual fund investment scheme available in the market.

    Customized profile: 

    One can create his personalized shares and mutual fund watchlists in this app.

    He can also make combination scans and investor groups and receive the latest updates related to stocks and investment schemes.

    Pro or Premium Version Features of the Stock Edge App

    The Stock Edge does not have a pro or a premium version, and thus, no question arises on its premium version features.

    Users can get all-around help from the existing version of this app, which is extremely popular amongst traders and investors.

    The regular version of the Stock Edge app has top-class features on par with several applications’ premium version.

    To sum up, stock market enthusiasts will get addicted to this application once they start accessing it.

    How to Subscribe Pro or Premium Feature of the Stock Edge App?

    Users need not subscribe to any pro or premium features of the Stock Edge app, as all of them are available for free.

    Pro or premium versions of applications attract a lot of subscription charge that renews every month or year.

    Users can download the Stock Edge from the app store for free and enjoy its seamless features for a lifetime.

    Why use the Stock Edge App?

    Millions of traders and investors rely on the Stock Edge app for many reasons, and this portion will reflect on some of them. This app has an excellent user interface designed with simple elements and controls.

    All the options are displayed clearly, and one need not hunt for them in coveted sections. This application is highly navigable, which saves time and energy for users.

    The developers of the Stock Edge app update its features in short intervals, and users can download these updates for free.

    The latest version of this app contains some exceptional features that will grab the attention of traders without fail.

    It includes two EMA scans, two-year and five-year price breakup scans, sector and industry-wise assessment reports including sales and PAT, and other premium features.

    Users can have the best experience in using this application with its top-notch design components.

    They can get the latest updates from the stock market effortlessly throughout the day. Moreover, this app helps traders with learning videos on stocks and mutual funds.

    Thus, users cannot deny the usefulness of the Stock Edge app at all.

    Conclusion – Stock Edge App

    Traders and investors consider financial applications as a blessing and depend on it entirely. These applications contain rich features that help people in investing correctly in the stock market.

    The Stock Edge app has won the hearts of millions of users already with its exclusive features.

    This article contains all essential details about this application that will help those searching for an excellent financial app.

    Here, essential data related to the features of the Stock Edge app are discussed. Readers should go through these details carefully to judge the usability of this application.

    They can download this app for free from their devices’ application store if they find it useful and constructive.

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