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In order to have lasting success, it is important for a company to be able to mold itself to the changing terrains.

Angel Broking (now Angel One) has been able to grasp this fact and in its bid to stay relevant and cater to the ever-changing needs of its clientele and prospective customers, they have sought to alter its perception in the public.

They have done so by adapting to the needs of the new age Indian who is young, easy-going, and has a ‘can do’ attitude.ANGEL ONE REBRAND

Angel’s Ambitions

Since its inception, Angel Broking has made clear its ambition to establish itself as a stalwart in the world of financial services.

Today, this has translated to them seeking to establish themselves as the country’s primary Digital First, Fintech player that offers innovative services that cater to the contemporary demands of dynamic clients.

The innovations of the brand are evident in the smart services now on offer that allows for faster, easier services.

Smart Buzz allows clients to be up to date with market trends within 60 seconds. SmartAPI allows clients to have a trading platform up and running with speed owing to the free APIs the company offers.

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    Evolution of The Angel One Agenda

    Aimed at empowering young India, Angel Broking – that now goes by Angel One – has evolved from a company that originally offered a limited set of broking services to one that offers financial solutions aimed at addressing all financial needs.

    These include but aren’t limited to insurance, mutual funds, and stock trading. What makes these services stand out is that they are delivered with superior technology allowing for greater efficiency.

    The Angel One evolution has gone hand-in-hand with its clients’ evolution which the Angel One team has contributed to by educating them with varied material aimed at improving their financial literacy such that they can maximize their usage on the Angel One platform.

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    A Logo That Matches Brand Ideals

    When looking at the new logo brought forth by the Angel team, the addition of the color orange is evident in the word ‘one’ which highlights the vibrant nature of the company which stands out and adds a playful touch.

    This youthful undertone is aimed at the Gen-Z and millennial audiences.

    Understanding the Innovative Bent of Angel One

    When considering Angel One, it’s hard to miss their innovative approach to attending to their products and platform. As a compounded brand, they have successfully conveyed their original ideals and made clear their desire to empower all individuals such that they can gain confidence with their finances.

    This is paramount to understanding Angel One, a company that provides one overarching solution to all financial needs.

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