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US Elections – Graphs of Both the Candidates

US elections are around the corner so let’s see how both the candidates are different from each other:

Tax policy:

Trump: this is one of the biggest achievement for trump because from 35 per cent he reduced it to 21 per cent.

Biden: he has some different kind of view to this as he wants to increase it to 28 per cent.

Tech regulation:

Trump: the team probe into major technology companies.

Biden: during his speeches and campaigns he criticised the companies like Facebook and give a shout out to the companies like Amazon.


Trump: if trump wins then the energy sector will be very much benefited.

Biden: he has some plans for the country like electrify the transportation sector.


Trump is way more focussed on stock price whereas Biden is more focused on the cutting of taxes.

Trump doesn’t care about the environment but Biden has some plans for improving the environment sector.

If Biden in power, he may be soft on China, and hence global sentiments might be boosted, as the ongoing trade war with China will take a back seat.

Everyone can see the impact of the long term the main concern is of short term considering the situations.

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