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Zomato – Startup in Focus, Going International & New Models

Zomato one of the leading company who delivered food online and it is so popular everywhere and now in the foreign also mostly people use zomato for delivering food online.

Gaurav Gupta, Zomato’s Chief Operating Officer have stepped down after remaining for 5 years in that position.

Sources said that he left the position because he wanted to focus on  Zomato’s nutraceuticals business.

He sent a mail to all the employees that there will be someone better for this position and he is no longer in the position of COO.

He also said that I was anyway not doing this role.

And last year he also got a honorary designation of co-founder for his role in the company.

He also said that my whole focus will be on the nutrition business right now and this will help zomato to grow more in the near future.

After this another member was reshuffled.

The head of the corporate development Akshant Goyal was appointed as Zomato’s new Chief Financial Officer,

Replacing Akriti Chopra, who will head people development.

On November 6th zomato appointed their legal advisors as law firms Cyril Amarchand Mangaldas and Indus Law.

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