Upstox Pro Web Trading Platform – Review, Top Features, Setup, Charges and more

About Upstox Pro Web Trading Platform

Upstox Pro Web is the most useful trading platform which is similar to any other trading platform. This platform is identical to Zerodha Kite. But, it has some additional features like algo trading. It is the trading platform offered by RKSV. Upstox gives discounts on BSE, NSE, MCX, Equity, Commodity, and Currency Derivatives. Further, it offers a platform like trading, analysis, charting and many more rich trading features.

Upstox Offers

Top Features of the Upstox Pro Web:

This fantastic platform has lots of features that make it best and unique from other sources. So, here have a look at those features

  • Socket technology is used in this application which gives customers access to analyze the real-time market data at a much faster rate.
  • It has excellent charting tools with ten drawing and 107 indicators tool like a pitchfork, Fibonacci, pitchfork, etc). These tools allow users to work in a rich technical environment. As well as, they can analyze it with convenience and ease.
  • To spare time considerably, the application offers intuitive office with which clients can drag a specific script and drop onto the diagramming screen, along these lines, giving the framework a chance to show the scrip in the type of an outline quickly.
  • Users can likewise get to various highlights through console easy route keys, in this manner, sparing time amid circumstances.
  • Access authentic information for as back as most recent ten years which helps a ton in the essential investigation of stocks.
  • You can specifically put exchanges from the outline highlight with a single snap. Clients are required to right catch and choose whether they are hoping to purchase or move that specific stock.
  • It offers customizable designs, alarms, and topics according to client’s inclinations.
  • It will give you powerful charts of tools to spot market trends.
  • You can customize your charts with 100+ indicators, place an order and, make one click trade.

How to setup Upstox Pro Web?

The process of working on Upstox is large. So, here have a look at the procedure below:

  • First, go to the login page of Upstox Pro Web. Login with your id and password by which you have signed up.
  • It will at that point request your time of birth as your password. If you don’t mind, enter your time of birth to proceed.
  • Presently this will log in to the Upstox terminal and go to the home screen.
  • The home screen will be a clear screen except if and until the point when you include a couple of scrips there. You can tap the in addition to image and compose the name of scrip to add it in the terminal. See the picture beneath:
  • When the scrip is included you can likewise expel a script by tapping on the REMOVE catch as appeared on the picture underneath:
  • There is couple of menus on the upper right corner of the Upstox Pro terminal. Tap on the principal menuindicated as “P” or profile. You can locate the accompanying choices there: Market Status, Change Password, Legal, Keyboard Shortcuts, Terms of Service, and Contact and, Sign Out.
  • A Rupee image means the following menu and that is the assets segment. You can see your assets status like after: Net Balance, Total Balance, Used Margin, MTM, Instant Payin, Adhoc, and Span Margin and, Exposure Margin.
  • In the Upstox Pro, Web demo gives now a chance to see the diagramming. To open a graph correctly tap on a scrip available watch and tap on OPEN CHART. The process has so much to see and talk but, these steps mentioned above are sufficient to get started.

How to Own Upstox Pro Web?

Upstox Pro is the paid service but, the benefit you will get is also incredible. Well, the charges of the subscription are as follows:

Plan 1 – Upstox Basic

  • Equity Delivery Based Trades: Rs 0.

Plan 2 – Upstox Pro

  • Equity Delivery Based Trades has Rs 0. You will get free unlimited equity delivery trades.
  • Equity Intraday Trades has 0.01% or Rs.20/executed order.
  • Equity Future has 0.01% or Rs.20/ completed order.
  • Currency Futures has 0.01% or Rs.20/ executed order.
  • Currency Options has Rs 20/executed order
  • Equity Options has Rs 20/executed order.
  • Commodity Futures has 0.01% or Rs.20/ executed order

Advantages of Upstox Pro Web:

Upstox Pro Web gives some exciting benefits to the customers who choose this for the trading and exchanging. Some of the important advantages are as follows:

  • In Equity Delivery segment, Upstox provides trading which is entirely brokerage free.
  • Upstox has the double features as it can support in Android App and iOS Mobile Trading App.
  • The price of the product is zero as it is free of cost for every customer.
  • Cover Order, BO, and AMO or After Market Order are available on both web and mobile.
  • Trailing-Stop/Stop-Loss is possible in both web and mobile.
  • The web application sees a refresh every 2-3 weeks which is a superb refresh recurrence cycle. It enables clients to get to new highlights and dispose of existing bugs or issues in the application.
  • Users can rearrange crosswise over various gadgets showed on the screen according to their inclinations. For example, on the off chance that you need the market watch to be shown to the correct piece of the screen, you can do that in Upstox Pro web.
  • You can even have a check at different watch records in the meantime, all adjustable.
  • Upstox Pro web is known for its execution and in this manner, gives a smooth client experience to clients. The component likewise offers 100 investigations for clients to make their very own specialized and principal systems. Moreover, you can even contrast different scrips with measure the execution of stocks in the meantime.
  • Upstox Pro Web gives access to watch multiple things or watch lists at the same time.
  • It gives a hand to trade around exchanges like Equity and commodities.

Disadvantages of Upstox Pro Web:

Well, it has some disadvantages that push you way back. Some of the disadvantages of this are as follows:

  • If you want to trade in Eq Intraday, Eq F&O, Commodities and Currency Derivatives then, you will not get free brokerage service.
  • You have to pay an additional Rs. 20 for per executed an order for Intraday square MIS/BO/CO orders.
  • Apart from that, you will need to pay Rs. 20 per executed order for orders placed through Call & Trade.
  • Higher ydemat exchange charge of Rs 13 + Rs 5.50 per scrip. Most different representatives charge Rs 8 + Rs 5.50 CDSL charge.
  • Algo-exchanging offices aren’t accessible. Since its moderately another application, still, a couple of highlights stay to be included.
  • Relatively extreme to utilize, particularly for amateurs. In any case, in no way, shape or form gives an imperfect client encounter. The market is getting intense, and the vast majority of the stock broking firms are putting in their endeavors to convey the best exchanging answers for customers.
  • Upstox does not permit to put resources into Mutual assets, so you won’t have the capacity to put resources into MFs through the product.


Well, Upstox has mix-match review. You can try this for the happy and safe trading but, you have to pay for this because this is not a free platform. The benefits you can get from this platform are simply amazing. It has many wonderful trading features which will solve your problem in a minute or two. So, do consider and get your own benefit while trading in different segments of exchanges like BSE, NSE, MCX, Equity, Commodity, and Currency.

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