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US immigration bill scraps per Country Cap for Green Cards to benefit Indians

In a big boost for Indian IT professionals working in the United States, the US immigration bill was formally proposed in the Congress on Thursday.

It strives to eradicate any visa blogs related to employment-based green cards for permitting the dependents to work in the US, benefiting scores of Indians.

The bill was reportedly inaugurated in the Senate along with House of Representatives Senator Bob Menendez and Representative Linda Sanchez.

Moreover, the legislation also known as the US Citizenship Act of 2021, aims to modernise the American immigration system.

Further, the immigration bill also proposes to raise the diversity visa programme from 55,000 visas to 80,000 per year.

In fact, it has brought about a provision for up surging the green cards’ country cap from 7 percent to 20 percent.

This is in favour of thousands of Indians after a prolonged wait for more than a decade to get their green card.

Currently, about 8 lakh Indians are reported to be in the employment-based green card queue.

Also, it will ensure support of first reforming the temporary visa system for high-skill, specialty jobs to protect wages and workers, then expanding the number of visas offered.

It is to be noted that the administration has now exempted those with Doctoral degrees (PhDs) from cap petitions for inviting global talent into the U.S.

The implementation of the bill will lead to Regional economic development immigrant visa pilot programme allowing close to 10,000 immigrants.

Hence, this employment generation is crucial for the economic development strategies of the cities or counties in which they reside or work.

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