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US Elections – Joe Biden is the New US President

Now the wait is finally over as the results are out and Joe Biden has won the US presidential elections of 2020.

This was one of the most exciting election as there was a very close margin between the two candidates.

And also for the very first time in history there will be a female vice president Kamla Harris a black woman with Indian origin.

Biden has crossed the 270 mark and has also become the President with the highest number of votes by any presidential candidate in American history.

There are many allegations on trump regarding the voting now we will see what will be the next step for trump.

Joe faced a huge task while defeating trump because trump also had some added advantages.

Trump had done a relatively good job of managing the economy and his job approval had remained consistent up until COVID-19.

Joe Biden captured all the blue states like Michigan, Pennsylvania, etc.

The term for Biden will not easy because of the deep polarization in the US.

The most challenging for him now will be Biden will have to deal with the coronavirus pandemic which might infect more numbers as winter sets in.

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