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Yes Bank in Trouble – Share Price Falls & Q2 Performance is hit by Covid

On October 27th the MD and CEO of yes bank said that if the pandemic would not have happened then there would have been very good numbers and profit.

He said this because the shares of yes bank decreased from 2 per cent.

Before covid 19 there was a very good demand in terms of credit.

He also said that till September there were almost 60,000 customers added to the bank and now there is a target of 1 lakh new customers which we will try to accomplish between December-January.

He further added everything was just going fine as they were successful in bringing new customers to the bank.

every month there are a number of people adding to the bank which shows that the bank has a good reputation and people trust the bank’s image.

One thing which hit hard on the company is COVID-19.

The sector which showed a little growth in these months was the private sector and that why there was a fall of only 2 per cent not more than that.

When the June quarter ended there was a good profit under the company led by Prashant Kumar the CEO of yes bank.

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