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A prospective trader will invariably endeavour to see success in his investments. No doubt he won’t like to bear any type of the loss at any cost.

But there are few who seems to have foggy ideas about the stock market. And for them the Kotak Securities Dealer Assisted Trading is a like a worthy solution.

It is a service from the Kotak to help people be in the right path with laid information on the stock market. Here in this article will share some insight on the features, benefits that one can enjoy from the Kotak Securities Dealer Assisted Trading.

Kotak Securities Offers


About Kotak Dealer Assisted Trading

Many traders are unsure about the rules of trading and thus love to be guided. In that regard, here comes the central character of the Kotak Securities Dealer Assisted Trading.

It is actually an initiative taken on behalf of the kotak securities to help those who require a proper guidance from the company.

It is true that every trader does want to trade with full confidence and they want to have all kind of confirmation regarding the finance for their future.

Well the Kotak Securities Dealer Assisted Trading service is designed to ease the complications associated with the investments and transaction.

Subsequently offer you ample of advice on the investment, which deems fit for you. In order to have the service you only need to get to the office of the Kotak securities in person and the dedicated advisor would be there to advice you on the investments.

Therefore no more worries as Kotak securities is much aware with the situation.

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    Top features of Kotak Securities Dealer Assisted Trading

    Here is some of the following Kotak Securities Dealer Assisted Trading that is offered by the Kotak securities on assisted trading like the Kotak securities trading app.

    Loyal dealer

    An experienced dealer will go through your account at once and will make the right recommendation on the investment.

    It is worthy to mention that the experts do offer the advice on time so that you can accelerate your growth and enjoy gain.

    Customised relationship manager

    Besides getting the suggestions from a loyal dealer you will also get a qualified relationship manager beside you.

    It is top- notch service that Kotak securities do offer because the work of the relationship manager can be customised who will throw light on the trading and investment on a daily basis.

    In fact, he is always on toes to answer to any doubt that you may come across while trading and investing. Apart from that, he will also offer sound information on the derivative type of the investment types, debt and equity.

    Dial and trade

    Well here you also get the facility of dial and trade. And according to that you get the facility to call the dealer directly and have your trade placed over phone.

    Pickup and drop of cheques

    With the assisted investment services the Kotak securities also facilitates the traders to have the cheques pick up service right from their doorstep. At the same time, they do drop the agreements at your doorstep without charging anything from you.

    Alerts on researches

    The traders can also enjoy the alert service through sms. For that, they need to subscribe to the type of sms service they want to have.

    This informs the traders regarding the information on the transaction. The whole point is to keep the traders updated anytime and anywhere.

    Great information about stocks

    There is team of experts and analysts who are always busy conducting researches on the stock market.

    They actually have expertise in conducting research on individual stocks as well as at length research on both macro and micro economic in order to comprehend the stock trend.

    Once done with the research they also develop the reports based on that. And traders can acquire those reports at the office of the Kotak securities without paying a single penny.

    Kotak Securities Dealer Assisted Trading Conclusion

    The Assisted trading feature of Kotak Securities is a great reward for the traders like the Kotak securities broking app.

    The basic privilege of the service is that the traders can avail the service at a brokerage rate, which is low. In addition to that, the traders won’t need to pay any handsome amount as the annual maintenance charge as well.

    Overall, the professionals do prudently offer you assisted service so that your money accelerates at a faster rate. At the same time, they do keep the cost to minimum so that you can afford it easily.

    Thus, it is good to say that it is hassle free like the Kotak securities broking app.

    Get Free Access to Kotak Securities Dealer Assisted Trading –

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