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This article will discuss one of the top-rated financial applications called the CNBC App. Readers can gather a great deal of information about this application below.

Every financial trader and investor looks for the best application that will help them make a profitable deal. This has increased the popularity of financial applications on various platforms.

They offer real-time updates on the stock market and help investors in choosing the right financial product for investment.

About CNBC Application

CNBC has been a top-rated news channel that is followed by millions for getting the latest business news. The CNBC app is an extended version of the news channel, which can be accessed from mobile devices.

This application is available on the app store of various platforms, and users can download it on their smartphones easily.

It offers accurate information related to business, finance, and the stock market. Users can also receive notifications on breaking news that is creating a wave around the world.

Traders can follow various shares and stay up-to-date with the stock market very quickly with this mobile application. It has a watchlist that makes the stock-monitoring process hassle-free.

Users can also receive real-time market data from different corners of the world on their smartphone’s screen through the CNBC app.

Besides live updates, this app allows people to watch videos and episodes of various financial shows hosted by the channel.

To sum up, this app contains every big and small feature an investor looks for in a financial application.

Top Features of CNBC App

Below are the top-notch features integrated into the CNBC mobile application:

  • This application covers the international share market 24 hours a day which enables users to stay updated on the latest stock news
  • One can live track any stock he wants on his smartphone
  • This application offers accurate stock quotes, interactive charts, and personalized timelines that help investors immensely
  • Users can check out trading data such as pre-market and after-hours through the CNBC app
  • It also allows checking out the statuses of cryptocurrencies in the global financial market
  • Users can stream business news live on their phones while travelling to any place
  • This app notifies people about the latest finance news that enables them to make the correct investment decision
  • Real-time stock news is available on the CNBC mobile app
  • Users get live updates on political news through this app which helps them know about the current political scenario around the world
  • CNBC app offers business news round the clock without a break


Further list of features, which are an add on

  • It offers financial analysis reports that help users in managing their wealth wisely
  • Traders can get expert tips from this application on various topics including finance, politics, technology, healthcare, energy, investment, and the list continues
  • The CNBC app comes with a live TV option that allows users to stream live TV shows on their smartphones
  • Videos on various business and finance-related news shows are available for free on this app
  • This app has voice optimization and allows users to search for various topics without typing
  • The CNBC mobile app streams a host of primetime shows that include Closing Bell, The Profit, Shark Tank, American Greed, The Deed, Mad Money with Jim Cramer, and many others
  • This app is the best place to view all shows featured on the CNBC news channel
  • Users can catch up with finance and business-related shows anytime and anywhere with this app

Pro or Premium Version Features of the CNBC App

Like many other financial applications, CNBC has also designed a pro version of its app. This version has top-rated features that are exclusively meant for subscribers.

As a subscriber of the CNBC Pro app, users can enjoy the following features:

Ad-free experience: Investors are often interrupted in the regular version of the CNBC app with advertisements. But they can overcome this problem efficiently with the Pro version that is free from ads. This will offer a seamless experience to users, and they can check out all the features without any interruptions

Live CNBC TV: Subscribers of the Pro version of the CNBC application will have access to Live CNBC TV straight from Asia, Europe, and the United States. Primetime shows featured in these areas will be available for free to users

Expert opinions: The Pro version will host live interactions with experts housed by CNBC along with other famous personalities that include big investors, business analysts, and insiders from the industry

Daily assessment reports: Pro subscribers will receive daily market assessment reports before the share market begins its operations every day

Exclusive articles: The CNBC Pro app offers a large number of exclusive articles based on the market, finance, and business every week

Market closing design: Pro users will receive real-time share market closing design every day

How to Subscribe Pro or Premium Feature of the CNBC App?

The CNBC app is already designed with a host of beneficial features that are loved by users. However, expert traders and investors look for some added features that were missing in the regular version of this app.

This is the reason developers have introduced the Pro version, which has successfully mitigated all the shortcomings of the regular version.

The CNBC Pro app comes with some additional features that can enhance the experience of users many fold times.

Subscribing to the Pro version of this app is easy, and the charges are reasonable. Users can opt for monthly and annual subscription packs that come with various price tags.

The annual subscription pack will remain active for 365 days and is packed with seven days of free trial for those who are new to the service.

Users need not worry about the renewal of subscription packs as the process is automated.

Why use CNBC App?

The CNBC app is counted as one of the best financial apps that are loaded with basic and premium features.

It allows users to check the real-time business, finance, and market news that can help them invariably in making investment plans.

All primetime CNBC shows are included in this app that makes it more compact and user-oriented. This app offers accurate and to-the-point data which is considered as a valuable resource by investor and traders.

This app is evolving every day as developers are adding new features in short intervals. This is helping users to get the best experience while accessing the application on their smartphones.

Features like live TV allow users to catch important interviews and news that can guide them in the right path while cracking investment deals.

This app also offers insights from the industry dictated by top investment experts. The CNBC app has a user-friendly interface and allows for comfortable navigation facilities.

All the options are easily accessible and displayed transparently that prevents users from hunting for them.

The loading time for this app is significantly less, and it can also run on lower bandwidth. In short, the CNBC app can be a savior for an investor who is new to the share market.

CNBC App – Conclusion

The importance of a financial app is known well to all traders and investors who can manage to crack profitable deals with its help.

A large number of apps are available in the market that offers accurate business and economy data. However, one should be careful while choosing one among them and emphasize on their features thoroughly.

This article has thrown light on the features of the CNBC app, which is considered as one of the top financial applications.

Investors looking for a one-stop solution in the category of these apps should try out the CNBC app for having the best trading experience.

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