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The global pandemic has the potential to boost Indian healthcare industry: HUL CMD Sanjiv Mehta

According to Hindustan Unilever Chairman & Managing Director, the pandemic could provide India an opportunity to upsurge the healthcare industry.

The healthcare industry is required to ensure the welfare of the country’s population along with improvisation of the value chain.

This will enable it to become a major supplier of pharmaceutical products to the world.

Moreover, India has the potential to become the affordable Healthcare capital of the world.

Further, this will boost the country’s growth, leading to better economic development.

Procrastination is clearly not an option when it comes to the climate as there is vaccine for pandemic but not the climate.

Stricter actions must be taken to control the global warming which would otherwise lead to large swathe of land.

On Saturday, Sanjeev Mehta, was awarded JRD Tata Corporate Leadership Award by AIMA for his valuable contribution towards climate change.

Sanjiv Mehta praised US Administration’s decision under new President Joe Biden to return to the Paris Agreement on climate change.

He further urged people to stop procrastinating and focus on adopting sustainability as a business core.

Also, climate crisis and healthcare are the two big lessons that the world and businesses must focus on.

However, Unilever Plc had confirmed investment of one billion euros in a fund back in 2019.

The aim is to invest in climate change projects and reduce to net-zero greenhouse gas emissions from all its products by 2039.

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