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Know in detail how the Evolution of Fintech has revolutionized the stock market & Angel One is here to change the Game.

This article will give you insight into how multiple stock market companies are emerging as technology-driven fintech companies.

These fintech companies are helping the users by simplifying their needs and requirements. And making stock trading and investment easier for everyone through a single platform.ANGEL ONE REBRAND

Evolution of Fintech as a Category

Since technology has always been a key player in the world of finance, its role has evolved and gained further prominence.

Technology-driven financial solutions can be understood to fall under the term ‘financial technology’ or by the popular portmanteau fintech.

Key elements that were popular in the mid 19th to mid 20th century focused on developing infrastructure to tend to the needs of financial globalization.

Angel Broking was founded in 1987 during the second evolutionary wave of financial technology.

Here, there was a shift from analog to digital, and the path for this was paved by traditional financial institutions of which Angel Broking was one.

This period was active from 1967 to 2008 and saw a number of rapid developments ranging from the world’s first digital stock exchange (NASDAQ) being launched to banks becoming fully digitalized in their interactions with external parties by the early 21st century.

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    Imagery that Governed this Category

    Set against this backdrop, the clientele that Angel Broking attracted at the time was more formal, serious, and aggressive in their attitude.

    Keeping in mind that education at the time was not free, only a certain, highly educated category of Indians had exposure to and therefore were able to take advantage of the brokering services Angel Broking had at the time.

    This category, however, has seen a rapid transformation in the third wave of financial technology that has been active since 2008 and is focused on start-ups.

    A shift in mindset and the emergence of new players have led to younger, more tech-savvy clients., and the sheer propensity of smartphone users across the world has meant that the way in which financial services have been consumed has drastically altered.

    In India alone, the amount of mobile phone users with access to the internet is estimated to amount to 469.3 million as of 2021.

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    Understanding Young Investors

    This democratization of the internet has meant a slew of opportunities for the country’s population.

    These opportunities combined with greater access to education have resulted in a broad category of highly educated Gen-Z and Millennials looking to succeed.

    Within this gamut lies an array of young investors who have varied backgrounds no longer limited to finance alone. Their characteristic traits can be understood to be youthful, easy-going, cool, and empowering.

    These young investors have as their key psychographic traits in terms of investment and wealth the following.

    • Investment decisions are governed by their interactions with society and social networking applications.
    • A different view on life focused on instant gratification.
    • Gen-Z and Millennial investors combine old and new strategies pertaining to their investments with stocks being their primary investments. They are focused on a number of technology-driven sectors and are interested in impact investing.
    • Young investors aren’t afraid or as prudent as their predecessors.

    Evolution Of Angel One

    The key to lasting success is the ability to adapt to a constantly changing landscape.

    Having been in the market for over 2 decades, Angel Broking has been able to recognize the transient nature of the world of finance.

    It has wanted its clientele and partners to grasp their evolution within this setting as well.

    Keeping this in mind it has sought to conceptualize itself as a digital-first, fintech brand focused on all that is innovative, contemporary, and empowering.

    It has also been understood that the word ‘broking’ doesn’t necessarily appeal to Gen-Z and millennials and has therefore molded the Angel brand to resonate with them.

    They did this by making use of an umbrella brand strategy which was made possible by creating seamless brand architecture and encompassing a multitude of business extensions and adding them to their portfolio.

    Angel One – Solution for all Financial Needs

    In order to showcase themselves as a brand that provides ‘one solution for every financial need of young Indian consumers’ Angel Broking has chosen to name itself Angel One.

    Its gamut of offerings now encompasses stock trading, mutual funds, and insurance in addition to a host of others where each offering is powered by superior technology.

    Its new logo makes use of a modern typeface which is infused in the word ‘One’ which is emblazoned with the vibrant color of orange and adds a youthful zest to the design.

    Furthermore, the fonts used to write ‘Angel One’ are both narrow and broad which adds a dynamic layer to the logo and seeks to appeal to the Gen-Z and Millennial audiences that constitute the brand’s primary audience.

    Throughout Angel One’s journey and evolution, their team has made it a point to help their clients grow with them.

    This has been done in a number of ways be it via educational material disseminated through articles or podcasts discussing the market.

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