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In this article, readers will be enlightened on the features of the Economic Times App, which is a favorite of traders.

Financial trading is one of the most common forms of trading that is supporting the livelihood of a large number of people.

Traders and investors need to be updated with the whereabouts of the market for making correct trading decisions.

That is where a financial app plays a vital role as they provide the latest updates about all financial products.

About Economic Times Application

The Economic Times or the ET application is one of the most downloaded financial apps available today. It allows users to track the real-time news of the business world and the stock market.

Users get a lot of assistance in cracking wise financial deals using the ET app. This app also offers suggestions from experts that can guide a trader in investing in the correct direction.

The ET app is rich in feature, and users can access all of them with a touch. It is user-friendly and helps in managing stock market investments efficiently.

Users can avail of features like ET Portfolio on the Economic Times app, which will help them in maintaining a robust portfolio.

It is linked to popular stock exchanges, namely, BSE, NSE, MCX, NCDEX, Nifty, and Sensex.

Therefore, the ET app can be called a compact financial application that can prove highly beneficial for traders and investors.

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    Top Features of Economic Times App

    The Economic Times app is designed by top developers who have integrated the best features in it.

    Economic Times App

    Below is a brief description of the features a user can access in this financial application:

    Latest updates:

    Users can obtain the latest updates related to business, stock market, and economy from this application.

    It also offers news on Sensex, BSE, NSE, and Nifty, which helps traders and brokers invariably.

    Wide range of news:

    The Economic Times application offers a wide range of news categories that include top stories from India and foreign countries.

    This news section includes industrial information, market updates, financial news, etc. The app also provides technological and environment news which is quite an exception in this category.

    Connection to stock exchanges:

    If a reader wants to stay updated with the whereabouts of various stock exchanges, he cannot get a better option than the ET app.

    It is directly linked to the popular stock exchanges that include NSE, BSE, MCX, NCDEX, Nifty, and Sensex.

    Therefore, getting fresh news that is brewing in these exchanges becomes more manageable with the ET app.

    Slideshows on various domains:

    The Economic Times app has introduced the feature of slideshows on multiple genres that helps users in accessing the application.

    It covers fields such as automobiles, advertising, business, entrepreneurship, corporate world, consumer products, etc.

    This app also presents slideshows about the updates on the world of entertainment, stock market, economy, and many others.

    Accurate market data:

    This financial app provides premium data from the stock market that can help investors in making profitable investment plans.

    Its news portal offers the latest data on all financial commodities, including Stocks, mutual funds, commodities, currencies, etc.

    Updates on the economic statuses of a large number of companies are also available on the ET app. Traders can learn here about the movers, gainers, and losers in the share market with just a few clicks.

    Home screen widget:

    The ET app works round the clock, and users can get the latest updates of the share market without opening the application. Therefore, they can obtain valuable data on the go without accessing the app.

    ET Portfolio:

    The ET Portfolio is a classic feature of this app that allows users to manage their portfolio effortlessly. They can track their investments without much hassle through the portfolio.

    Pro or Premium Version Features of the Economic Times App

    The Economic Times app has a premium version which is known as ET Prime. This version has a host of exclusive features that help users immensely in making correct investment decisions.

    Detailed stories: Users will receive in-depth insights on more than twenty sectors in the investment domain. Thus, they can decide wisely which stock to invest in.

    Expert advice: ET Prime allows users to access top stories from the Economic Times newspaper that includes advice from industry experts and the editor

    Fewer ads: Ads disturb the experience of a user, and the premium version of this app eliminates ads to a significant extent. Therefore, users can expect to access the app seamlessly without interferences

    ET Prime community: Users can become a part of the ET Prime community and indulge in investment-related discussions with other active members

    Online events: ET Prime hosts several virtual events, and top industry experts present their opinions there. A subscriber of ET prime will be allowed to attend these online events

    How to Subscribe Pro or Premium Feature of the Economic Times App?

    The premium version of the Economic Times app, ET Prime is loaded with top-class features that compel traders and investors to subscribe to it.

    These features offer a seamless experience to users and make them jump a step ahead in the investment game.

    ET Prime has a large number of subscribers and is a massive community of many members.

    This version of the app offers three subscription packs, namely, Monthly, Yearly, and 2 – Year. These three packs come for three different prices and are auto-renewable.

    Moreover, the Yearly and 2 –Year subscription packs offer a trial period of 15 days, and one should grab it under every circumstance.

    Pricing – 

    Monthly Pack – Rs.399

    Yearly Pack – Rs.2,499 (Discount of 49%)

    2 Year Pack – Rs.3,599 (Discount of 63%)

    Why use Economic Times App?

    Financial apps have taken the market with a storm due to millions of people around the world, taking an interest in trading and investing in financial products.

    Numerous apps have emerged in the past few years and the Economic Times app is an indispensable name in this category.

    It is a favorite of thousands of share traders and investors for its exceptional features and specifications.

    The Economic Times app offers the latest updates on the stock market that keeps users ahead in the race.

    They can check out the ups and downs in the share market and invest in a profitable option accordingly.

    It will help traders in avoiding unfair deals that will earn them considerable losses in the future.

    Moreover, the Economic Times app provides stock recommendations from renowned experts of the share market. It is one of the crucial features of this app that attracts more users.

    The ET app is downloaded by millions of traders and investors in the nation who rely on it for real-time news on business, economy, and market.

    This app helps users in managing their portfolios and keeping track of their investments.

    The Economic Times app is very user-friendly and is designed with an easy-to-operate interface.

    Therefore, traders and subscribers can access it effortlessly and avail of all the fantastic features available on it.

    Conclusion – Economic Times App

    Traders and investors rely on a financial app for more reasons than one, and thus, they should make the right choice of app.

    They should evaluate many factors while choosing the perfect application that can guide their investment plans correctly.

    The Economic Times app is one of the best apps available today in the app store, and it has already witnessed millions of downloads.

    This app has top-notch features, and users can access them effortlessly through the uncomplicated interface.

    All crucial properties about this app have been highlighted in this article that will help readers immensely.

    So, traders and investors looking forward to investing in the financial market can download the ET app for the best guide.

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