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US Elections – A hope for Precious Metals like Gold & Silver

Surprisingly the performance of gold and silver has grown this year which is a shock because of the lockdown the shops were close and still they have grown.

Everyone is eagerly waiting who will be the next leader of the worlds largest economy.

There are many things which are going to happen in the US in the coming months but everyone is waiting for the presidential elections.

The leaders influence the markets especially the financial markets as a sign of leadership.

Checking the prices of gold and silver during the elections will be a good thing to watch.

There is no denying the fact that whoever wins the elections there will be a profit in comparison to gold and silver.

After the elections are over there would still be many concerns left in the country like COVID relief bill, rising COVID cases, trade war, central bank policy state, etc.

if we take a look of the candidates which are President Donald Trump and former Vice president Joe Biden they both have one goal to develop the economy in the best way possible.

So this will directly or indirectly affect the metals.

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