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People in search of a business plan to invest in can consider the Arch Finance Sub Broker. The Arch Finance Franchise is part of the reputed company Arch Finance, which is a notable player in the stock broking industry. They precisely setup a franchise for you to opt for easily.

This article is to guide you through all the requirements and benefits associated with the franchise of Arch Finance. We also provide you with the customer ratings, and the process to become a sub broker.

Arch Finance Franchise offer

Arch Finance Franchise Ratings & Review by Top10StockBroker

Arch Finance Franchise Ratings
Revenue Sharing Model 2.5 / 5
Security Deposit 2.2 / 5
Experience 2.4 / 5
Offers 2.4 / 5
Mobile Apps & Trading Platforms 2.2 / 5
Overall Ratings 2.4 / 5
Star Ratings ★★★☆☆

About Arch Finance Franchise

Arch FinanceArch Finance Sub Broker is offered by a private establishment, which was incorporated in the year 1995. They have a great line of products and services to offer, and if you opt for Arch Finance Franchise, you will share the rights of dealership.

Founder of the company is Narendra Goushal, and the headquarters are situated at New Delhi. They have catered to a sub broker activation time of 28 days, with payout time of 3 to 4 weeks.

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    Types of Arch Finance Business Model

    If you wish to invest in one of Arch Finance Franchise models, here are you options. The company provides only one model, and it is.

    • Arch Finance Sub Broker

    Arch Finance Sub Broker or Authorized person

    So, Arch Finance Sub Broker is the only offered Arch Finance Partner programs. But, this is all you need, to kick start your own franchise unit. Sub brokership is a business plan, where you take the rights of dealership with the company.

    The company will share its trademark and rights with you, so you will be able to sell and deal in its products and services. There are certain terms and conditions through, like, you need to contribute a cost as security deposit, and stand up to the company’s eligibility criteria.

    Benefits associated with Arch Finance Sub Broker

    • You will have the authority to sell the company products and services, through your business.
    • Huge investment is not required; rather a small initial 10k deposit would be more than enough to start the business.
    • As minimum as half the share is revenue is assured. Maximum percentage moves up to 80%, a lot more than what general stock brokers offer.
    • High degree of support will be provided by the company in many terms, leading to successful start of your business.

    Arch Finance Sub Broker Commission or Franchise Revenue Sharing

    The first and prime perk the aspirant search for is the Arch Finance Franchise Revenue Sharing. So, we have the information, or in other words, your share entitlement. You will be entitled to a Arch Finance Sub Broker Commission in between 50% to 80%.

    The bar will move high with increase in security deposit. Among the other terms and conditions, if you provide a higher share in security deposit, a higher share in revenue will be yours.

    Revenue Sharing Clients Share Arch Finance’s Share
    Sub Broker 50% – 80% 20% – 50%

    Start your Broking Business with Arch Finance

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      Arch Finance Franchise Cost or Sub Broker Investment

      In order to earn the sub broker model of this company, you will have to provide a sum as security deposit. The Arch Finance Franchise Cost on the minimum end is Rs.25,000. Such an amount is easy to cater for, and is must if you have plans of starting a business.

      The Arch Finance Sub Broker Investment range on the highest scale is Rs.300,000. Make this amount of investment if you want a share equal to 80% in revenue.

      Security deposit
      Sub Broker Rs.25,000 – Rs.300,000

      Arch Finance Partner Infrastructure Requirement

      The further facet of sub broker model is the Arch Finance Partner Requirement. You will need some set up, which are required to commence and carry a new business. The precise Arch Finance Sub Broker Infra Requirement is:

      • The good news is that, there is no mandatory requirement of a certain infrastructure.
      • You will however need to invest in trading terminals and set them up.
      • Internet connections for the trading terminals are must hence it would be better if you choose a high speed internet plan.
      • You also need to cater up for research services.

      Arch Finance Sub Broker Offers

      There are significant Arch Finance Sub Broker Offers given to the sub brokers. We have gathered the information on the Arch Finance Franchise Offers and provided them below:

      • Only a single offer is extended by the company. It is of a flexible revenue sharing model. You can have a pretty good percentage of shares, or have the base percentage for starters.

      Arch Finance Authorized Person Eligibility Criteria

      There are a set of Arch Finance Sub Broker Eligibility criteria’s set by the company to ensure they find the right individuals. The company wishes to find the ones who have the potential to carry their business forwards, hence the Arch Finance Franchise Eligibility criteria’s are defined.

      • A minimum qualification of intermediary is deemed necessary. However a higher qualification as that of graduation will be a priority over others.
      • Holding a NISM certificate will make it easy for you to operate as a sub broker. SEBI has set up some benchmarks in terms of operating, and so, the company would need you to abide by it.
      • Along with the qualification and certificates, you would also be expected to have a brief knowledge about stock broking industry. Not vast though, the company would expect you to know the basics of the products and services.
      • Lastly, considerable years of experience in related industry would push your application process forward.

      How to become Arch Finance Franchise or Sub Broker?

      The decision to Become Arch Finance Franchise relies upon you. Based on all the criteria’s the company set, you can choose to be an Arch Finance Sub Broker or not. If you wish to become one, here are the steps you need to follow.

      1. Take a peek at the end of the page, which features a button like option. It reads, “Become Sub Broker”. Press on it and fill in the pop up that arises.
      2. Make sure you enter in genuine details, and then press submit. Following this, your devise will display a new form.
      3. Questions regarding your identify and qualification will be asked; answer them and provide the scanned images of the documents asked.
      4. We have included the possible list of documents this company can ask you for below.
      5. You now need to sit back and wait for them to verify and call you back.

      Documents required to Become Arch Finance Sub Broker:

      • PAN Card
      • Academic Certificates for verifying educational qualification of the applicant
      • Investment proof for the applicant
      • Proof of complete payment of the security deposit by the applicant
      • SEBI Registration certificate held by the applicant
      • Birth certificate of the applicant
      • Cancelled cheque of applicant’s concerning bank
      • Passport sized images of the applicant
      • GST Registration held by the applicant

      Why Partner with Arch Finance

      There are significant share of Arch Finance Franchise Benefits associated, if you choose this company. They are vast, however, we would like to walk you through some of the major considerations you must take into account.

      • They have an experience of 20 years, which is why you can be assured to receive a great assistance. You will invest in a company which has been providing quality services and products, and help operate them further.
      • Furthermore, they have created a vision, a set of rules and regulations they abide by. Such relationships had led to their upliftment, and will subsequently help you with your business.
      • The criteria’s to apply for their sub brokership are low, and the returns you will fetch are significantly high.

      Arch Finance Franchise or Sub Broker – Conclusion

      We urge you to take the Arch Finance Franchise model into consideration if you feel pleased with their structure. Their defined plan has been briefed here and it is time you make a decision, and choose to become a Arch Finance Sub Broker.

      Rest assured, it would definitely be a great idea, and the company will always have your back with the support services they provide.

      Start your Broking Business with Arch Finance

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