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This article will throw light on the ET Markets app hosted by the famous Times Group. It will discuss the features of this popular financial application and highlight the advantages of accessing it.

Today, a large number of people indulge in trading shares and other financial products.

They check the latest updates of the financial market and invest in the most profitable assets that are performing well.

Various apps have been developed in the past few years that assist traders and investors in surveying the market.

These apps are known as financial applications, and they are of great help for understanding the present condition of the financial market.

About ET Markets Application

ET Markets app is one of the most popular financial applications available on all app stores.

It offers the latest news related to NSE and BSE, and users can access it in 8 regional languages besides English.

Traders use this application for learning about market updates, drops in the share market, crash of Sensex, etc.

They can also obtain valuable data related to the best investment options at present, along with share recommendations.

The ET Markets app offers live charts for NSE Nifty and stock prices with advanced technical charts.

Some of the popular sections included in this application are Business News, Personal Finance, Markets Update, Share Market Trends, and Income Tax Calculator.

These sections help users with all-around assistance, and they can make the wisest financial decision conveniently.

Moreover, the ET Markets app offers detailed coverage on stocks and other financial products such as commodities, Forex, mutual funds, bonds, ULIPs, ETFs, and IPOs.

Users can set benchmarks on the latest market indicators and track them effortlessly through this application. They can stay updated with the best stock and mutual funds at present.

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    Top Features of ET Markets App

    As a financial application, ET Markets has won the hearts of millions of traders and investors who deal with financial products.

    ET Markets App

    It has some premium features that are mentioned below:

    Topic-based news feed

    Users can get the latest news on various topics on their news feed. This news content includes topics on pre-market, during-market, and post-market updates.

    Therefore, subscribers will stay up-to-date with the latest significant happenings of the stock market.

    Audio news feed

    The ET Markets app allows users to stay updated on the stock market with audio news clips. They can listen to real-time stock market news on the go with this feature.

    The ST Markets podcast is updated two times a day, and a special news audio clip is available on the weekends.

    Watchlist creation

    Traders and investors can maintain a steady watchlist with this app through “My Scrips” option. They can track their favourite shares, indices, mutual funds, currencies, etc. through this watchlist.

    All the latest updates on the scrips followed by the user will be available to him instantly. ET Markets app also notifies users on the slightest changes in the stock market.

    Market evaluation

    This app offers top-notch market analysis on all classes of financial assets such as indices, equity, Forex, mutual funds, IPOs, etc. It also provides vital data related to commodity futures and spot markets.

    All the latest assessments on currencies are available on this app that helps users in tracking the current position of various currencies.

    The ET Markets app offers expert opinion and recommendations along with evaluation on personal finance, tax-saving schemes, investments, etc.

    Financial tools

    Traders can access advanced financial tools through this app required for investments and managing wealth.

    It offers top-class calculators for calculating taxes, NPS, education loan interests, car loan interests, financial fitness, and other parameters.

    This app also provides a currency conversion tool that offers real-time Forex exchange rates for USD crosses, British Pound, Chinese Yuan, Euro, etc.


    Traders can monitor their share and mutual fund investments by maintaining a robust portfolio with the ET Markets app.

    This application has exceptional portfolio features that help users invariably in tracking their investments in various financial products.

    They can receive updates on the portfolio, share-related notifications, fund evaluation reports, SIP calculator, loan tracking facilities, and many other services from this application.

    Moreover, this app is accessible from any place, and users can stay updated on the market on the go.

    Offline reading

    The ET Markets app is also accessible offline, and users can use its several features without an active internet connection.

    They can go through various news stories offline while travelling. All these stories sync with the user’s device, and he can read them conveniently.

    Live TV

    Users can watch live shows from the studios of ET NOW on the ET Markets app.

    They can also listen to live audio news on their device and share them with friends and family through social media platforms, SMS, or email.

    This will help them stay updated on the stock market round the clock and keep their near ones updated at the same time.

    Pro or Premium Version Features of the ET Markets App

    The ET Markets app does not have a pro or a premium version. It has only one version which is available on all application stores.

    The regular version of this financial application is loaded with rich features that help traders and investors immensely.

    All these features are easily accessible, and thus, users do not feel the need for getting some added features that come with a premium price tag.

    How to Subscribe Pro or Premium Feature of the ET Markets App?

    All users can access the ET Markets app for free on various platforms. This app does not have a pro or a premium version which turns down the requirement for a subscription charge.

    Therefore, one can get a comprehensive range of features on this excellent app without paying the price for them.

    They can access these features for free and save money that they would have to pay for subscribing to the premium version.

    Why use the ET Markets App?

    The ET Markets app is an advanced financial application that has brought in a significant revolution in the world of financial trading.

    Users get real-time coverage from the stock market, which helps them immensely while making investment plans.

    They can check out the latest updates on various financial products on this app, including shares, mutual funds, commodities, currencies, etc.

    This app helps individuals in trading wisely on BSE and NSE, the two popular stock exchanges of the nation.

    Traders can monitor the latest market indicators conveniently by setting benchmarks and preferences. This will help them track the current happenings of the stock market from their smartphones.

    The ET Markets app has a wide range of useful features that allow users in managing their finance wisely.

    They can maintain a portfolio for monitoring their investments and taking the right decision on time.

    This app offers detailed news stories on stocks and companies, along with top-class market analysis. Users can opt for the live TV option for watching news stories from the ET Now studio.

    They can prepare a watchlist adding favourite stocks and track their ups and downs on a real-time frame.

    To sum up, the ET Markets app gives every reason to an investor for downloading and accessing for free.

    Conclusion – ET Markets App

    Financial applications are gaining immense popularity with time and are amongst the most-downloaded ones on the play store.

    Every trader and investor wants to have them on their smartphones for staying ahead in the share trading business.

    The ET Markets app is a top-rated financial application from the ET Now news channel.

    It helps users invariably in tracking the real-time events of the stock market and making profitable financial deals.

    This article has discussed the features of this application in detail for readers to understand them clearly. One should go through this article thoroughly before downloading the app on their device.

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