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QR Code or Quick Response Code has become a very basic thing that we can see in day to day life. People often use it as most products come with code that needs scanning and the work is complete.

Let’s find out, what is this QR Code and how is it useful.

What is QR Code?

QR Code is the short form for Quick Response Code. It is a kind of barcode that human beings cannot understand.

However, devices like mobile phone or computers can easily read it and process it. It is a grid which is in the shape of a square box, the Code keeps records of information.

Quick Response Codes are the advanced version of the old, one-dimensional barcode. The format of the QR Code was standardized in 1997.

It was approved under American National Standards Institute along with AIMI. In 2000, it was standardized to the standards of ISO or IEC.

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    Understanding QR Code

    QR Code or Quick Response CodeIn the 1990s QR Codes came into the market as a medium that can give more information. It has more data than the kind of barcodes that existed previously.

    A Toyoto’s subdivision Denso Wave brings these Codes that we can use to trace automobiles completely in the process of its manufacturing.

    This do not need any light reflections on the parallel lines like the standard barcodes. Also, gadgets such as mobile phones can easily scan and read the QR Code.

    Through special software, we can easily generate these codes and read them. They generally deal with 4 kinds of data- alphanumeric, numeric, binary, and Kanji.

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    Quick Response Code is different from Barcode

    With the traditional barcode, the information that could be retrieved was much less.

    It is inefficient than those that can be retrieved using a Quick Response Code. Barcode would give data by using parallel lines with a variety of widths.

    It required a machine having an optical scanner to read the data. Barcodes are generally behind the packages of different products.

    Therefore QR Codes are much easier and convenient to use. They do not require any particular kind of machine to encode them.

    Uses of QR Code

    The main purpose of the Quick Response Code is to encode and to restore data quickly. It can do so with the use of computer devices. They are the storehouse of a huge amount of information.

    They work in many industries ranging from supply chain management to cryptocurrency wallet addresses as well as it gives data that includes URL links, geo coordinates, and text.

    QR Code has become more popular as it facilitates digital payments. Also, we use it to transfer web addresses to mobile phones.

    Process of Mobile Phones Encoding the Code

    Scanning a QR Code with the help of a mobile phone is a matter of just a few seconds. A mobile phone just needs a code reader to scan such codes.

    Placing the code in front of the camera present in the phone can be easily encoded by the reader present inside the phone.

    An iPhone user or an Android phone user can easily download the code reader if the feature is not pre-installed on the device.

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    Types of QR Code

    Different types of QR Codes serve different types of purposes. The different types of codes are mentioned below.

    Micro Quick Response Code

    This type is a version smaller than the authentic QR Code that comes to work when there is minimal space.

    There are different sizes of Micro QR Code but the smaller one among them counts as a module of 11 x 11 that can encode till 21 characters that are alphanumeric in nature.

    QR Code Model 1

    This model is the paradigm of 2nd Model and Micro QR Code. To the AIMI standard, till 14 versions of Model 1 are registered.

    The maximum information capacity of it ranges till 468 bytes that have the capacity to encode till 707 characters alphanumeric in nature.

    QR Codes Model 2

    This second model of the QR Core contains greater data density than Model 1 and it has an order of layout for improved adjustment positions.

    In the AIMI standard it has registered upto 40 versions from the beginning, of which version 40 has the capacity of hoarding data till 4,296 characters alphanumeric in nature.

    iQR Code

    Where space or shape becomes an issue there this type of QR Code is in use. We can make it in squares and rectangles to suit the need.


    A restricted function of reading to include information that is private features in this type of Quick Response Code.

    Frame QR

    This type of Quick Response Code has an alterable frame that may include large data like graphics, illustrations, or pictures.

    Advantages and Disadvantages of using QR Code

    Every new invention brings with it both advantages and disadvantages and people need to know them properly and needs to accept it with both its advantages and disadvantages.

    QR Code with its versatile aim offers a great range of advantages but that doesn’t mean it does not have any disadvantage. Let’s find out its advantages and disadvantages.

    Advantages of using Quick Response Code

    • The main advantage that these Codes have to offer is being of a versatile nature, that is, it can encode almost all kinds of data.
    • Mostly typing an URL is a confusing and time-consuming method and often consumers make mistakes in typing therefore scanning a QR is much easier and convenient.
    • Unlike the old, uni-dimensional barcodes, QR Codes do not require huge and special devices. As a simple mobile phone that has the feature of scanning can easily be used to scan these codes.
    • They have the capacity to store more data and information than the barcode that previously existed.
    • It is almost free or inexpensive to use these codes.

    Disadvantage of using the QR Code

    • The main disadvantage of the QR Code is that though it is easily scanned with a mobile phone, all mobile phones of scanning codes. Hence, for users using this kind of phone it becomes difficult to scan the code.
    • Mobiles with the scanning feature come with a heavy price tag which everyone cannot afford. Moreover still some people don’t even have smartphones, for them, scanning it is impossible.
    • Everyone is not pro in using technologies like this as a result many people are not aware or familiar with the usage of QR Codes.
    • They can at times be wrong or may not read properly.
    • These cannot be used if there is no internet connection.

    How Businesses can use a QR Code?

    A business whether big or small can use Quick Response Code in innumerable ways.

    A business on its website where there are product details, phone number, and the URL to the page is present. And, can easily generate code automatically next to each of its products.

    We can also add QR Codes to business cards. It will help the prospective customers or stakeholders to easily scan the code using their phone and check the details of the business.

    We can easily use these codes in any print advertisements, posters, and even television ads.

    Here their product details, contact details, offer details, details related to any events, and competition details, detail of any coupons, or even a link to a Youtube channel or a Facebook or Twitter account is present.

    Then everybody interested can easily scan the code and reach the desired page and view the details completely.

    Conclusion – QR Code

    The expectation that was formed about the popularity with the invention of the QR Code among the consumers it not fully satisfactory.

    This is because; people are still quite unaware of this Code system. The advertisers use Quick Response Codes in marketing campaigns rather than consumers.

    However with its emergence into the market, it has readily made the lives of the people who can use it properly and are aware of it, easy and smooth.

    The QR Code is of great help.

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