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Top Buy Calls for the Week by Top Brokerage Companies

On November 10 the Indian markets were recorded high because of the strong global cues.

Nifty has moved almost 8 per cent this month while the bank has the profit of almost 19 per cent because of the uncertainty of the US elections.

Bajaj and HDFC are the top gainers in the banking and financial stocks.

The market is a bit overheated now and traders should expect volatility in the coming sessions and situations will be better with each passing day.

12,400 would act as strong support for Nifty with bias likely to remain in favour.

Further buy calls are:

1. LIC Housing Finance: approximately for the last eight to ten weeks the stock has been in a range of Rs 280-320 along with consistent buying around support levels.

On the daily chart paper as well the stocks are pretty impressive both in short term and long term.

2. Delta Crop: in august 2020 the stocks has given a sharp rally from Rs 85 to Rs 115.

but after the coming months the stock market has seen the prices fluctuation between the prices Rs 100 to Rs 120 levels.

3. SBI Life Insurance Company: from last two to three months the company is not doing well and the stocks are moving lower.

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