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If one is planning to get their hands on the financial apps, then the mint app is their best bet.

The article here throws some light on the features and perks of the app, which makes it one of the best apps.

Several people today take an interest in financial trading, which needs them to learn about the latest updates on the stock market.

About LiveMint App

The Mint App is one of the best financial apps in India, which several investors and traders download.

Furthermore, the app can be tailor-made for smartphones and allows one to get real-time updates for the financial market.

The app offers the latest market updates related to the stock market. Furthermore, users can get their hands on updates in the business world.

There is also a live feature that allows one to listen to the market news. The best part is that users can also manage their portfolios on the app.

Users can seamlessly use the app on various devices like android, windows, IOS.

The app includes all assets available onĀ  NSE, BSE, NCDEX, and MCX.

They can keep track of the latest updates on different financial products like options, mutual funds, stocks, commodities, and even currencies.

Top Features of Mint App

Livemint app offers plenty of features that make it stand out in the crowd, and here are some of them.

Mint App

Seamless navigation

Thanks to the user-friendly interface of the app, the users can easily navigate from one part to another.

Customized news feed

The personalized news feed keeps users updated with the latest news, podcasts, and long reads so they can make the most of the app.

Trending section

Investors or traders can look for the latest information on stocks, options, futures, and other avenues while they use the app.

They can also get their hands on the latest prices of the products on the Sensex.

There are also dynamic and historical charts with detailed analyses for stocks, options, and futures.

Round-the-clock news

The app is likely to provide the latest information on the stock market.

Not only the stock market but the traders can also get the latest updates on technology, politics, companies, mutual funds, money, sports, and automobiles.

Industry-wise news

Irrespective of the industry one is interested in, they can get all updates on banking, infrastructure, infotech, agriculture, energy, and retail.

Notification center

The notification center in the app keeps users updated with essential breaking news.

In-app search functionality

This feature allows traders to direct to the news they want to read on the mint app.

Easy access to mint paper

If traders want to read the newspaper comfortably, then the mint app is the best bet for them.

Modern technology can quickly help one to read the newspaper comfortably.

On the go news

Irrespective of where one is, they can quickly get market updates.

Even if they don’t have time to read the information on the app, there is a listening feature.

It means traders can listen to the news even while they are on the go.

Pro or Premium Version Features of Mint App

Mint app also features a pro version that offers out-of-the-box features to the traders.

Best of the wall street journal

When users subscribe to the premium version, they can surely get the best of the wall street journey. It means they can get quick access to news.

Wall Street is all about unique stock market news.

Weekend magazine lounge

In the premium version, one can sit back and relax and get all updates on the weekend magazine lounge.

They can avoid run-of-the-mill stories while focusing on lifestyle and passion. To quote shortly, the news includes everything that the readers like or show interest in.

Unbiased news

One of the best parts about subscribing to the premium feature is that users can get not only impartial but also in-depth analysis.

It includes sharp insights featuring a deep understanding of some developments which tend to shape the Indian and global economy.

The features make news even more interesting for traders.

How to Subscribe Pro or Premium Feature of Mint App?

Mint app is one of the best apps having all the features that a trader looks forward to. All investors need to do is head to their respective app or play store and download the app.

They can then access all the features.

On the flip side, if users look forward to enjoying some unique features, then they must download the premium version of the app.

The app is readily available on all the app stores, but one must be willing to pay the applicable charges.

The Mint app premium version is available in three versions, including monthly, yearly, and two yearly. A 2 -year pack is the cheapest of all the packages and is available for two years.

The annual pack is available for a year, and the monthly pack is ideally available for one month.

They can also go for an automatic renewal subscription through a Google play account.

Before availing of the service, the users need to make payments for the packages they choose. Traders also need to know that there are no such partial packages.

Why use Mint App?

The mint app is quite prominent, and it is genuinely sky-touching.

One of the main reasons why the app is so popular is that it features a user-friendly interface. Investors can get their hands on a wide range of features while they use the app.

The exceptionally designed interface is designed incredibly and makes the searching process relatively easy.

If traders are looking for innovation and simplicity, they need to look no further. The app is relatively easy to navigate, so traders don’t need to stress.

They can easily switch from one page to another in no time.

Here the traders can save a lot of time while accessing the vital features on the top.

Some of the features like live news are quite beneficial here. While using the feature, the traders can stay updated with the latest information while traveling also.

There is also an option to customize the watchlist, which means traders can keep track of scrips that they want to add.

The mint app is designed with easy to go features that aren’t only to understand but also to access.

It is one of the most responsive apps so that traders can download the app without a doubt.

The best of all is that the features here are self-explanatory, so even beginner traders can use the app. Hence the app is suitable for professional and beginner traders.

Mint App – Conclusion

A financial app is like oxygen to both investors and traders.

But the main jack is choosing the right one.

These apps help traders to make the right decision.

The popular business app is one of the most prominent apps of experts and includes user-friendliness and powerful features.

Furthermore, the app helps users to get full market knowledge so they can trade better. Long-term investors can also go for the pro version of the app.

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