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Ways to increase production of Ethanol in India

Government is thinking for increasing ethanol production in India and for that government is ready to give loans.

Most people agree that ethanol cant be entirely dependent upon one feedstock which is sugarcane because ethanol is used in petroleum and food ministries as well.

We have to see some other ways of making ethanol like rice, barley, etc.

Good long discussion of both the industries took place and they came to a conclusion.

Which was giving loans to the grain-based distilleries.

There was a similar kind of scheme announced in 2018.

In which loans were approved for sugar mills so that sugarcane can be diverted for ethanol making.

Almost 400 applications from the various sugar mills and these applications are getting checked.

The government is estimating that if everything will go well India will good amount of ethanol in the year 2021.

Ethanol is used in many sectors like liquor, food ministry and petroleum, etc so if the production increases it will a good thing for different sectors and India as well.

The government has a target which hopefully will succeed in coming years.

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