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This article will throw light on the Moneycontrol app, which is one of the top financial applications in India.

Readers will learn here about all the superior features integrated into this app, and thus, they should not miss out on any portion.

Today, millions of people around the world take an interest in financial trading which requires them to learn the latest updates of the financial market.

It has increased the growth of financial applications, and many of them are already popular with investors.

About Moneycontrol Application

The Moneycontrol application is one of the best financial apps in India, which is downloaded by millions of financial traders and investors.

It is a perfect customised for smartphones and allows a user to get real-time updates of the financial market.

This app offers the latest information related to the stock market and the business world. Users can also avail of Live TV features in which they can listen to the newest market news.

This mobile app allows individuals to manage their financial portfolios, which is extremely helpful.

It can be used on various platforms such as Android, Windows, and iOS, and thus, all can use this app effortlessly.

The Moenycontrol app covers a wide range of assets traded from NSE, BSE, NCDEX, and MCX.

Users can track the latest updates on various financial products, including stocks, options, futures, mutual funds, currencies, and commodities.

The Moneycontrol app has bagged the award for the “Best Mobile App for Business” in 2017, which is a feather on its hat.

Top Features of Moneycontrol App

Moneycontrol app has a host of exciting features that make it stand out in the crowd. Below is a brief explanation of these features for helping readers understand them thoroughly.

Moneycontrol App

Top-notch navigation:

Users can navigate through various sections of the app effortlessly which include portfolio, real-time market details, Stock-Drawer, Stock-Pin, Watchlist, etc

Voice-enabled search options:

Moneycontrol app is designed with voice search optimisation that will allow users to avoid typing while searching for stocks, mutual funds, currencies, and other financial products.

Latest market updates:

Users can look for the latest data on stocks, futures, options, etc. on BSE, NSE, NCDEX, and MCX on this app. It also offers the latest prices of products on Sensex, NIFTY, etc.

Moneycontrol app offers dynamic and historical charts along with detailed market statistics for futures, options, and stocks.

Portfolio management:

Investors can manage their portfolios using this app and track the performances of stocks, mutual funds, and other financial products. It also provides the latest news on all the stocks bought by a user.

Round the clock news services:

Moneycontrol app provides the latest news on the share market, business, and economy. Users can get real-time news updates throughout the day, along with interviews of prominent personalities in this field.

This app also allows saving news and articles for going through them later, even without an active internet connection.

Text to Speech:

This is one of the premium features of this application that allows users to listen to the news and essential articles while travelling.

They can avoid reading articles and instead, opt to listen to them conveniently through this feature.

Customised watchlist:

A watchlist allows investors to track all stocks, mutual funds, currencies, and other assets that they want to invest in.

Moneycontrol app helps users to maintain a customised watchlist that will contain all of their favourite financial products.

One can stay updated with all the latest news about their favourite stocks through this watchlist, and this will help them in taking better investment decisions.

Forum message board:

One can follow top board members through this financial application and also stay connected to important topics.

It will help him obtain the best recommendations regarding which stock can be favourable for investment.

He can also avail of the messaging service and connect to the boarders for receiving valuable suggestions.

Thus, an investor can manage his portfolio better and invest in profitable stocks that can earn him a considerable amount of return.

Pro or Premium Version Features of Moneycontrol App

Moneycontrol application has a Pro version that is loaded with some exceptional features. These features will help in enhancing user experience and allow investors to get cost-effective benefits.

No ads: Users can indulge in an ad-free experience with the Pro version of the Moneycontrol application. Therefore, they will face no interruptions, and their searches will be faster and hassle-free

Customised news content: This version helps investors in maintaining customised content in their profiles. It will help them in staying updated with personalised news related to the topic they want to learn.

Provisions for market evaluation, trends, and insights: Users will receive to-the-point insights on the latest market trends that will enable them to evaluate their investments thoroughly

Top investment ideas: Moneycontrol houses the best financial advisors and an excellent research team that will offer smart investment ideas to users

Technical evaluation: This application will offer the best technical assessment from Professional Chartists

Guru Speak: One of the exceptional features of the Moneycontrol app is Guru Speak where users can receive the best market tips from top investors and traders

Macro Meter: This feature helps in understanding the real meaning of high-frequency indicators

Smart Calendars: Users can view dates for critical business and economic events on this calendar

How to Subscribe Pro or Premium Feature of Moneycontrol App?

Moneycontrol application is the finest app that is designed with loads of financial features. Investors can download it from the application store of their device and access all the features provided by it.

However, if an individual wants to enjoy some extra beneficial features, he needs to download the Pro version of the Moneycontrol app.

It is available on all app stores, and one has to pay a subscription charge for availing of its premium features.

The Moneycontrol Pro subscription is available in three packages, namely, monthly, quarterly, and annually.

A monthly subscription pack is available for the lowest amount of money and is applicable for one month. The quarterly pack is for three months, and the annual pack comes for a year.

Users can opt for the automatic renewal of their subscription pack through their Google Play Account.

They will have to make payments for the subscription packages before availing of the services and no options are available for partial subscriptions.

Why use Moneycontrol App?

The popularity of the Moneycontrol app is sky-touching and of the crucial reasons is its user-friendly interface.

Investors can access a wide spectrum of features on this app effortlessly through its exceptionally-designed interface.

This app makes the searching process very easy and is an excellent example of innovation and simplicity.

Moneycontrol app is highly navigable and allows users to travel from one page to another without much effort. Therefore, they can save time while accessing essential features on this app.

Some of the features available on this app are extremely beneficial, like Stock-Pin. This feature allows the user to pin their favorite stock on the phone’s screen and track its real-time updates conveniently.

Another important feature available on the Moneycontrol app is Stock Drawer through which users can browse all the stocks they have checked out lately. This app offers a customised watchlist for keeping a stern watch on numerous stocks.

Moneycontrol application is designed with simple components that are easy to understand and access. It is a highly responsive app and helps users in getting a personalised experience.

All the features are self-explanatory, which will help beginners to access this app without investing much effort. Investors can get real-time market updates quickly and also opt for listening to news and articles on the go.

Both the standard and pro versions of the Moneycontrol app are used by many, and they have received exceptional assistance in financial investments.

Moneycontrol App – Conclusion

A financial app acts as oxygen for traders and investors, and they are highly dependent on it. These apps help in making correct investment decisions that will prove beneficial in the future.

Moneycontrol is a popular business and financial app that is a favourite of experts. It exhibits innovation combined with user-friendliness and has numerous powerful features.

This article has highlighted all the features of the normal and pro versions of the Moneycontrol app. Readers should go through these features carefully before downloading the application from the app store.

It will help them in assessing an app’s usefulness and accessibility and enable them to choose the correct one. Long-term investors and financial enthusiasts can opt for the pro version of the Moneycontrol app for availing of its premium features.

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