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Will Biden win the election? – A Report on US Elections

The markets rise on Wednesday as the results of the election will be out soon but everybody hoped the result be very clear but it is not that way.

Almost everybody bitted on Biden as the winner of the white house but right now it is neck to neck competition.

In a speech Biden very confidently said that he will win but it will take a little time.

The Americans are voting for many days now and Tuesday was the day of the result but till today it is not been decided.

Biden is still favoured to win the presidency, but we now could be heading towards a delayed confirmation of the winner of the election.

Covid pandemic has caused huge trouble and millions of people have already cast their votes still the decision has not arrived.

Markets have taken a step back from the Democratic scenario.

Everyone was hoping for a clarity very quickly but those hopes are being pared back.

The risk is getting bigger because now it is a neck to neck competition.

Almost all the traders have bidden on  Joe Biden to win the presidential elections.

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