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Today’s article will focus on one of the most trusted share market apps, i.e., Bloomberg App. The readers will get deep insights and learn all about the exclusive features this app has to offer.

The article aims to cater to all your information-related needs. It ensures to please and understand all the opportunities this app presents.

Stay up to date with all financial news provided to you, understand trends, and make profits. Bloomberg is investors’ top choice and is sure to offer an enriching experience.

So, keep reading further about this application’s unmatched features and uses.

About Bloomberg Quint App

Bloomberg Quint app has everything a trader or investor needs. It is the first choice of many investors in India and worldwide.

This app has many good features to offer. It is a one-point stop from keeping an eye on many portfolios to checking the latest market updates.

It provides unmatched accessibility, and one can use it whenever and wherever they require. The app can analyze the news for better understanding to use it to their advantage.

Check business, stock market, or any other news essential for trading. The users of this application can personalize their portfolios and the app.

There is also an alert system that notifies you about changes in market positions. The app is also available for installation in Android, iOS, and even Windows.

This app is for you curious about currencies, commodities, and stock options. The app has podcasts and even live television to cater to all sorts of needs.

The Bloomberg app has built a reputation globally and all its users. If you are looking for everything mentioned above and more, this is the app for you to consider.

Top Features of Bloomberg App

The Bloomberg application is feature-rich and is customizable as per the users’ needs. This section will discover the various features of this app and how the users can use them to their benefit.

Bloomberg App

Wide news coverage

The application provides real-time data on many different markets. It broadcasts the latest news, updates, and in-depth analysis of major happenings.

It has its newsletters for its subscribers and aims to be the first information provider.

The users can get hands-on experience at any point in time. It also has a section for trending stories and news so investors can make timely decisions.

Access to markets

The Bloomberg terminal covers news items from all over the world. It brings new pieces from the US, Asia, Australia, Europe, etc., and sorts, analyses all the details for proper use.

The users get personalized updates for their regions.

It offers market data on indexes, commodities, bonds, and other instruments. Now anyone in the world can see and check the global trends and changes in a matter of seconds.

Live Television and Radio

The users can watch Bloomberg Television Live without availing themselves of any subscription plans. It does not need any satellite or Cable connectivity and broadcasts informative shows.

Featured videos from different categories are another bonus as these offer great learning. It also has a radio channel which is a beneficial feature to stay updated.


Along with the live TV, Bloomberg also offers a Podcasts section. This section includes interviews and videos of business experts and tycoons.

Get hands-on experience learning from industry leaders and implementing in your trades. Listen to the analysis of trends from leaders and use those tricks in the future.

This app has got your finance, business, Economic news needs covered.

Watch-lists and customized portfolios

The app offers to create your portfolios by including securities you wish to trade-in. This feature has eased the process of tracking your securities.

All the companies and indexes are available in one place, which saves a lot of time. Include stocks, ETFs, currencies, and everything you wish in your watch lists.

The app will allow you to track them easily.

Connectivity with stock exchanges

The Bloomberg app is investors’ choice worldwide.

It offers a way into the American, European, Asian markets and their stock exchanges.

A few of them are NYSE, NASDAQ, S&P, Dow Jones, NIKKEI, IBEX, and others. The users get to go through them and understand trends, check prices.

Magazine and informative shows

Along with all its features mentioned above, the app also has a magazine.

Regularly curated graphs and charting systems make it a source of useful information.

Subscribe to their newsletter and magazine and gain an experience of a lifetime.

Its resources provide the essential learnings and make investing an enjoyable process.

Pro or Premium Version Features of Bloomberg App

Bloomberg offers different subscription plans as premium versions of the app.

These premium features enhance the overall investing experience of users. It provides benefits that are unavailable anywhere else.

The subscription plans for this app are of three types- All-access, Digital, and BusinessWeek.

Here we will look at what these options offer to its users.

All-access plan

This subscription plan has everything one might need. It gives unlimited access to the Bloomberg website and app.

To stay in touch with the latest happenings, the users also get unlimited live TV streaming.

The subscribers can get an audio version of all the informative articles and can listen to them on the go.

The plan also includes a subscriber-only feature and gives access to conference calls. Users who take the All Access option go to the Bloomberg events.

They are also given the printed version of the magazine.


This plan offers unlimited use of the website and the application. The user also gets an audio version of articles and newsletters. Small investors can go for this option.

Business week

If a user is interested in just the news-related sections, this plan is the best. It includes the business week content only along with the printed magazine.

How to Subscribe Pro or Premium Feature of Bloomberg App?

The Bloomberg interface is developed so that the users can find the important features in one place. It has a Menu option right on the homepage, making it easier to access the website.

Such an arrangement allows the users to check and make changes as per their needs.

If the user wants to use more features, they can subscribe to a better plan. The Bloomberg app offers three types of subscription plans to its users.

These are All Access, Digital, and BusinessWeek. These subscription plans are bought by paying an extra fee.

On Bloomberg, this fee is very low compared to the fees charged by other apps in the market. The All-Access plan is available for INR 309 per month.

The Digital plan is up for purchase at INR 151 per month. The app also offers a three-month exclusive introductory offer right now. So, stop waiting and thinking and subscribe to its amazing features now.

Why use Bloomberg App?

In today’s time, investing and trading are not mere long-term plans. They have become a smart decision that the current generations are willing to take.

Engaging in investing provides profitable opportunities for personal growth as well.

This is why Bloomberg is a top choice today. It offers a great space for learning and seeking exposure.

The app has an interactive interface and an easy-access platform.

The users get to navigate through various sections with utmost ease. Personal watch lists make tracking assets and securities quick. Make your portfolios and include securities from various markets.

Charts and analyses of the latest news enable users to make timely investment decisions. If this isn’t enough to make up your mind, the Bloomberg app has a lot more to offer.

Get suggestions from top users, professionals, and seasoned traders. Keep an eye on what the pros are doing and learn as you go.

They make use of a live ticket and real-time industry and economic information. Its knowledgeable users keep a close eye on the market to ensure that they do not miss any opportunities.

Bloomberg App – Conclusion

People who engage in trading activities do so not only for the sake of making profits. Participating in the world of investors provides a wealth of experience and knowledge.

And an excellent learning experience is possible by selecting the right platform. Hence, a user should consider all criteria before selecting an app.

A good platform will help all its users in making better financial selections.

The Bloomberg app is one of the most popular, and it comes highly recommended by industry experts.

It has a lot of features and ensures user satisfaction.

We’ve covered all the features and subscription plans accessible in this article.

Users can now download the app and review the features that fit their needs before selecting it.

Users with more experience can upgrade to higher plans to gain an advantage over opponents. Download the Bloomberg app today if you’re looking for good investment opportunities.

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