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Sharekhan Smart Search is an intuitive search engine built by Sharekhan. It can be used for searching about stocks, trading histories, and more along with buying shares right from the search bar itself.

It goes through different web pages regarding stocks, mutual funds, etc. and gives relevant search results for the search terms.

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Star Ratings★★★★★

About Sharekhan Smart Search

Sharekhan is one of the biggest private full-service brokers in India. It ranks third on the list of broking firms in India in terms of customer base. It has branches all over India.

There are a lot of products released by Sharekhan, and one of these products is the Sharekhan Smart Search which is an advanced search engine designed for stock market investors and traders specifically.

It can be used to look at the trading history for stocks, browse through the latest stock market news and make trades as well!

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    Sharekhan Smart Search Features

    Sharekhan Smart Search is an intuitive search engine which was made by keeping the interests of stock market traders and investors in mind. It can easily be called the Google for the stock market.

    There are a lot of features; some of these features are: –

    Order Placement

    Order Placement is a feature of Sharekhan Smart Search using which you can use the smart search to place an order to buy or sell by entering details like scripts and the exchange name and much more.

    Scrip Locator

    Using the scrip locator tool, you can get all the required information regarding a scrip you are interested in related news regarding the scrip, your holdings in that scrip, the positions of your investment, and much more by just hovering your mouse over the specific stock.

    Fund Locator

    The fund locator tool can be used by investors to find specific funds in the market that they want to invest in. The tool helps the users to make informed investments by showing all kinds of details regarding the funds it shows like star ratings, historical returns, as well as other information about the fund.

    Tools and Features

    You can access sitemaps of any website you are researching about directly from the smart search tool. It can also search for FAQ sections through which you can get answers to frequently asked questions about the stock.

    How to Set-up Sharekhan Smart Search?

    To use the Smart Search feature, you have to be a member of Sharekhan by having their online trading account. If you are a member of Sharekhan, you can follow these steps to use the Smart Search feature on the Sharekhan Website: –

    1. Go to the official website of Sharekhan by entering Sharekhan.com in the URL bar of your web browser.
    2. In the top right of the screen, select the button that says “LOGIN/TRADE.”
    3. Enter your Sharekhan online account login details to log in to Sharekhan.
    4. Now, you will be able to see the search bar on the header of the website, and you can use this to perform searches about your desired stocks.
    5. Select the dropdown list on the left of the search bar to select which tool you want to use among the Scrip Locator, Fund Locator, etc. You can select All to search with all means at once.
    6. Enter your search term in the search bar.
    7. Click the magnifying glass icon or press the enter key on your keyboard to perform your search.

    These are the steps using which you can search for stocks and funds using the Sharekhan Smart Search tool. If you do not have a Sharekhan online account, follow the steps in the next section to make one.

    How to Own Sharekhan Smart Search?

    To use the Sharekhan Smart Search feature, you are required to become a member of Sharekhan by signing up for an online account at the official website of Sharekhan.

    Only a few steps are required to become a member of Sharekhan by signing up for an online account. These steps are given below.

    To create a Sharekhan online account, perform the following steps: –

    1. Click on “Open Demat Account” button below.
    2. Fill up the pop-up form with your details
    3. You will receive a call from the sharekhan executives
    4. They will take you through the online account opening process
    5. Your account will be opened in next 1-2 hour

    Post account opening, you will receive you client id & password. Now, you can use these login details to log in to the Sharekhan Smart Search.

    Advantages of Sharekhan Smart Search

    There are a lot of advantages of using Sharekhan Smart Search over regular search engines as it is made with the interests of stock market investors and traders in mind. It provides relevant and accurate information for the search terms you enter in the search bar.

    The advantages are as follows: –

    1. It provides a one stop solution for all your stock market related searches like news, price updates, trading history, etc.
    2. You can place orders for buying or selling stocks right from the Smart Search Bar without going to a specific trading platform.
    3. There are many features like Scrip Locator and Fund Locator which you can use to search for the Scrips or Funds of your preference and discover new trading opportunities.

    Sharekhan Smart Search Conclusion

    Sharekhan is one of the biggest broking houses in India. The Sharekhan Smart Search is a feature of their website wherein their customers can search for Scrips, Funds or other Sharekhan website features and get accurate results instantly.

    The users can also place trade orders right from the search bar itself by using their predefined commands. It is a one stop solution for all of your trading or investment research needs and is suitable for a wide array of customers.

    Get Free Access to Sharekhan Trading Tools – Open Demat Account Now!

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