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Tesla’s Grand Entry in Indian Market – Indian Auto Industry set for a Revamp

The well-known Tesla has created the hype for many obvious reasons, and is all over media recently.

Lately, this brand is taking rolls over the entire automobile industry and the internet with its arrival in the Indian economy.

Earlier this week, the American Electric car took a step towards opening its subsidiary in India, cheering up the whole country.

There is a lot of buzz created only with this news, but what are the things that really makes Tesla the one and only, is worth to know.

This brand single handedly changed the whole concept of electric cars in the world being the most automotive American startup.

With market capitalization of worth $600 million dollars, Tesla has already set the benchmark last year. According to Reuters, this achievement by Tesla collectively made electric cars even more valuable in the world.

Now since Tesla has emerged into Indian Markets, the gaps lingering in the Auto industry and EV Development are set to fill up.

Automotive Industry now has the opportunity to include the factor of ecosystem. The demand and supply shortcomings of EVs, which the government has for long aspired to fill-up, has now found means.

Tesla has been breaking records by its innovations with Tesla Model 3 to become the first fastest charging electric car in the world.

The most unbelievable thing that Tesla did in the history is when Tesla Roadster was launched into orbit, at a speed of 29000 kph, with the red convertible cruising around the Earth in outer space.

Apart from this, also as of 2020, Tesla is still the only brand to have clocked an astounding 3 billion miles of autonomous driving.

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