Axis Direct Products & Services for 2019 – Detailed Review

In this article, we will cover Axis Direct products and services. Axis Direct is one of the leading stock broker companies which comes with comprehensive services and modern technology based products. So, if you want to trade with this company and don’t know about its products and services, you have come to the right place. Here, we have listed all the details related to Axis Direct Services & Products.

Axis Direct Products & Services

Axis Direct Services

Find below the details regarding Axis Direct Services for this year.

Demat Services Y
Trading Services Y
3 in 1 Account Y
Intraday Services Y
IPO Services Y
Stock Recommendations Y
Robo Advisory N
Trading Institution N
Trading Exposure Upto 15x
Virtual Trading N
NRI Services Y
Investment Banking Y
Debt Funding N
Issue Management Y
Depository Services Y

Axis Direct Demat Services:

It is a depository participant with NSDL and CSDL respectively. Through depository participant you can open demat account and hold your securities in dematerialized form or electronic form.

Axis Direct Trading Services:

Offering one of the best trading services to its customers. So buy/sell shares with unique identification number and trade hassle- free.

Axis Direct 3-in-1 account: 

At Axis Direct avail the benefits of 3-in-1-account and use demat, trading and bank account simultaneously.

Axis Direct Intraday Services:

Offers you Intraday services so that traders can buy/sell shares within a same day instead they don’t have to wait for 2 days.

Axis Direct Services in IPO:

If you want to invest in the initial stages of company’s shares you can choose the IPO services of Axis Direct. Axis direct gives you a chance to buy/sell first stocks which company puts up for sale when it goes public.

Axis Direct Stock Recommendation:

To help you benefits from the changes Axis Direct offers you stock recommendation service. It acknowledge you which stock gives you maximum returns and which stock associated with risk.

Axis Direct PMS:

To manage investment effectively, Axis Direct offers its traders and investors portfolio management system. It gives you tailor-made solutions to meet specific investment objectives.

Axis Direct NRI Services:

Axis Direct is allowing NRI citizens to trade in Indian stock market. All beneficial products and services this stock market firm will provides them.

Axis Direct Investment Banking:

This stock market firms also provides guidance regarding financial consultancy, raise capitals,  to companies, government and other entities.

Axis Direct Issue Management:

It provides their traders and investors full customer care services to resolve issues related to products& services.

Axis Direct Depository Services:

As Axis Direct is a depository participant, so it allows its traders and investors to hold their trading securities electronically.

The Trading exposure is provided by Axis Direct up to 15x respectively.

Below mentioned steps are not provided by Axis Direct:

While trading with Axis Direct you cannot take the automated suggestions from robo- advisory tool. Along with that newbie traders unable take learning session on the stock market through trading institution. The virtual trading and debt funding services are not available here.

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Axis Direct Products

This below gives you the details related to Axis Direct for this financial year.

Equity Trading Y
Commodity Trading N
Currency Trading Y
Options Y
Futures Y
Mutual Funds Y
Forex Y
Banking Y
Insurance Y
eLocker Y
Fixed Deposits / Bonds Y
Loans Y
E-Trade Y

Axis Direct Equity Trading:

Trade in a equity market with Axis bank and maximize your returns effortlessly. Equity trading is a buying/selling of company’s shares for which one need to open demat account.

Axis Direct Currency Trading:

Participates in currency trading and buying/selling currencies Internationally. Keep in mind In India you can trade currencies which are paired with the Indian rupee.

Axis Direct Futures and Options:

It let’s you to trade in futures and options market segments. In future you can buy/sell shares at specified rate and future date. Whereas in options you can buy/sell shares also at specified rate and future date but without any obligations.

Axis Direct Mutual Funds and SIP:

With Axis Direct invest in one of the easiest investments options that are Mutual funds and SIP and raise your capital effectively.

Axis Direct Forex:

Traders can trade in currency derivative segment that is forex with Axis Direct.

Axis Direct Banking:

Along with that trading financial instruments you can open bank account and utilize its comprehensive services effectively.

Axis Direct Insurance:

Avail the benefits of insurance and take a protection against financial losses.

Axis Direct E-Locker:

The Axis Direct customers can keep all their financial securities in E-locker and trade hassle-free.

Axis Direct Fixed deposit/bonds:

Yes, Axis bank is offering fixed deposit/bonds types of essential financial instruments so that its customer can create wealth effortlessly.

Axis Direct loans:

To meet immediate financial goals at Axis Direct you can get loans against securities.

Axis  Direct E-Trade:

You can trade by yourself by availing E-Trade platforms of Axis Direct.

Below mentioned products are not provided by Axis Direct:

Axis Direct is not allowing its customers to trade in commodity and along with that they unable take the advantages of NPS financial instrument.

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