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Dolly Khanna is known for her multi-bagger stock portfolio being one of the most successful in India. She is a Chennai based portfolio owner. And her name accidentally happened to shine amidst the Dalal Street. Dolly Khanna Portfolio is managed by her husband Rajiv Khanna.

As of today, we’ll highlight several facts about the Dolly Khanna Latest Portfolio. We’ll start right from the portfolio manager and how he chooses to invest on certain stocks. Then we’ll move on to the stocks held by this portfolio.

We’ll even establish and elaborate the portfolio’s status for three consecutive years beginning from 2022 discretely. And, at the end we’ll lay some light on the latest new surrounding this portfolio.

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About Dolly Khanna

The Dolly Khanna latest portfolio is known as an ‘accidental investor’ to have become one of the top most investors in the history of Dalal Street. The portfolio is solely managed by Dolly Khanna’s husband Rajiv Khanna.

Rajiv hails from a general middle-class Indian family residing in Chennai. However, he wasn’t so general even at the beginning. He was a bright student even during his school days and is a prestigious alumnus of IIT Madras holding a degree in Chemical Engineering.

He initiated his own business in the year by the name of Quality Milk Products in the year 1986. The business was sold over to Hindustan Unilever in 1995.

His journey in the Indian stock market began in the year 1996-97 when he invested in Satyam Computers with a casual approach. Intrigued by the performance of Satyam and some other tech stocks, he invested heavily on tech stocks.

Khanna managed to gain an overwhelming 300% out of his investments. His multi-bagger approach has been really simple from the beginning.

He says he invested in most of the house hold brands that his wife used in day to day life. It’s needless to say that the theme and his approach worked miraculously ever since.

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    Dolly Khanna Latest Portfolio & Holdings

    The recent portfolio of Dolly Khanna includes stocks of 11 different companies. We’ve tried to produce as much details about the stocks as possible underneath: –

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    Dolly Khanna Portfolio in 2019

    Dolly Khanna Portfolio 2019 consists of a total of 16 companies’ stocks. Her overall portfolio has faced a negative gain of around 30% so far. However, the year is yet to end and hopes are still high. Her portfolio has held the highest amount of shares Rain Industries this year.

    The maximum stock shares held for this company in 2019 was 74,78,042 during the 1st quadrant. And, the maximum holding value for these stocks was 78.3 Cr. However, a lot of stock shares were sold off during the 2nd quadrant.

    And, currently the shares held pose a value of 67.9 Cr for 64,22,542 shares. This roughly amounts for 1.91% of the company’s shares. The next big held up was for the company Radico Khaitan Ltd. shares. This was held at most this year during the 1st quadrant.

    And, the value for about 18,82,204 shares was at 61.5 Cr. then. However, even shares of this company were let out. And, the current holding can be summed up to 15,02,904 shares valued at 49.1 CR. this stock has experienced a negative gain by 0.28.

    Third biggest number of shares were held for NOCIL Ltd. The 1st quadrant experience this company’s shares being held at a value of 38.6 Cr. for 35,40,025 shares.

    The 2nd quadrat however, witnessed a sell of this company’s shares and a negative gain by 0.14. Currently held shares of this company amount to a total of 33,10,025 valued at 36.2 Cr.

    Dolly Khanna Portfolio in 2018

    There have been a total of 29 companies whose stocks were held by Dolly Khanna portfolio 2018. However, we’ll rather concentrate on the 3 largest quantity of shares held during 2018. To begin with, we have 98,74,485 shares of Manappuram Finance Ltd.

    valued at 132.3 Cr in the 1st quadrant of the year. However, with a negative gain in the stock, by the end of the 4th quadrant only 87,06,360 shares were held at a value of 116.6 Cr. Next in line is 93,43,702 shares of Rain Industries Ltd.

    valued at 98.8 Cr during the 3rd quadrant. This summed up to 2.81% of the shares of the company. however, during the 4th quadrant, most of the shares were sold out leaving the holding at less than 1% of company shares.

    And, the third biggest number goes for 14,05,336 shares of Radico Khaitan Ltd. valued at 45.9 Cr during the 4th quadrant.

    The shares of this company experienced a growth by 0.2 by the 4th quadrant and thus more shares were purchased. By the end of the year there were a total of 18,64,704 shares of Radico Khaitan Ltd. valued at 60.3 Cr.

    Dolly Khanna Portfolio in 2017

    Dolly Khanna portfolio 2017 registered to be holding the stocks of 31 companies. Nonetheless, we’ll only lay focus on the top three stocks based on the quantity and valued they held. At first, we have 1,02,08,675 shares of Manappuram Finance Ltd valued at 136.7 Cr in the1st quadrant.

    By the end of the year some of the shares were sold due to the inability to retain any further growth from previous quarter. There were in total 95,29,586 shares left at a value of 127.6 Cr. Then we have the shares of Rain Industries Ltd.

    There was a total of 68,77,710 shares valued at 70.0 Cr during the 3rd quadrant. However, more shares were bought during the 4th quadrant with a raise of 0.53. There was a total of 86,30,115 shares valued at 90.3 Cr.

    And, at last we have NOCIL Ltd.’s shares valued at 36.6 Cr during the 1st quadrant for 33,54,046 shares. However, during the 4th quadrant a few shares were sold out. The last quadrant of the year saw a total of 32,16,039 valued at 35.1 Cr.

    What is Dolly Khanna’s Net Worth?

    Dolly Khanna Net Worth
    QuarterNet worth(Cr)Change%
    Jun-22 511.7730%
    Mar-22 393.577%
    Dec-21 365.85%
    Sep-21 347.5512%
    Jun-21 309.7656%
    Mar-21 198.326%
    Dec-20 157.24137%
    Sep-20 66.16220%
    Jun-20 20.6510%
    Mar-20 18.72-71%
    Dec-19 64.9113%
    Sep-19 57.17-56%
    Jun-19 131.8-57%

    Dolly Khanna’s net worth at the present June 2022 as accounted for in the previous quarter stands at 511.77 Cr. She currently holds proper stakes in 6 different companies as well. However, the previous quarter has granted her portfolio with a downstream of profit.

    The past 4 years have in fact, impacted this portfolio very differently. The best growth experienced by this portfolio was during 4th quadrant of the year 2020.

    This quadrant showed a growth of 220%. The portfolio valued at 66.16 Cr during this period. The worst phase however, as witnessed by this portfolio was during the 3rd quadrant of the year 2019. At present, the portfolio is valued at 131.8 Cr with an overall negative gain of -57%.

    Dolly Khanna Portfolio – Conclusion

    There is lot to be said about the portfolio of Dolly Khanna. This multibagger portfolio has specifically been known to club and invest on the stocks that are relatively undervalued.

    However, her husband Rajiv commences huge research before investing on to any company. In short, he’s mastered the skill of identifying certain stocks at their pre-mature age and investing on them. This results in getting him huge profits.

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