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What Brokerages has to say about Bajaj Auto? – Post Q2 Reports

October 23, bajaj auto the company of two and three-wheelers notice a raise in its quarter two earnings which is a great deal for the company.

Let’s see what the brokerages have to say:


As this is the time of festivities all around the business is likely to grow for bajaj and they are also seeing the recovery for the company which is good and positive sign.

Past 6-7 months there was not much to do because of the main reasons which was covid and pandemic there were no sales and business.

There is a very good quarter growth for bajaj company and normally for every company because of all the festivals and happy vibe around.

People are expecting something great out of it and the rating on the stock has the price target of Rs.3,500.

Dolat Capital

This broking house also gives a thumbs up and maintain a good profile for the company.

There are reasons for that as one of the most important is bajaj is improving a lot of things which needs to get better to be back in business and have to be good like exports, etc.

Another main reason which is good enough is there are good cash reserves.

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