NDTV Profit App – Purpose, Features, App Versions, How to Subscribe, Usage & more

This article will invariably help financial investors because it will highlight the exclusive features of the NDTV Profit App.

Therefore, readers should not miss a single line from this piece of writing if they want to learn about an excellent financial application.

Financial applications are one of the most crucial gifts of technology, and millions of people get a lot of help from them.

These apps help traders and investors learn about the latest stock market updates for making wise investment plans.

Many financial applications are available on the play store, and choosing one among them is quite confusing.

About NDTV Profit Application

NDTV Profit is one of the most popular business news channels in the nation and has many followers.

It offers accurate data from the stock market, business world, and financial domain. The NDTV Profit app is an excellent gift from the channel to its ardent followers.

This app is available on all application stores, and users can download it on their smartphones for accessing its top-class features.

The NDTV Profit app offers live updates from the market, enabling traders to stay up-to-date with the current happenings.

Financial investors can watch Live TV on this app, highlighting market analysis and offers other business data.

They can also track the stock market round the clock to find out the suitable shares for investment.

The NDTV Profit app offers user-specific news, financial metrics, and historical charts that can prove instrumental while investing.

Users can also request videos related to various topics such as stock market assessments, company analysis, etc.

To sum up, the NDTV Profit app has some of the best features that lack in several other financial applications.

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    Top Features of NDTV Profit App

    NDTV Profit app is highly potent in helping traders and investors stay updated with the stock market.

    NDTV Profit App

    This portion of the article will discuss the features of this app and help readers understand why they should choose it.

    Real-time stock updates: 

    This app offers real-time stock quotes or prices based on time frames. Users can also obtain stock charts that display the prices of all stock listed in the market.

    Other vital data related to the share market also find a place on this stock chart that helps traders and investors immensely.

    Interactive Charts: 

    Traders can view interactive charts based on current and historical data of the share market. They can choose the time span for which they want to view these charts.

    The NDTV Profit app allows checking out price charts from one day to three years, which is quite a long time for making correct assessments.

    Enterprise-oriented data: 

    This app offers many data related to various business houses for helping investors choose the correct stock.

    These details include the latest news, financial metrics, and other critical news-based videos. Users will get an all-round idea about a particular company with these details.


    The screener section of the NDTV Profit app includes various parameters that are specially curated for traders and investors.

    It offers accurate information about sectors, Price-Earnings Ratio, Indices, Market Capitalization, and several other metrics.

    Moreover, users can also get heatmaps from this app that represents a massive volume of data graphically.

    Top news: 

    The NDTV Profit app offers the latest news from the share market, budget, financial sector, business world.

    Besides news, this app updates users with top market stories, assessment reports, recommendations from experts, etc.

    Traders can follow these recommendations and make profitable financial deals.

    Latest business updates: 

    Business updates are essential data for traders and investors as it influences their investment plans.

    This app offers accurate business evaluation reports that help understand the future position of a company in the market.

    The NDTV Profit app also provides all real-time business news the moment they take place.

    Breaking News: 

    Users will get live notifications of all the breaking news from the financial, business, and stock worlds. These notifications act as alerts and help traders in making instant investment decisions.

    Live TV: 

    One can stream live news on this app hosted by NDTV Profit news channel. These news shows are telecasted directly from the studio of the news channel, and users can watch them anywhere and anytime.

    They can catch a glimpse on the go, of shows they miss watching on TV

    Previous episodes: 

    The NDTV Profit app allows users to check out the previous episodes of news programs from the channel.

    This will keep traders and investors ahead of others with accurate data on the stock market and business world.

    Video on demand: 

    This is an essential feature of this app that helps users to request interviews of market experts along with their analysis reports

    Pro or Premium Version Features of the NDTV Profit App

    The NDTV Profit application does not have a pro or a premium version. It is available on various application stores only in the regular version, which is integrated with the best features.

    Traders can derive a lot of assistance from the present version available, and they will not feel the need to get a premium version.

    The makers of the NDTV Profit app update it regularly with advanced features, which make the application more robust.

    How to Subscribe Pro or Premium Feature of the NDTV Profit App?

    As the NDTV Profit app does not have a pro or a premium version, one cannot subscribe to those pro or premium versions.

    Users can get the existing version for free from the app store of their devices and access all the features available on it.

    Unlike many other financial apps, the NDTV Profit app offers all premium features without charging a subscription fee.

    Why use NDTV Profit App?

    The NDTV Profit app gives hundreds of reasons to users for accessing it. This application is easy to download from the app store and does not consume a lot of resources.

    It is a lightweight financial application that is built with premium features.

    The NDTV Profit app is very easy to navigate, and traders can move from one page to another without any hassle.

    They can use the app in both portrait and landscape modes without feeling any changes in the experience.

    All the key features of the app are displayed on the front screen that makes users access them effortlessly.

    The NDTV Profit app is designed with simple design components that users can understand instantly.

    It is an interactive app that helps users efficiently and guides them in the trading process.

    The latest updates on the stock market are available on this app, and users also receive notifications on their phones.

    The Live TV feature available on this app is a favourite of traders and investors who are big fans of the NDTB Profit news channel.

    This feature helps them check out live and previous episodes of various news programs featured on the news channel.

    Altogether this app is highly user-friendly, and both new and pro users can handle its features correctly.

    Conclusion – NDTV Profit App

    Stock market enthusiasts spend a lot of their time accessing various financial applications.

    These applications guide them effectively towards a profitable investment deal and offer all possible help required in the process.

    NDTV Profit app is a fantastic financial application provided by the renowned news channel NDTV Profit. It is a free-to-download app available for all platforms.

    Traders and investors can follow this article for extracting vital details revolving around the NDTV Profit application.

    They should study all the points thoroughly for understanding the features offered by this financial app. Thousands of users have already download it, and they have given it thumbs up.

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